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With Few Drops The Valves of Heart Got Open

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore Health and life Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (PhD America) Editor of Ubqari Readers! It is my effort that I showed present such ingredients, such experiences and observations who would not be with anyone else and if anyone else have them also so he does not like to tell it to anyone or else if he told also so only to few people. There are so many people who do not tell any medical or spiritual secret to anyone. But those are same people who do not hide those same secrets of spirituality and medical from me. Instead they come by themselves or send it by writing that as you do not hide the secret of spirituality or medical from anyone, that is why we are writing these secrets of spirituality and medical for you. Otherwise this was a planned thing which we would never ever tell it to anyone. The results of tip are such that I got shocked by myself: Readers! I have written one tip in short words in the edition of UBQARI of May 2010 in the condition of heart about the way to open the valves and pipes of heart with the oil of flax seeds. The readers took few lines with so much importance that I got surprised by myself and did thanks also that it is the mercy of Allah SWT that readers take anything of me unworthy with this attention. This short but very effective tip where showed many countless wonders over there I also received the letters who got cured after the experiences in this regard. One letter from them is present in the service of you people. Before the letter, I would like to say that drink the oil of flax seeds by adding ten drops of it in the buttermilk you can also do this act in fresh milk and it should not be hot. Furthermore, benefits of it which have come in front, they are as following. It is also very effective in the pain of joints which is old and untreatable, tension of muscles and for pain in body, pain in back, weakness of mind and senses, for weakness of special energy, and for paralysis and dryness of any organ or weakness of it. use it till few months with confidence. Now go through that letter: Respected Sir editor Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Assalam o Alaikum! I am a citizen of Jhung. I belong to army. I got the heart attack in January 1992 and I was under treatment in the Allied Hospital of Faisalabad. After getting discharged from hospital I kept on getting my treatment done from military hospital of Rawalpindi and Alhamdulillah till 2009 I got no kind of problem. Sometimes only I used to have pain on the side of heart so some kind man gave one Benediction to read. Due to which I have become safe from pain till today. I will write the zikar and the way to read that Benediction in the end because I have got very much benefit from it and then I distributed the photocopies of it in the people who were needy so that they may also get the benefit and Alhamdulillah many people got benefit from it. in November 2009 I used to have pain in my chest while riding a bicycle. So I started walking on my feet. Then slowly and gradually this pain kept on increasing and I use to have pain in my chest while walking also. One doctor use to come from Lahore. I went to him on 21st of February 2010. The doctor gave me medicine of one week and told me to come again on 28th of February. When I went again so I told to the doctor that the disease kept on getting increased as I took the medicine! The wonders of oil of flax seeds: the doctor said that according to my thinking it is a matter of hindrance in the veins of your blood and it is my advice to you that you may get your angiography done. On the basis of which the actual picture will come in front of your veins. On first of March 2010 I went to CMH of Rawalpindi. When I got my angiography done so it got to know that one vein is 90 percent and the other vein is 60 percent closed and there is no other solution than bypass and the bypass was planned to be done in the last week of July 2010. During this I was given the medicines to use, which I started using. During the usage of these medicines I called in May 2010 to the principal of school of government high school Jhung. As I was the member of Council of school and I was not able to attend the meeting of school in March, April, and May 2010. On which the respectable principal asked that where are you. I told the principal that my two veins of blood are closed and I am under treatment in the CMH of Rawalpindi and right now I am living at the house of my daughter in Rawalpindi. That principal told me to take the oil of flax seeds in the half cooked buttermilk, only ten drops at morning before eating anything else and ten drops at evening at the time of Asar prayer. He said that you may use it and the Almighty Allah SWT will do mercy. You will get rid of operation of bypass. I brought it in my use on that same day at the time of the evening, at as prayer time and I felt the difference day by day. Then in July I bought the flax seeds after doing my arrangement, got it cleaned and got the oil extracted. (Get the oil extracted in your supervision: Editor) And I started using it and when the season of rain got started so I left the uncooked buttermilk and started using one glass of milk by adding ten drops at both times and I am taking it till now. Alhamdulillah! I am very better now and few steps which I was not able to walk even, now I am able to walk till one kilometer also and I also kept all the fast of the month of Ramadan also. This is the special mercy of the Almighty Allah SWT. (It is continued)