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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Drink Water First Thing In The Morning And Get The Amazing Benefits

It had been written in the monthly magazine Ubqari so many times to drink water first thing in the morning and get the wonderful results concerning health. A regular reader of this magazine once came to me and said, I have started taking water in the morning, 4 glasses of water sipped bit by bit. At the beginning I faced some difficulty; frequency of urine got increased, but after sometime my diabetes got cured completely. Similarly another person came to me with the report that after taking 4 glasses of water I got rid of infection in my kidney and urine bladder. Another person wrote me a letter informing me that he got cured of hepatitis and taking 4 glasses of water twice a day for 3 months. Drink water in the morning and see the benefit A lady having pimples and acne and black spots all over the face, she was shy and very hesitant to go before very close relatives. She underwent all secrets of treatment, used different types of costly creams, even she has used anti-biotic medicines, but of no avail. She got relief only for the time being and again the same condition. She developed some other problems such as, anxiety, disturbance of hormones and irregular monthly periods. I advised her to take 4 glasses of normal temperature water (it must be cold) first thing in the morning. It should be sipped a little at a time. She can have breakfast after 1 ½ 2 hours, then again 1 ½ hour before lunch take 4 glasses of water and repeat the same. Before dinner, if a person has enough money he will not give any consideration to such easy and ordinary method for health cure. This lady has already gone through the costly medical therapy so she gave full attention and tried this water therapy. After about 40 days when she came to me again, I was really amazed to see her condition, the way she got cured. It struck me then that, if a plant is deteriorating and getting dry if it is watered instead of giving manure. Similarly, if a human being is sick, he should also be given plenty of water instead of medicines. I met so many people who had the skin problem getting tanned and darkish, without any apparent disease they were advised this method of water of therapy. It should be noticed that during summer, fresh water and in winter luke warm water should be taken. So many patients suffering from gastric trouble and piles got cured. Treatment of obesity One person had enlarged belly to such an extent that it seemed that it may go off, also he was having hepatitis at the last stage. He was advised to take water 4 glasses of water, first thing in the morning then after three hours, then again 3 hours after lunch. He was hesitant at the beginning but the managed to carry out this method and after two month he was fit and healthy. Treatment of all diseases of Heart One person having heart problem, he was taking pills daily, had already gone through by-pass operation. I advised him this method of water therapy, i.e. 4 glass before breakfast and 4glasses before lunch, he got cured. He made it public to all his friends and acquaintances and advised them to try this method and after some time when he met me he told me that there was not a single person who paid due attention to this method and was not benefited. Water Itself is a Complete Medicine A patient suffering from gastric, trouble and piles came to me. He had spent a lot of time in “Sharjah”. He gathered some money but also got these health problems because of the unsuitable environment. He could hardly take some food. First I explained him that he could be cured by only drinking water. By taking medicine you expel certain matters such as uric acid fat and cholesterol etc, the same can be done by taking water. He started this method of water therapy, at the beginning I advised him not to give up medicine but should get rid of the medicines by slowly reducing the dose. After 3 months when he met me he was cured and well and satisfied. Due to winding up of the firm my colleagues used to come to me and they were all suffering from one or the other disease. When I advised then this method of water therapy and who so ever tried it, he was amazed by the result and use to say they never used to give any importance to water, but it proved to be a wonderful thing. Unbelievable but most effective treatment: Dear Readers! Would you believe that so many persons got their skin problem solved and got fresh and pleasant looking skin, many persons having dark spots at the skin around their eyes got it removed? Many persons having problems with urine bladder, sexual practice, those many ladies suffering from leukorrea, disorder of hormones, back pain or pain in joints of limbs, got all cured by this water therapy. For further full benefits a chart prepared with the help of Dr. Zafar Hamid Malik is given here below: Headache, hypertension, paralysis, asthma, cough, liver problems, blood cholesterol, arthritis, main joints, T.B, dysentery, acidity, constipation, diabetes, gastric trouble, problem with eyes, problems of nose and treat, urine problems, and womb cancer. For all these above mentioned problems take water as instructed below: Procedure of water therapy 4 glasses or 1000ml or 1 liter of water, first thing in the morning before even mouth wash. Do not take anything to eat for 45 minutes; you can do brushing of teeth and other washing etc. After starting this method of water therapy you should drink water only two hours after meals and do not eat anything at last ½ an hour before going to bed. If one cannot drink 4 glass of water at the start, he can go with one or two glass of water and increase this quantity gradually up to 4 glasses. Patients could adopt this method for health. The above mentioned problems could be solved within 40 days of practice; some of disease could be cured in less time as given below: Constipation – 2days Gastric troubles – 2days Hypertension – 1 month Diabetes – one week Cancer – one month T.B – Three months Four glasses of water will not give rise to any side effect. The stomach will be full, and by the grace of God after 45 minutes appetite will follow: At the start you may experience excess of urine, for about 3 days but it will become normal by the grace of God. Cardamom 6 numbers Mint leaves 16 numbers Ginger (in small pieces) 10 grams Anisi 1 tea spoon Water 8cups Put all the ingredients in water and boil then till 6 cups of water remains then it and take one cup after breakfast, lunch and supper daily for 2-3 months. By the grace of God you will feel the difference. There are absolutely no side effects of tea at all. Precautions, beef, mutton, tomato, too much spices pickle, chatni and spinach are strictly banned and remember, “Precaution is better than cure”