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The Glasses Were Removed, and the Memory Came Back

Spirit and soul Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari At last, how all of this happened? Really he can read without glasses now. I became shocked after listening this. I was writing at that time because my every moment is busy in either writing or reading or thinking or in doing zikar. (Alhamdulillah) and I knew him that he used to wear the glasses of very thick lens. Apart from this also, his eyesight was finishing day by day but the present news really, made me surprised that how can this happen actually? It is apparently impossible. I decided silently in my heart that I myself will go to him and do look for it that at last how did it happen. When I reached to his house at the time of meeting so he was reading a newspaper and that also without glasses. I remained looking at him with shock. O lord! At last it happened how and why? He kept the newspaper on one side in mix emotions of love and happiness he said that how can you come to me by taking out time from your busy schedule. I said that you know that there is curiosity, research and suspiciousness in my nature. Then I take experiences from every special and ordinary persons, I do not feel hesitate by learning from anyone and neither I feel ashamed. I have came for doing the verification of one incident only that really are your glasses taken off. What thing became its reason actually? How did the 19 years old glasses from past 19 years, the weakness of eyesight kept on increasing. I tried a lot to control it but the number of glasses kept on becoming high. I was helpless, what could I have done. After laughing very loudly he said that my eye sight kept on being weak day by day and the lens kept on being thick day by day. Someone used to give the advice of laser and someone of operation but one incident of my life grant me new eye sight and new eyes. He took one deep breath after drinking water from the glass which was kept on his side, in one breath only and I was looking with awaiting eyes and breaths that right now the lips will move and he will speak that what is that secret. After much wait he said that one old teacher used to live in the neighbor of my uncle. To read and observe was his favorite hobby. He used to spend most of his wealth or books and medical experiments. He has died. One day I went to the home of my uncle so he said that you also have interest in books. In my neighbor there was one teacher. He himself has died. There are his books. He has no guardian. Whoever like them is taking them. If you like any book so you may also take. I took my uncle along with me. I brought his personal diary along with few books in which his experiences were written. Now I started doing experiments from the diary. One day during reading, it was written on one place that “The tip of breaking glasses” I started reading those pages with attention. I felt the tip acceptable to my heart. I felt that its true and there will be real benefit. It was written along with it that I gave there tips meaning techniques to many people, they got much benefit. I just tried them with that diary and found them very beneficial. I got benefit with heart and soul. The dua came out from my heart for the teacher (late). Now it is my routine that every day I recite surah Yaseen 1 time and send it to that teacher. Readers! This was the story and narrated by my pen which I am writing right now during my journey at the time of 1 o clock and 9 minutes pass to one, sitting in a plane. Come, do not do late and get that mandate received to you which I took from that friend who has got rid from glasses of thick lens. Procedure and way to use: Local peanut (It should be clear that do not take fat peanut of America. There is a kind of nutrients in them. I say them as brailer peanuts), soak them in 1 pao of water at night. At morning peal them, spread them on clean and pure cloth, put clean and neat cloth on them and dry them in shade. When the moisture gets dry so soak them in half kilo gram of pure honey. Now add 50 grams of big cardamom, 50 grams of small cardamom also after crushing them in that honey. Keep this in any big jar, if it is purely of glass so it is better. Eat one big spoon, nicely filled by chewing nicely at morning and evening. Use it till 3 to 5 months without any gap. Second tip: Recite (Arabic text) with the intention of strength of eye sight and health after every prayer. Do it till 3 to 5 months without any gap. Do this act necessary. Do more time than this, but do not do less time than this. Third tip: Do massage nicely in spaces between the finger and palm of feet because the relation of feet with memory and eye sight is so deep as it is a soul with a human being. Do this act everyday in morning and evening with very much concern. There should not be gap in any day and in any time. Do it till 3 to 5 months. Forth tip: Put surma in your eyes for sure at the time of sleeping. 3 times in each eye, do it from 3 to 5 months. Last tip: Do the recitation of Quran paak and do miswak. These acts make the eye sight so much strong that the mind remains shocked and the one who do this act remains shocked. My experiences and observations: Readers! I listened all of these tips from him and then saw myself in the diary and wrote. It was the desire that I may send this mandate to the readers for sure. Today I am sending this mandate to you through my pen. From when I have listened this tip so not to many people just nearly I have told to twenty eight to thirty people. From them only 16 to 17 people came under my experiment, who gave the results. 11 people from them got benefit. To the remaining the benefit was gained either less or not at all less because they did not do complete tip, and no benefit at all because they left it by doing it for few days only or they did any tip and did not do any. Come readers! I may tell you few incidents of it which will make this reality clear that how much great is this act and how much good result those people got who tried it. How did the glasses of Professor lady and old man who used to repair puncture got removed? I gave it to one Professor lady by writing it. she acted upon all of the tips with very much responsibility. It is said by her that it was very difficult to even walk and roam in house without glasses. Now the condition is this that I can read without glasses also yes, it is necessary to do this act with patience and regularity. There was one very poor man who used to repair the bikes and put puncture of tyres. I told this tip to him. Instead one affording man made and give him peanut, honey and cardamom tip in very much amount. He said that I am putting puncture from my young age. I used to see the hole of puncture, then the eye sight started becoming weak and I was not able to see the puncture without glasses. Now I can see the hole of puncture without glasses just like I used to see before, in my young age. The glasses of child got removed and memory came back. One child got spectacles to wear. His mother was worried that what should I do at last? She tried many doctors of eyes but was hopeless with health. The man Tariq had to go on the death of any one. His father asked that what can be the solution of this child because right now his age is only seven years and his eye sight has become weak like sixty years. The child cries that I cannot see that thing that person etc. At last what should I do? Then he children also make fun of him in school. Someone says blind, someone old man, someone says beggar. The child is becoming a psychological patient. He is becoming weak day by day. He hesitates to go to school and became uncomfortable. After listening to him I gave him these same tips but took the promise of doing it with patience and regularity. As he was tired that is why he did with very much focus which I told him and with much confidence the eye sight of the child kept on returning slowly and gradually. Today the glasses of child has got removed and the memory was best and it came back. Readers! I have written these few incidents in your service for getting glasses removed. Much more than these incidents by trying these tips with hundred percent regularity till some time the memory, mind and for best brain and senses. Even such people who had lost their memory by getting any injury or in sickness, they got very much benefit that they got their memory and mind back. Well, if big children keep on doing these all acts so the memory will never become weak.