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The Incurable Diseases of Eyes Got Finished From The Leaves of Tea

Soul and spirit Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari My one friend took out dropper from his pocket and started putting medicines in his eyes. I asked that what is this medicine. He said that in some city one man use to give this medicine completely free of cost and I give it to people completely free of cost by bringing it from him. Today I got pain myself so I am putting this same medicine in my eyes. It is a very surprising medicine. The friend told more that I do not know that what is the formula of it but I know this much that this medicine is matchless. Whoever takes it once, then asks for it again and again and do advice others also for taking it because this medicine is the matchless gift for nearly every disease of eye. Such patients whose eyes are swollen, become red even like a burning coal and there is intense kind of irritation and swelling to all patients when this medicine was given so they got completely cured. For diseases like chicken pox, patarwal and nakhwa, it is very beneficial. What is this actually and how it shall be gained? Few patients told their experiences that their eye sight is becoming weak day by day and along with the body the effect has started falling upon the eye sight also but from when they have started the use of this medicine, the eye sight has started becoming better even it has become clear. All the mentioned experiences were told to me by my that friend who was taking medicine free of cost and was distributing it freely as well. Now a curiosity started producing inside me that what is this actually and how may I get it? Because the one who have any tip, he do not want to test it at all. But readers! You people understand my nature that I keep on giving you my hundred percent of experiences by thinking it as a mandate and you have benefit for sure. The results of it are countless letters of readers in which few readers tell their experiences also. Readers! You can all add your part in this sadqa e jariya that if in your experience any sort of way, tip or cure of disease has come. Whether there is the tip of any disease in your experience, it may be how much ordinary do not think it ordinary please. Do write it to me for sure, from it there will be benefit of millions of people and it will be a sadqa e jariya for you till the Day of Judgment. I hope that you will not ignore this thing. I will remain waiting for your favor. How much effort I had to do for this tip, how much sounds I had to take. I got this tip from one beggar: That man used to say that actually I got this tip from one beggar. That beggar did advice that do not take money of it and you will take money of it. I introduced myself to him that it is not like that at all. My mission is this only that the thing which proves to be correct after the experience, I make it public for all people but he did not believe it. at last I showed my essays and books to him and in that essays I had done the precious secrets public. Then he believed it but then again he got stock on one thing that you will write it. if it will come in the hands of any business man so it may not happen that he may not make and sell it. Now after listening this I also became silent that what shall I answer now. At last I made him believe the Day of Judgment that for the happiness of Allah SWT you may make this tip public, people will get benefit of it and your intention is only this that I have to give it free of cost. Readers, then after much tip he gave me that tip which is of ordinary ingredients but very beneficial and more greater than big great tips. I gained this tip and started telling it to people. The diseases related to eyes and the treatment of them: I told this tip to one villager. He met after some time that I got one such untreatable disease of eyes. The doctors said that your eye sight is only for sometime. Otherwise it will get completely finished. I was a poor man, what could I have done. Someone said to me that you may go to that some big doctor. I did not have money. At last I started putting the medicine of yours in my eyes. Allah SWT did much mercy and I got completely cured. Readers! Many incidents are related to this tip because the patients have kept on coming to me. U gather their experiences and give them to readers. The healing: 10 grams of tea leaves, it may not be in seds form. Take 10 grams of dry and clean leaves of mehindi and cook them in ½ kilo grams of water till 20 minutes on low flame. Take it off and stain and keep it for cooling. After getting it cooled mix half water of tea leaves and half rose water, put it in the dropper and keep it in cool place and when needed put one one drop in both eyes, 8 to 5 times in a day. In sha Allah tala you will get much benefit.