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The Family Secret for All The Diseases of Stomach

Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari: The way of ubqari to uncovers the secrets: Readers! It has been the way of these pages of ubqari from many years that those essays may be told or those words or those secret shall be told which are up till now away from the eyes of creation of Allah SWT. These secrets are really very important for the spirit of life and those are important for health and fitness also. One medical secret which is right now present in your service, to which I would like to explain in detail, it is this that you are a victim of nausea of your health, uneasiness of your health, and complex, problems of health and fitness. I mean to point out such people who are victim of stomach problem, gas, indigestion, acidity after eating food and do not use such medicines which are not good in taste but such people who are sophisticated, and sensitive in nature for them I got this tip from where? How I got it? First I may tell a brief story of it. White beard, white dress and falling tears: This is a story of nearly 1985. There was one old man who used to live in one house which was above the shop in crop market. His son was disobedient. When he did his marriage, he used to go after leaving her. That old man came to me for the correction and changing of this son that anyhow his nature, his inclination towards his wife, towards his home, towards his children may get produced. He may leave the misguidance outside the house and his nature may incline towards the correction. I was listening to him and he was continuously crying white beard, white dress, tears falling from above like pearls, where presenting are painful scenario. He had only one son. Before the making of Pakistan he used to live in a village near Delhi. He came after the independence of Pakistan. he did not get any home. Someone gave place above his shop in crop market and he started living there. He did effort and hard work and took care of his children. After sometime his wife left him and died. Now the only hope was his only son and he had all the expectations connected with him but the son started moving on false ways. Someone gave the suggestion that make him marry, his correction will be done but he did not leave his ways. The one who was victim of misguidance came on right path: I consoled him that Allah SWT will change the world of his heart and these are such things in acts of Quran which change the world of heart in real. For this, I told him this that, recite surah e Lahab after every prayer nineteen times and whole day imagine your son and keep on reciting (Arabic text) while walking and sitting, whether with ablution or without ablution and come again to me after 40 days. When he came back after forty days, he seemed to be very comfortable. As I saw him, I asked that how is fareed now? (Which was the name of his son) he said that very better. Who used to come first at 3 o clock or 4 o clock at night, now has started coming at 10 o clock. He has left hitting, shouting, fighting instead in last few days he was saying that I want to do any business, any labor work or any job, father you have become very old. Good behavior of son with father: The old man said that these words of him were no less than shock for me that a man who was very far from these words till today, who never thought me as his father even till today, how he has said these words. He said that now he has started being attentive towards his wife, he loves his children. Now he spends most of the time of his day at home. I suggested him to do more of this act and gave him to recite for 40 more days. He went back. Then he came after 40 days and told a good news that the situation is much better than before and there is much more correction than before and I said to him that if you are comfortable so make this act on your routine for some time. The old man said while getting up that Hakeem Sir you have done my such great work. I have one family secret. I want that I may give it to you which I have never given to anyone till today. Even my own aunt, who took care of me in place of my mother, once upon a time she asked so I ignored it and did not give it to her. Today I am giving that secret to you. What is that secret? First, the benefits of secret: The benefits which were told in the regards of that secret, first I may tell that secrets to the readers of ubqari. That old man said that the first benefit of it is that the burning of chest, increase of thirst, extremeness of hot weather, indigestion of food or passing out of food without getting digested, happening of continuous constipation, waste material not passing in sufficient maount, mental frustrations, mental pressure, motions of children, loose motions, vomiting of children, children not becoming healthy, not feeling hungry, not feeling likeeating food, learning food after eating a little bit of it, and for elders in a way when they become very shabby or not feeling like eating anything or such busy people who eat at proper time and at improper time then their food do not get digested properly, stomach size is increasing, fat is getting increased in body. That old man said that I am making it use from past 70 years. To whomever I have given this tip, he has written the date and is asking more. Now the people are taking it from me and send it to your relatives in foreign countries. If you ask truth that after the disobedience of son, this is the only tip for my income from which the food of my house is going on and did pen and paper in front: Special tip is presented: He wrote that sugar which is finely crushed, 1 pao, sweet soda 1 chatank and 1 tola of mint leaves, meaning complete 1 tola (12 grams) mix sugar and sweet soda together and then add mint leaves in it and rub nicely so much that sugar, sweet soda and mint leaves may become one together. Make it safe in any air tight container. Do not make it in large amount, it gets frozen in the humid season. Keep on making it keep on using it, half spoon after eating food. You can take 3 times also in a day. If you are feeling very much sick so you can take again and again also. Readers! The old man told me that tip and went back. After that I kept on meeting him sometimes. He kept the name of that medicine as white powder. Best tip for the fasts of summers: Readers! I tried this medicine very much as the people who fast, it finishes the extremeness of thirst in burning and hindrance. Specially after aftaar, the un-comfortableness that happens, by using this it gets cured quickly. if it is eater after sehri at morning so for the whole day a person who fasts remains safe from thirst, hunger, intensity of dehydration and exhausted. Special tip for the patients of heart: Apart from this, this medicine meaning white powder has proved to be very effective for the uneasiness of heart and for those patients of heart who have got their bypass done or are involved in any of the disease of heart. It is very effective for un comfort of heart, muscle pulling, un easiness of health and dehydration and for freshness of mind and body. One man came to me in such condition that maybe this condition is found in very less people. Two people hold and brought that man. There was blood in his legs and feet. He was not able to eat anything. Whatever he used to eat, he used to do vomit. His muscles and tissues were pulled, every time unconsciousness, the system of stomach completely effective, this condition got started after the cholera. Swelling on face, swelling on body, weakness of body and such discomfort that he used to go out of the house sometimes, come inside sometimes, sometimes on one side, he did not use to get comfort in any moment. After looking at this condition I gave white powder to use. In few days only, he got so much better that he again came to me with the support of one man and there was much betterment in his health from before. I gave him this same medicine meaning white powder to use for two months more. He started using it more and he became completely alright in 2 months or maybe in two and a half month. Special gift for readers of ubqari: I want to give this gift to those readers of ubqari who have become completely hopeless after eating every medicine of digestion. Who becomes worried from the discomfort of heart, from the discomfort of health and from the intensity of summer season but I may make one thing clear that this medicine is beneficial in every season. It is not specified for only summer season. It is not specified for only summer seasons. How much benefit it gives in winter season also? Its effect is so much effective and matchless that it is very beneficial and useful in every season. Readers! I did not try this one time but again and again and till many years. Do believe that this is one business secret which no one will ever give but I am giving this business secret for the readers of ubqari in the form of a gift today. This is a gift for always. You make it. it is very easy, matchless and effective medicine. Big and great diseases finished from a pinch of medicine: One man said to me that I ate many big and heavy medicines. Is there any pinch that just after eating it one best burp came out and comfort may come in soul and peace in body. I gave a pinch of white powder and instead I put it in his mouth by myself and I said to him that see after few minutes. After sometime only he said that really I am feeling much open now and all the burden has got light suddenly. The people who are physically ill, do effort and victims of muscle pain can gain much benefit from it. the diseases of children, diseases of young people who have drops coming after their urine, warmth of bladder and liver, I have given a lot to them and such young people who become impure while sleeping or such women to whom leukorhhea has made much irritated, there are shocking results of it in them. Try using it for some time. Such ladies came to me on whose face there were scars and wrinkles and leukorehhea has made them irritated. I gave this to them for using and got many results and much benefit.