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I Got The Act of Treatment of Kidney and Dream

Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Phd America Editor of Ubqari 18 wounds in the kidney: One old man told me his auto biography while giving me the interview, how he got rid from the untreatable diseases of kidneys. Lets listen this by himself: My kidneys got damaged before, slightly pain used to remain all the time. Afterwards slowly and gradually kidneys became completely finished. When wounds came in them so I was a driver in Jiddah. During this I used to make 1 powder. The benefit of that powder was this that whenever I used to eat it my stomach used to become clean. The procedure of it is as following: 1 tola of sikmonia, 1 pao of pieces of peanuts, 1 pao of gul kand. Crush the pieces of peanuts and sickmonia and make them one. Afterwards you have to make the powder of pieces of peanuts. I got much benefit of that powder. When I used to eat it so my whole stomach used to get cleaned. Slowly and gradually the people in Saudia started getting knowing about it. I started making this tip at home and fixed the money of 1 pao as thirty five riyal from which my business got started. People used to take 2 3 bottles from which I used to get good income, from which I used to eat food, used to give the rent of my house and apart from this also money used to get remain with me. When my kidneys became very much damaged, the pain also started happening more. Then the puss started coming in urine. I remained very worried. I discussed it with doctors. I discussed it with a great doctor of Jiddah who came here after studying form America. He was my neighbor from whom I was having nice relation. He had duty in one hospital of government. I went to the government hospital, he took the tests and said that your kidneys have got finished completely. There are ten wounds in your 1 kidney and 8 wounds in your other kidney. The doctors labeled it as untreatable: the doctor said that you may do like this that you may go back to your home in Pakistan silently, your treatment is not possible. I lived in Saudia Arab for 17 years. Then I came back to Pakistan, my business got finished. I had my own petrol pump in Saudia Arab which I took by earning money from driving which was located in the city Jezaan in Saudia Arab. I got my check up done after coming to Pakistan in Lahore, Mureedkay and Narang Mandi. Everyone gave me blank answer. There was one religious and kind hearted doctor in Narang, he told one thing in the ear of my wife and she started crying. I asked my wife that told me the correct me thing. She told me the answer: Nothing”. I said that told me the correct thing. On my insisting my wife told that the doctor has said that his kidneys have got failed, do his service. As I came here after leaving my business over there so I said that I am a poor man, I have got lost and then I went back to Saudi Arab. When I went again to Saudi Arab so the brother of that doctor told to the doctor that he has come again. The doctor came to my home to meet me. The doctor insisted that you have to die therefore die in your home. Do not make your dead body bad. I came back after 16 days. On the height of thirty two thousand feet I got a special tip in my dream: In airplane a air hostess was saying that we are at the height of thirty two thousand feet. The air conditioner was doing much cooling. I pressed the button and the chair became flat and I lay down by taking a cloth over me peacefully. Right now I was just lay down then I slept and a dream came to me. A voice came in my dream that do you not believe on Allah SWT and His messanger? Allah SWT has kept a cure in honey of eighty life threatening diseases and it is in hadis paak that there is the treatment of every diseases in nigella sativa accept death and go and use honey and nigella sativa together (with this procedure). When I came out of the airport so people asked that what you have brought? I said that nothing. Just do my treatment. On airport I aid to one man that please bring honey for me, and said to another to bring nigella sativa for me. One man said that I cannot find pure honey. My one friend used to live in Sargodha, I went to him the very next day. He asked me that why you have come? I said that I cannot find honey, I am very worried. He said that you do not need to get worry at all. He said to his men that bring the honey. At evening his men found and bought honey and I came back by taking 6 kilo gram honey form there. Procedure of spiritual tip: After bringing honey at home I made that tip just like that same way which was told to me in my dream. I took 2 kilo grams of nigella sativa, cleaned it and washed it after putting water in it. The dust came out from it then I filled clean water in it. I filled ten to twelve kilo grams of water. I let it soak for the whole night. After waking up at morning I put it on low flame. When the water started boiling, it kept on boiling for one hour and the seeds of nigella sativa became light red color. I stained the water with cloth and filled a can of it. after waking up at morning I took 2 glass of water of nigella sativa and put this much honey in it that it became sweet. After that I drank it. I used to drink it after reciting three times (Arabic text) at morning before eating anything else. At least till one week I drank that water so I felt that when I used to go for urinating so somewhat white colored powder is coming out in urine. Actually that disease was inside which damaged the kidneys. Those were the same threatening, same urea and that same crystal and potassium which started coming out through urine with the beatitude of honey and water of nigella sativa to whom the machines of dylassis had to take out. When I cam back to Lahore to that same doctor, I sit to the doctor that I have become very much better from before. When he did my check up and saw my old record so he said that this cannot happen at all, what you have done. I told the whole incident. He asked me the whole procedure which I told him. I kept on using it continuously. Nearly after 2 months my kidneys started becoming better. After 2 months the honey got finished and the water of nigella sativa got finished. I used to keep that water in my fridge. Whenever I had the need of it, I used to take it out, mix honey and drink it, only 1 time in a day at morning before eating anything else. Slowly and gradually the swelling of my kidneys got finished. First my kidneys became so much damaged that when I used to lay down on my side so due to the wounds of kidneys I used to feel itching and I used to feel the kidneys pressing. First I was not able to walk and move. Allah SWT made me better, I started walking and moving. I told this tip to 2 3 more people and they also became alright. How the lawyer became better: One lawyer used to live in Lahore, he was very much worried. I told to his wife that used this 1 tip. Allah SWT gave comfort to him also. He said that make me meet that man. I got the accident of my feet so I could not go to meet him. Whoever used to say me that there are stones in my kidneys, I used to say him that take 1 tola of nigella sativa and sheshame which is said as tali in Punjabi. Soak the nigella sativa in 1 cup water at night and drink it at morning like medicine. With the usage of nearly 2 to 3 weeks the stones come out. Readers! Today 5 years have passed to me, my kidneys have completely fine and healthy and I am cured, walk and move and right now sitting in the office of ubqari and giving interview and I am completely healthy. I do not have any pain of kidneys. Note: This gift was made introduced to the readers during the time of meeting by one respectable old man then that man made the other man sit in his car by keeping the loves of readers and unconditional love with me in front of him and brought to my office. Whatever conversation I had with him they are presented in the service of readers in sequential way but exactly. If your kidneys have become failed so do not get worried. Use this unique gift of medical of Prophet. Do try and gain benefit. The end of wound in 1 hour: There is one more tip of peer sir. In ordinary farms there is one herb found which is said as chumbul herb in the villages of Punjab. The feet, legs and skin of peer sir were themselves rotten completely. Someone told him that take that herb and tie on the wound for at least 1 hour. Only by applying it one time the wound will become swollen and the wound will become clean when the dirt, puss etc will come out from it. I told this to countless people and Allah SWT give cure to all of them.