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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Readers Take Your Mandate From Me

Spirit and soul Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari My all secrets are for you: Readers! Whole day I have connection and relation of meeting with sad people. Sad those who are really depressed and make sad. But where those depressed people share their sorrow, over there they give their some medical and spiritual experiences and observations. Now it is this that I may make one such diary for my generations and copy which I may leave. The recommended tip for diseases related to ear: One man told his experience that of whatever kind is the pain of ear and how old it is and how untreatable it is, ear wax, swelling, closing of ear or any sort of pain of ear, even this that such people who have so much ear wax and puss in ear that it remains flowing most of the time, they got surgery also done, they went through many stages of operation also but the ear wax do not used to get finish and the pain of ear do not used to get finished. Take one spoon of juice of lemon and put one full pinch of sweet soda in it. Dissolve it, put in droper and before putting it in ear, shake it and then put in ear. 3 drops 3 times in a day. Do like this for few days. Few days or few weeks. The people who do like this, their disease gets finished forever and they become fine forever. Easy treatment of cholera: Whatever kind is of cholera, keep on making the patient of cholera drink this same medicine, eight or ten drops, the cholera will get finish completely or else peel of skin of small cardamom, boil in water and make the patient of cholera drink that water with spoon after every 5 minutes. The patient of cholera will become fine 100 percent. Got the tip of ear wax from the dervish: I may present one more tip in your service readers which is for such people who have ear wax, head shiver, hand shivers, body shivers, even that they cannot hold a bite in their hands all the time they feel weakness, in speaking, in walking, in talking even the disease of tremors as reached ti its peak, by eating the medicine of doctor, he use to have temporary benefit. I got this tip in such a way that one old man came to me for taking the medicine. He said that I have twenty five years old tremors. I was not able to walk and move, I was not able to hold glass in my hands, every difficulty of life was near me. I was worried. Now that tremor is finished to me. Now I have come to take only the medicine of my stomach. I did question that how the tremor got finish. He said that one old dervish told me one thing. I used that thing, from that my shaking got finished. So I said to him that if you feel it right so you may tell that tip to me. With your beatitude many worried people from creation of Allah SWT will get benefit. He said that yes, I may tell it. take peanut 30 grams, bottle guard 20 grams, black cumin seeds 10 grams, pepper long 5 grams, white spice 5 grams. Crush all of them and take one spoon with slightly warm milk at morning before eating anything and with one spoon of milk at evening. This tip is very beneficial for such people who have got fed up of tremor, whose body use to shiver, whose tongue use to shiver, whose head is bend, who cannot even hold pen or spoon in their hands. This is very beneficial for them. Treatment of weakness of mind and eyes: Apart from this, this tip is very beneficial for strength of brain, for memory, for old flu and cold, for tremor and mucus, for mental weakness or for the one who have weak eye sight, for the one whose number of glasses are increasing, who change their glasses every year or after every three months. I got these benefits afterwards, after my observations. The old man told me this tip for tremor only. Readers! This small and little tip and this brief formula is its own example and is very beneficial. I am giving it to you, do use it. After few days, few weeks, few months you will get very much beautiful result of it. Till today to whomever I have given this, to whomever I have told this, to whomever I have made and given and he did not feel benefit of it, I do not remember it at all. Make the tip, use it and give duas to the unworthy man. It is a story about somet8ime before that I was a guest to one very famous doctor of one very big country and very great company owner. He gave me some experiences with much sincerity, he gave me some medical observations and few such things which are known to very less people according to him and I cannot even give them to anyone. Readers! Whatever I have with me is your right, it is for you and it is your service. I tell that in your service. He gave one tip with the name of Hubb e zafraani. He writes that take one tola of saffron, two tola of local ajwaen, 3 tola of ginger which is pealed. Mix all these things in the water of local garlic. When all the things become one and they are able to become like a ball so make the balls equal to the size of chick peas or fill the capsule of big size. Give 1 capsule at morning, 1 capsule at after noon, one capsule at evening along with the water of gao zabaan and water of kaasni and at after noon make him use niyaz bo which is commonly called as pubni also along with the white cumin seeds, ajwain sauce 1 table spoon and give it at the time of sleeping also. He said that the people whose arteries of heart are closed, they are given a clear certificate of bypass, they have every disease of heart, they cannot walk even two steps, they cannot breath properly, their heart remains sad and depressed every time, they feel low and lazy or such people who think the bypass or surgery as necessary for the diseases of heart, they may try eating this medicine for some time. Even this that if the blood is stuck in the veins, the veins have become closed, the valves have become closed, for such people this sauce and medicine is very beneficial, is very great. The treatment of cure of gangrene: He did one more new reveling and said that those patients of sugar who have got gangrene and due to gangrene their feet have to be cut down, the doctors have said that these feet will have to cut in every condition or that part of body will get cut, for them this sauce and medicine is very beneficial and crush the leaves of niyaz bo and tie them on those wounds at morning and evening. The wound will become clean, puss will get finish, infection will get finish and the wound will get alright forever even the marks will also not remain there. Take readers! I am presenting one more gift and beautiful gift in your service. It happened like this that one old woman used to come most of the time for the treatment and cure of her whole house and she is coming now also. Once upon a time she said that our maternal grand father used to make one medicine and give it to people. People from far a way places used to come to take that medicine and to whomever he gave, he got much benefit. I asked that give that medicine to me also. She said that actually that medicine is for the diseases of ears and for the itching of ears and my maternal grand father used to give it for the itching of ears but that old woman was telling that I used it a lot for the ordinary itching also and to whomever I gave, he got much benefit. Procedure and way to use: She told its procedure like this. Mustard oil sweet half pao, 3 tola of boric acid, and 5 grams of carbolic acid. Make the oil hot and add boric acid in it, stir it nicely. When it gets cool so add carbolic acid and stir it more. The medicine is ready. Whenever you use it, use it after shaking and gain benefit. Put few drops of it in ear at morning, after noon, evening or do massage of it on your body. It is very affective and beneficial medicine for the disease of ear for example swelling, mucus, pain, flowing of ears and if you have itching on body so it is one matchless gift for it.