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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Precious Pearls of Seniors

Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Phd America Editor of Ubqari. Spirit and soul: I keep on sitting in the company of few elders and scholars. I give those beneficial pearls of those great people to the readers. They said: to whom I gave to eat, I thought It as his favor meaning it is his favor that, that guest or needy man accepted my food. It is his favor and good will. To whom I gave I thought it as less, meaning that if you have done my favor of money or so a thought came inside that this thing which I given is less otherwise he had much more need than this. I felt humbleness after giving rather than pride. My given is very less. They said: The lives of Prophet and his companions may come in to acts from the paper of books and written material. Meaning that effect should come in our lives and it may come in our actions. They said: Islam has given the teachings of rights of others that every person from us may become the one to fulfill the rights of others and so all fights shall finish. In west every person is the desirable person of taking his rights that “my right, my right!”. Due to this fight take place in the society. They said: there is one spirit of giving and there is one spirit of taking. If one may come on the spirit of giving so the ways of love and peace will get open. In the spirit of taking the paths of fights and unrest will get open in the society. To give in this world and take in here after is sincerity. Taking out lie from the heart is sincerity. Do the service of people who are lower than you in the status, you will get sincerity. They said: Sincerity is the thing from sky. It will come by being humble. They said: All the Prophets walked in the supervision of Allah SWT, the companions walked in the supervision of Prophet and we will walk in the supervision of our elders. They said: The one who asks for sincerity for his whole life, he will get it at the time of death because he may have said any such word or have done any such act due to which he gets sincerity at the time of death. Just like this that one Muhaddis got forgiveness only due to this reason that one thirsty bee was sucking the ink, he waited and did not make it fly. They said: That one more complete man of Allah SWT said: There are 2 qualities in work of Prophet. One is gathering and the other is to act and move. There is the individual system of every person going on in the society. Till when you will hot walk in the collective system of Ummah, your life will not get changed. They said: To do the zikr of Allah SWT at night with much attention starts the wisdom and pondering. They said: Religion through human beings, guidance from Quran paak and Hadis shareef. There was humbleness and respect in Hazrat abu ZAr Ghaffari RA and secondly he used to do abundance of surah e Ikhlas. They said: As you see any Muslim, think that there is faith inside him, he is beloved to Allah SWT, I have to do respect of him. They said: The preacher who will move along by being ignorant from Allah SWT, will not be able to do any work. They said: There is in one verse of forgiveness of Quran paak that hide the mistakes. Put the sand. (Arabic text) that finish the discussion of it even. They said: He said that I use to pray in every journey that O Allah SWT! You do not refuse the dua of traveler. Accept my dua also. They said: It is easy to press the feet of elders and hard to do the service of unworthy people. Humbleness comes from the unworthy people.