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Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

40 Key Features of A Delicious Sauce

Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtai Majzoobi P.hd America editor of Ubqari. Sad story: Sweat or forehead, hands and feet cold, disturbance in voice, death on face and paleness: One tensed patient came to me holding a heavy file of tests in his arms and said that I have come from Faisalabad and I have got heart disease. I have spent thousands of rupees on these tests and still I am unsatisfied. I got all tests done and according to them I am the patient of heart completely. Instead all the members of family are worried. I am the only bread maker of family, there are not much sources of income. At last what should I do. This is one brief story which I got to listen in very much painful way. I gave him comfort and made him satisfied that you will in sha Allah be completely alright. Just do one thing that use this chatni which is made up of these three ingredients along with these medicines regularly. The patient was not able to believe that at last what work this chatni will do. Where the big strong medicines did no work and at last the situation is moving towards the surgery and the presence of money of surgery in pocket is weird but instead its impossible to even think of that. Precious tips of old doctors: After much difficulty he was able to believe that really this ordinary medicine is beneficial. He did the promise of using it and went. After some days only he told the good news that his health is very surprisingly the patient became alright. Readers this is not the only patient but many such patients who are involved in the diseases of heart have become healthy with this chatni. Actually the doctors of old era used to know that what do the body of human being needs at all the time. That is why they made such tips ready which are apparently less in price but were very rich in respect to strength and benefits. Secret of hundred percent health: One known friend started telling that he had so much of cholesterol. Even it got increased so much that it was hard to walk even. I only used this chatni with much regularity till 2 weeks, I used 3 to 4 small spoons in a day, I got very much benefit and till today I never got that pain again. Now also if some time I feel it slightly so then for few days again I use this chatni, and become hundred percent healthy. Cholesterol from 147 to 300: One man told me that he made one such patient use this chatni, the cholesterol level of which wall more than 300 but after 2 weeks it was 147 and then very surprisingly it became less than this also. Moreover he was telling that it was my more experience that how much obesity is increased, use this chatni regularly till many months. The weight of one man decreased till 12 pounds in one and a half month. There are few whose weight became less more than this very surprisingly but it is necessary to use it with regularity. The treatment of joint pain with chatni: One man said that the judge of Sialkot terrorism court had the pain of joints. First it was slight then it got increased. Even this that the pain made him completely handicapped that walking and sitting instead it became hard to move even. He did many treatments and used many precious medicines also but there was no benefit. At last someone told that use this same chatni till many months, regularly and if there is not, stubbornness in the nature so do the addition of garlic in it in the same amount of same ingredients. This how he used this chatni and used it with regularity. Slowly and gradually the disease got finished. Even he is completely healthy now. He told one more surprising experience of chatni that he also had asthma. With the regular usage of it, it also got finished completely. Already of this chatni was made used by any patient of the asthma, in my experience many patients got better. Even the untreatable patients used to make it and keep it with them and at last they got better. Such patients who have asthma, allergy, mucus, congestion of throat, thickness of blood or any problem of heart, for all of them, this chatni is very beneficial. I met one doctor surgeon of Karachi. He said that in any kind of disease of a stomach and allergy this is my tried tip. Actually my father was Hakeem. I used to think the tips of Hikmat and tib as harmful. My daughter got allergy. I was tired of giving medicines and vaccines. At last my father (may his soul rest in peace) made my daughter use this tip. In few months, the girl got completely forever healthy. From that day, my belief in medical got strong. Patients of heart and chatni: just llike this the doctor of family hospital of Faisalabad also told that this chatni gives benefit to patients of heartor such patients whose blood pressure is high or low, it gives benefit to both kind of patients in surprising way. Even the medicines are used along with the chatni but at last the usage of medicines use to get finish. For this the patients of pains of joints, pain in one leg or such patients who have severe pain in their ankles, and walking becomes difficult, instead they walk by picking up ankles, they got much benefit. When they used it till some time with regularity. 3 valves of heart got open with the chatni:I received the letter of one patient of Hyderabad that I read the tip of this chatni from your book and started using it. as I kept on using it, this chatni starting being effective. Even with the usage of two and a half month, 3 closed valves of my heart got open and now I am completely fine. That patient wrote in the letter that before this, I was the victim of old pain of stomach, gad, bad digestion and forever depression and stress but along with the disease of heart, these diseases also got finished. Then I tried this chatni on countless patients of stomach, gas, constipation. It proved to be very matchless. I gave it to patients of heart, much benefit was gained. Continuous experiences have proved this thing that whenever patients weakness and delicateness after sickness or such people who have become weak in their senses due to continuous mental disturbance, they praised this solution a lot. Such people who do not feel hungry or specially the patients of sugar who have discomfort, pain in legs, pain in body, weakness and disruption, it is very recommended for them. Disturbance of days and benefits of chatni: Moreover this formula is beneficial for obesity, especially for such women who have disturbance of harmones due to disturbance of days and due to which they have pain in back, pain in thighs, and stiffness and frustration, for them this chatni has came into experience again and again. Whenever I tried this tip in urea, cratinin and failure of kidneys, not even any single patient did complain, even I met such people who were getting dylasis done with the usage of chatni, the duration got increased. I met few such people also who used it regularly and become completely fine and dylasis finished completely. One lady wrote a letter that I made the chatni by reading it and fount it beneficial. At my home sermon use to happen, I told to many more women. There more experiences are there that for flowing of ear, for hindrance of days or their pains, for leukorehhea, for pain of ankles and pain of body and joints, for piles, so fount it very beneficial. It is surely beneficial for diseases of spleen and diseases of liver. Ingredients of chatni: Green coriander, ginger or green paste of ginger, pomegranate seeds. Mix them in equal amount and crush it very much with grinder or crushing utensil. As much you will crush it it will be that much effective and beneficial. Few people mix local garlic in it in same amount but I usually use these 3 ingredients. Do not add any additional spices or salt in it. you can also make it very much and keep it in the fridge. Apart from eating form one and a half spoon till one small spoon everyday, 3 to 5 times in a day or laong with the food, how you want, use it. use it regularly in old diseases and if you are using any other medicine so do not leave it quickly. if you do not find fresh ingredients so in state of helplessness you can use dry also.