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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.


Readers! I pick precious pearls for you and do not conceal. You too, become generous and do write EDITOR: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq MehmoodMajzoobiChughtai A person goes through different situations in routine life. People want a peaceful life but sometimes he suffers such a strange injury that the bone does not fracture but the mass/skin is ruptured, or it aches constantly e.g. knee injuries, body injuries etc. I am sharing a tip (totka) for recovering but prior to that let me clarify one thing; be it a child, old or young; be the injury of back, head, foot, knee, ankles or elsewhere; be it fresh or old, you apply this astonishing paste and see its effect. A pious devout shared this tip with me; he showed it to me in the liquid form. He had asked me whether you are injured. I replied to him in positive & showed him my knee which got slightly injured during Haj. He applied the medicine and kept massaging softly. He said that I am rubbing the medicine which will be absorbed by the skin. It will become dry and be a part of the skin. Surely, once he was through with the massage I could not feel the medicine on my skin. He asked me to apply it for few days or few weeks and the pain will be cured permanently. One-dose affected me so much that I gained health. I dint make any more of it but started giving it out to people and told them about it as I myself have benefitted from it. May the pain be at any location and be how old, use this ointment and you shall acquire astonishing results. Such people will benefit the most who have suffered a fracture, due to which their body, muscles, and organs ache constantly, or if that affected area is aching after the repair. An athlete told me that I was a wrestler during youth; we exercised a lot and were very powerful. Now I am old and each part of my body aches. Initially, I took painkillers which are effective but only provide temporary relief. Now I have quitted those medicines and am applying your prescription. Its ingredients include mixing saffron in honey, and adding an egg and whipped olive oil. It has cured my body-aches and suffocation. I also used it for other fresh injuries. Since I have started using this ointment, Allah has blessed me with health. I have become so healthy and powerful that the body which earlier used to ache is now healthy and is free from pain. I used to moan earlier which has finished now. The athlete said that you have given me this formula. I am a wrestler and people come to me for fixing sprains or vertebras, repairing fractures etc. Some approach me for aches of body and limb. I started making and giving it to people. Everyone benefitted when used for the pain of injuries. People who were bothered and affected with aches and were not benefitting with medicines approached me. I gave them this medicine which benefitted them. The athlete said that now I am more famous for this ointment than my previous profession and people come to me to take the ointment bottle which is for Rs. 30. Through this I acquire subsistence (rozy) as well as popularity as its result is really good. Some need 1, some 2 and some heal after using 3 bottles. Whoever uses it regularly for some period gets rid of old-aches. Be the injury anywhere; on the bone or on the skin; on the chest, back, legs, knee, ankle etc. Its result is the best. I gave this prescription to the owner of a donkey-cart. I told him to make and give it to people as it is the best medicine for pains. Actually he treated his donkey himself and was the physician of the donkeys. He said that people come to me for the treatment of their donkeys and I give them medicines. I told them that this prescription is marvelous for injuries; I explained the method as well as the benefits. After few days, the gentleman visited me & said that I make this medicine for donkeys, animals, horses, buffalos as well as camels and it heals them all; it is very beneficial for injuries. Once, the zoo-staff came to me and took this ointment. They told that their deer fell down and is injured. They have been treating him with different medicines but nothing aided healing. They heard about me giving ointment for animals so I gave them one bottle. It proved effective and their deer became healthy. Now the zoo-staff visit me regularly & take this ointment & it benefits them a lot. There are certain people who breed animals; I give them this ointment and it benefits them. A man was fond of breeding horses; horses were his life. Maybe his love for horses was even greater than his children. I gave him this ointment because his complaint was that his horse suffered from pain in one leg & he walked with a limp. After sometime he told me that I spent Rs. 20,000 on my horse’s treatment but all in vain; your 2-3 bottles healed it. Readers! You can make this ointment. Try to keep it in an air-tight bottle. This is a very useful thing. Everyone whom I told about this has used it. Try to make fresh and avoid using old mixture. Do use it regularly for some time. Readers! Now I shall tell you it’s method as to what is its method & formula; what is the secret which contains so many benefits. Listen to the method & formula: 3 Whites of desieggs; NO YOLK Water of desiginger, in equal proportion of whites Mix the above two ingredients. Dissolve 2 phenyl balls in water. Mix the egg mixture with the phenyl mixture. Keep it in an air-tight jar; shake well prior to use. Apply this ointment to areas affected with pain and massage. When dry, again apply and massage softly. You have to repeat this process three times. You will then feel it being absorbed by the skin. You will not feel the ointment at all. Use this ointment regularly in mornings and evenings. After few weeks, you will feel great improvement regarding the pain. The person who has given me this formula said that usually the area between the toes (interspaces), suffer from fungal infection (rotting). If one uses this ointment, then the feet do not rot and it heals, resulting in improvement, health and fitness. No doubt this medicine had benefitted everyone on whom I have tried this medicine and received praise. You also tell people about it. Although it is very cheap & harmless, it is a tip (totka) in accord with health and fitness. And a splendid one!