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The One Who Got Revolutionary Health From Their Thought

Every day justice: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari: I used to meet the sheikh sir most of the time in masjid. Well he was famous with the name of sheikh sir color man in the nearby market from the house of our parents. He was a really very pious, simple and humble human being. He was very merciful and soft-spoken also that he used to keep his eyes upon the good qualities of every person and he was very big in age. From the very first day I was kept on seeing him involved in the disease. Sometimes he used to get up from his shop and come to masjid for lying down. The shop was not very far from his house. Most of the time he used to wake up at night while sleeping and used to check the locks of his shop that the locks may not have remained open. Some of the time he used to get lost while sitting and suddenly after recognizing he used to make himself conscious again. I have seen him being lost in these thoughts from many years. Then the era of my college got started. My direction got changed from this masjid towards the other masjid and the meeting of sheikh sir also became less. After sometimes I got to meet him till long time so I felt that he is apart from old age and bad health, is very fresh and healthy than before. When I asked him the reason of this health and fitness so he told his story, it is being presented for readers. The man who was habitual of medicines: According to him I was involved in the pain of knees and every joint of body, in pain of head, pain of back, tension of muscles, weakness of body, continuous problem in the system of stomach, storm of sneezing. All the time the water used to flow from my nose, flu and cough, allergy, discomfort in nature, weakness, very much weakness of special energy. In fact the condition was this that I was the collection of many diseases. Sometimes I used to eat any medicine and sometimes the other. Sometimes I used to feel it clearly that either I have become the habitual of medicines or medicines have left affecting on me. Just these were the days and night, there was me and the medicines. The days and nights of life were spending like this and I never got comfort. Whenever I used to listen anything about any good doctor, homio pathic or Hakeem, I used to go there and used medicines. The changing of thoughts and getting rid from complicated diseases: I got to know that one doctor has come to Lahore by taking great degrees from Europe and countless sad people are going to him. I also took the appointment for meeting him. When I met him and I kept my reports and file of medicines in front of him so after looking at them with satisfaction he said that you have not left any medicine of world. What medicine should I give you now? Then after thinking something he changed his sitting position and said that tell me this that do you think very much? I gave the answer that who do not think, I also think. My mother passed away in my childhood and father did second marriage. My new mother did my nourishment with strictness and harsh. Then the father made me separate that earn yourself and eat yourself. My conditions were not good. I used to think for the whole night and for the whole day. My children came out to be disobedient so I got continuous tension from them. Then my son got daughters more than those were the thoughts. Well so I used to think while sleeping and think while waking up also. My days and nights kept on going like this. Slowly and gradually I got involved in the pain of joints and knees. Then slowly and gradually I kept on being gathered from other diseases and kept on taking the support of medicines. Then I told this full of pain story to that doctor of Lahore so despite of being sad he smiled and said him in a confident way that you will become completely healthy. Just do what I will say that leave thinking just from today. Do you not have belief and trust in Almighty Allah SWT? Can any other power make your work proper? Is it not like this that if Allah SWT wants so he can do good in our every work? Is this hadith not in front of you whose meaning is this that I solve the matter according to the expectation of the person? Then why do not you do good expectation from Allah SWT and why do not you think this in every moment that in sha Allah tala I will be helped, I will be protected, I am healthy, I do not have any disease. You may sleep at night by keeping complete trust on Almighty Allah SWT and while thinking this and wake up while thinking this that you are completely healthy. You have got the test of everything. I am the luckiest person in the world. I have every blessing, I am not deprived of any blessing, my every work will be very best. I do not have deficiency of anything. Then come to me again after three weeks. I will not take fees from you and you may make yourself check by me. Never saw a patient in whole life: The sheikh sir said that the doctor did not give me a single medicine even. Instead, he gave me these instructions that please thinking and start doing trust on Almighty Allah SWT. In start the practice is this was really difficult but I did not leave the will power and after three weeks when I was sitting in front of that doctor so there was that same smile on the face of him that you will become completely healthy. Really I got 80 percent better. The doctor told me to repeat the previous instructions with full advice and said me good bye without any fees and did not give any single medicine to eat. That sheikh sir (may his soul rest in peace) has died sometime before but in my life I never saw him again as being sick, worried and crippled. Readers, I was listening this story and was looking at the body of sheikh sir. Really the thought are immortal power and matchless thing to get treatment. I have presented this one incident in your service, such countless incidents have come in my life as a doctor. If I may start telling them in front of you so I would need the bundle of pages and I want thousands and millions of words. You can also do like this. Whether you are involved in any type of pain, whether it is how much impossible or difficult, whether it is an untreatable disease, the doctors have become fed up, the family members have become tired or else you have such un-solving problems which is not getting solved in any court and justice so you may do this only that start thinking good for it and just think this in every situation that everything will be better, everything will be good, everything will be nice. I am healthy, I do not have any pain. Come lets make you healthy by giving you these thoughts and you can become a wonderful and respected person in the society after trying these thoughts. Just the condition is to try and have continuous will power. After getting benefit from these thoughts you do write to us for sure.