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Allergy, Sinus And Season Of Winter

Justice: Corner of health: Sunday special: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America): The northern areas of Pakistan specially Islamabad and all the mountainous areas above it, over there the tree of tooth is the reason of allergy. The government is not able to finish that tree from its roots apart from all of the struggles of it. after cutting one tree any more trees gets produced. Is this the only one reason of allergy? Not at all instead there are countless reasons of allergy. The present life of ours which is artificial, in which there is closed houses, dark and dull rooms, carpets, artificial foods, drinks and perfumes etc are few of the reasons of allergy. It is my experience that there is much more of allergy in cities as compare to villages. At last the pollution also do its effect. The precaution of safety: Now the thing to think is this that at last how the treatment of allergy and flu is possible in the season of winters and what are those ways from adopting which we can be safe from allergy and flu.do remember, such foods which becomes the reason of these two diseases in the season of winters, we shall become safe from them for sure. The use of sour, cold and things which get digested with very much difficulty is for sure very much harmful for these patients. Cold air during the journey, the use of such foods in any function which may become the source of increase in the disease of yours, do not use it at all. After eating the tablets of anti-allergy we use to press down the disease in a temporary way but it keeps on getting increase inside and keeps on spreading. Even this that sometimes it use to get increased so much that it comes the source of asthma and the irritation of breath forever, deficiency of sleep, tension, short breathing, and discomfort. Few people get chronic cough whether it is dry or along with the mucus it gets started. Readers do not press down the disease instead as compare to the staying of it in inside it is better that it may come out. Today on the universal surface where there is the deficiency of clean water, over there there is very much of allergy and sinus. According to the great scientist of Venus Millar Smith few diseases get ignored by thinking as very much ordinary but those diseases are in reality not ordinary instead the effects which happened after them are very much more dangerous than the common diseases. Miller smith says more that in the life of me as being a doctor this thing has came again and again in most of my experiences that I have found the seventy percent of reason of patients of lungs, throat, glands and cancer of nose in reality as allergy and sinus and in the season of winter the attack of it is used to be very much. It is because of this that due to the humidity and heavy wind the germs get opportunity to gets nourished and get more powerful. The deficiency of sunlight, the humid wind are the most best places for these germs because in the season of summers there is sunlight and the intensity of heat that is why either the germs gets finished or else they do not get opportunity to grow. Observation and way to use: Come! Let’s see this that how we may get rid of these diseases. One man was involved in the old allergy and the start of it was sinus. I gave him this advice that he may put few drops of oil of olives in both of the nostrils of nose at the time of sleeping and put it upwards with very much intensity. By doing like this in few days he got very much of the benefit and this tip has been tried again and again. If you are involved in any old allergy and in the allergy of asthma or in old flu, closing of nose in a consistent way, at night if the sleep matter get disturbed due to this, if you are involved in such diseases so if you may try the tip which is mentioned following in sha Allah tala for the whole life these diseases will get finished. Yes, in a consistent way for sometime who use the medicines for sure. Do not do hurry at all. Atreefal asat khadoos which is made in any nice medical store, dissolve one small spoon in one cup of hot water and drink it little by little. Use it three times in a day or at least 2 times at morning and evening. In sha Allah tala this is the elixir treatment of old flu and old allergy. Healing: Mint leave, dry local ajwain, take both of them equal in weight, crush them and make the powder ready and then use half spoon three times in a day along with the water or tea. By using it for some time in sha Allah tala the disease will become finished completely. If the prevention is that from cold and the above mentioned medicines make it used for some time in a consistent way so in the winter season this disease cannot get increased at all. In sha Allah tala!