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Flat Bread of Jawar and The End of Incurable Diseases

Soul and spirit Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Ph.D. America) editor of Ubqari. According to my routine, I was busy in looking at patient. On coming of turn on man introduced himself to me that my name is Majid Rasool Khan. I do the business of printing. I have come to do the medical discussion. After checkup he himself said that I have started feeling myself as a patient. Every single inch of body is weak and keeps on breaking. The muscles are pulled, there is weakness all the time overcome inside the heart. Sometimes I used to feel dizzy and blindness used to come in front of my eyes. All the time I used to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I used little medicine also and did some prevention also. Temporarily I felt better but then again same. Apparently I have no disease even but my condition was just like the patient. Slowly and gradually I started having short breathing. If I used to take few steps forward also so the breath used to become fast and irregular and fast. This condition was much more suspicious for me. My house was made in such a way that to climb the stairs was necessary to me. Now weather I should leave the house or otherwise I may do any other idea for it. As I had the business of printing so sometimes I used to pick up any heavy thing also, so it used to become impossible for me to pick it up and the heartbeat used to start very much fast. The face used to become red and the veins of hands and feet used to swell. Most of the time it used to happen like this also that the hand and feet used to start becoming numb. They did not use to become better till so much time. It was my interesting hobby to love and play with children at my home, now from few days I do not feel like playing with them also because only with a little bit movement also I used to have short breathing and body used to become breakages. On the other hand the children used to insist according to the previous routine that the father may play with us but over there health and fitness was itself playing with the father. There was so much anger in the nature that sometimes I used to start feeling embarrassed from myself. The frustration and uneasiness became more, I used to be ready for fighting on every little thing and many friends became hopeless and unhappy with my this attitude. I listened about tension and depression but I never tried them and from when I was experiencing them, I became very much worried. One friend gave the suggestion of getting my test done. After the test it was known that cholesterol, uric acid and triglycerides are very much increased. If a situation like this remains so you can also have a heart attack or brain ham bridge or else paralysis also can happen. Now doctors gave more expensive test and precious medicines after writing. During this time when the sincere friend of market listened the condition of my disease and tests so he said that I have got more expensive tests than you and have used more expensive medicines but I did not get any cure. My precious time was spent in laboratories and in the line of doctors and best big notes were spent in medicines and tests. Then someone told me that eat the flatbread of jawar meaning in the place of flatbread of wheat eat it along with the food which is the routine of your eating. Eat the flatbread of jawar only. I ate the flatbread of jawar only till 2 months, 3 times in a day and ate them with full of interest. I became completely healthy. I found the way of hope, hopelessness got the corner. I quickly went to one local mill, took jawar and I was getting it picked up under my supervision, so one old lady came there for taking flour. She said that son, the flatbread of jawar is very recommended in typhoid, old fever, pain in joints and strength of body and then by indicating she said that it is also best for the hidden problems of women. Few words of the old lady consoled me and give satisfaction to my comfort and gave hope to my feeling of cure. I brought it home and started eating the flatbread of jawar regularly. I ate the flatbread of jawar till one month but after eating it only till few days really the change started coming in my health, I started feeling interest in doing work. The hope of life got produced and I felt that I am covering the journey of fitness and health. A thought came to me that I may have my chest burn again. Now you may look upon my test. First the cholesterol was 295, now it is 167. First triglyceride was 488 and now it was 173. First uric acid was 10 and now it was 5. Just like this it was the situation of other tests also. I told to that friend of market that this was the condition. He said with satisfaction that you have become healthy. Leave it but I kept on using it more. By using it more strength, power, energy and new life started coming inside me. Now also I use it sometimes. I feel like making this meal as a routine of my life. For sugar, high blood pressure and indigestion: Readers! You have read the story of disease and health of Majid Rasool Khan. Now listen to my experience. Take jawar, corn, millet and peas equal in weight, get them crushed finely. Use its flatbread, kheer and other best dishes. Sugar, high blood pressure, pain of joints, weakness of body, muscles getting pulled, indigestion, acidity and burps, increase of body and swelling of it, these all diseases become completely finished. Not one but many countless incidents are in my experience that how the people got cure and how hopeless patients became healthy. You also try it for sure. Readers I remain a researcher of curing tips, procedures and experiences all the time. Whenever I get any matchless tip I give it to you people. It is my request to you that you also write your experiences and observations to me for sure so that it may become sadqa e jariya. I will remain waiting for it