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The Strange Treatment Of Blood Pressure, Depression And Tension

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Ph.D. America), Today one patient came to me, he met me with very much energy, he was very much happy and my very much old tip……as my very much old pad of paper, he kept in front of me. He said that I went outside the country and then I was not able to meet you. While coming I thought that I may take the first one paper chit from you. Therefore, I have come to you by taking this chit of paper with me. I had very much old tension and depression and anxiety. I was tired of showing it to many big and great doctors and experts….. Whenever I used to use the medicines of doctors so on the temporary basis, the tension and depression would become less but after sometime the disease used to happen like that again. Even this that one such time came over me that I became tired of medicines and became fed up of medicines. At last I took the decision that I may finish this life. I tried to times to do suicide but I remained unsuccessful. Due to the trial of doing suicide, the pain which was received by my body, instead of this that I would have died, I kept on getting the treatment of it done. After becoming tired and unsuccessful I became fed up. I think this that, that medicine was not the secret of my health but it was for sure the way to damage my health because from those medicines I used to go in the temporary comfort and unconsciousness but again those same conditions used to happen with me. I used to become fed up of my health. I came to you; you gave me this tip by writing. I looked at it and said that these are the ordinary and cheap herbs, I have already used so much expensive medicines and I use to keep on going and coming to Pakistan and foreign countries. I have used the precious medicines of over there. How can this medicine give benefit to me? For some time as not trusting it, I left it. At last, when I became very much fed up of the medicines so one day I took the decision that and then I searched that same chit of paper of yours. I bought those medicines and started using them. Only in few days I got very much nice results. I felt this that if I will use this medicine more so I will get more benefit. Now I took the decision of using this medicine in a consistent way. I bought the boxes of white color (Jars of glass) and kept those medicines in them after doing them clean. Now every day I take out from it and use it. I kept on using this medicine for nearly four months. After this again I had to go to the foreign country. I left this medicine over here and kept my medicine of doctor in my bag and went on the tour but I had become so much healthy that the chaos and accidents and the lie of tension of that place did not make me restrain that I may take the tablet of sleep before sleeping or of blood pressure or tension and anxiety. Even this that I was fresh in every area and on every step. Few people who used to know me, they became surprised after looking at my health and said that is everything ok? I told them the secret of this medicine. They said that do tell us also if it is beneficial in reality so we also do the usage of it. I told them to use this same medicine. Whether they have used it or not, I told them that tip. Today I have come to you after seven years and I have brought the chit of paper of that same old tip. When I listen this thing from him so I quickly took that tip from his hands. I became happy on this thing that I have given this tip to people after writing, I have not written it with the details in the UBQARI ever, now I have got the thoughts that why may not one man, one person or else make his thing reach to 100 people. If I will keep on giving by writing like this, till maximum I can make it reach to thousands of people. If I will give this same thing in UBQARI so I would be able to send my message to millions of people instead till billions. So readers! If you are involved in depression, tension or high blood pressure and along with it your stomach is affected, your food do not get digested or the stomach do not accepted or else you do not feel hungry at all or you feel like tired and lazy all the time, the body remains lazy and frustrated, the medicines of doctor have made you restrained that you cannot walk without the medicines… you should not get depressed at all, you may try using this tip for not sometime but for few weeks only, you will get the health and fitness of this tip and you will get the cure. Countless patients of blood pressure have become healthy with this tip, the patient of tension, the patient of depression have become healthy with it. I have seen the patient of hepatitis became healthy with it. one man came to me, I gave him this medicine for depression, he also had hepatitis, he had already got two courses of injections of doctor done. He said to me that when I went to get the test of hepatitis done so I got to know that I have become cured from this disease. I became surprised that from which medicine I have become healthy? So I got to know that I have become healthy with this same medicine meaning this same medicine is also the treatment of hepatitis, acidity of stomach and the burning of inside the body and heat and gastric problem remains… for this it is very much matchless thing. It is the best thing for chronic constipation and it is matchless for blood pressure and depression. Readers! I have told this medicine to not 1, to not to 2, but to countless people and they have used it. you may use it for sure. One retired professor lady came to me. She said that I was the head of department of one subject but I used to keep water in front of me all the time and the water used to be cold whether it used to be intense winters I used to drink the cold water and secondly I used to keep the tablets inside my bag all the time because I am the patient of blood pressure. Some cases of delivery happened so much abnormal that the medicines of doctor affected me very much and the blood pressure made me so much affected that I went in the tension. Now I have become fed up of the medicines. I have listened that your subject is of herbal and you have taken the degree of PhD from herbal health America. So do you have any treatment with you for me? So I give her this same tip after writing but with one request that you may not leave the medicines of doctor very quickly, keep on using these medicines till some time. You will get the feeling yourself that you have left all of those medicines. Now you have no need of any of the medicine and you have reached till the last level of health and fitness. I told her this thing as a request and after that I made her go. When she went back after listening me so, after some time only through any person I got one hand written letter in which she wrote this that I thought this that there is no treatment of this disease in the whole world but I have got cure from it, now I give the reference of it in my every single lecture. I uploaded this tip on the internet and wrote my benefits, I got this tip printed and distributed then. In reality this tip is matchless this much that in this formula there is the last treatment of blood pressure, depression and tension. It is my request that you may keep on spreading things like this among the people and people may keep on getting the benefit and advantage from it. Readers! I would like this that you may use this thing for sure so that you may get the benefit of it till hundred percent and you may get the advantage of it till 100 percent. The healing: 20 grams of dry mint leaves, take out the stones and pebbles from it, do check the anaab that there should not be the insect inside it and they may not be rotten, 200 grams of it, two hundred grams of mint leaves, 100 grams of fennel seeds, two hundred grams of anaab, 100 grams of big cardamom which is used in the common foods and biryani. Crush all of these things and keep it fat like the tea leaves. Now take one big spoon which should be very much filled or two small spoons and soak it in very much hot water at night and keep it in open air after covering the cloth on it or keep it in any part of the house. While soaking it put seven dry damsons in it and the water should be nearly one to one and a half pao(one pao = 250gm). After waking up at morning mix all of this solution with your hands very nicely and after mixing, stain it and makes little bit of honey in it. every day at night at the time of sleeping keep it after soaking and at morning before eating anything drink it sip by sip and little by little and as the sweet taste do make a little bit of honey. Make it fresh everyday and use at morning. You may try using it for few weeks you will get those results that you cannot even think about. Just do this much prevention that in the summer season drink it cold meaning do not put ice cubes but as it is normal and common and in the winter season if you keep it after soaking so drink it after doing it hot on fire. Do not drink it cold at all. In sha Allah tala I have given the unique secret of health and fitness to you, do try and give prayers.