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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

ROOHANI PHAKKI (Powder) - - Spiritual Healer



Treasure of Cure for Impossible Spiritual Problems and Untreatable Body Diseases.

“Rohani Paki” is a powder of 100s precious natural herbs with the blessing of Ism-e-Azam for tested treatment of more the 70 incurable diseases. Since we started Dawakhan (Clinic) Al-Hamdullilah we try to do treatment of righteous people free cost. Those people are students, religious scholars and others righteous people. We provide them medicine free or very low price. We prepared a formula of more than 500s priceless and precious herbs, it is very hard to collect as so many herbs, setting them and after hard working of a year, we prepared as per formula so many 100s kilogram and with the blessing of Allah we prepared many this formula. Now, you are thinking that why we use 500s herbs because in 1984, we connect with spiritual world as such try to serve creature of Allah. Initially, our spiritual elders educate that Allah like those people who serve human. On this blessing of goodness and sincerity, we pray for a formula that remove spiritual & body weaknesses, diseases replaces with health, restless convert in rest then we find such formula. In such formula we add all Nabvi (SAW) herbs and local herbs of our area. Because when human take step on earth then flourishing trees, swinging plants and smiling flowers welcome him. Allah created vegetation for food and medicine of human kinds. He becomes the part of nature, trees are provide food and, plants, flowers and leaves are gives him for healing. It is better for human kinds to remain the limits of nature and never cross the limit of nature for treatment and to use vegetation for treatment. It means that Allah never creates any disease for which He did not create treatment and Allah take heal in herbs. Today, we developed so that we could not see herbs. Appreciating such blessing of nature, we discover such priceless & precious formula. Millions of people take benefit from this “Rohani Phaki” and now its qualities go foreign countries and from different countries many educated, righteous and religious scholars came here and take medicine. This powder is not only for body benefits but also spiritual benefits too. Those patients who are disappointed and waiting to die because they follow precious advice from doctors of the country and foreign but no one doctor or no medicine heal them from their disease so for these patients “Rohani Phaki” open new way of life and provide relief. It is need of every family, student, teacher, craftsman, doctor, officer, laborer, aged person, children, men, women, rich or poor everyone taking its benefit because this priceless powder given free of cost.


Whenever disease became cause of death: nowadays evil & demonic knowledge and witchcraft wandering here & there, Devil person destroy many families and homes. People also searching madly and lay down on death bed on the name of disease, they feel tired with taking expensive medicines. It is fact that human body excess with natural limit whenever he see only visible benefit Similarly soul also without feeling came under the attack of different diseases by evil powers. It is the universe of causes instead of one uses unlimited resources to success for his health and remain unsuccessful. So that to get health and aim there is need of spiritual power. For all these most bad difficulties, this powder use we get amazing benefits. Effects of magic dissolved because this powder has spiritual power. Ism-e-Azam blow on this “Rohani Phaki” as such it have treatment of every disease except death but there is only one condition of 100% believe.


Comprehensive benefits in short words: A women wrote as “I am working in a bank, I have complaining about leaking white fluid since long, and I get many tests but find no benefit. After some time my eyesight going to be weak, short eyesight less and long eyesight more weak, hair fallen as I think that I may be balled, black lips, feminine beauty remove, feeling backache every time, suffering in fever often and feeling cold due to weakness. Through a periodical I introduce with Hakeem Sahib and he advised me for “Rohani Phaki”. I take this “Rohani Phaki” and I can’t tell how I feel relief, disease converts in health. Now I give “Rohani Phaki” equal to gram to secure from magic, witchcraft etc. (Batol, Lahore)


Amazing performance of “Rohani Phaki” against Black jaundice (Hepatitis): A youngster informs as “I am suffering pain in  whole body since for last 3 to 4 years, I am 23 years old but I am looking aged, I got test last year it reveals that I am suffering in hepatitis “C”. For these diseases, I visited many doctors and hekeems, doctors advised me for pain killers and take advised from many hakeems. Hepatitis did not make me so distress as body pain. I am feeling muscle pull and pain from back to neck, feeling pain whenever touch on ribs and chest. I could not hug normally. I am so weak like Skelton. Nowadays I am reading your book “Kalounji Kay Karishmat” then Allah gave me thinking that I will meet you”. I gave “Rohani Phaki” to this youngster and advised to take regularly. After sometimes I am astonishing to see his health and then I also advised him for “Akseerul Badan”. I am also advised him to offer pray regularly, thanks Allah so that Allah agree with us and He gave more health on “Rohani Phaki”.


Whenever get treatment disease increases: An aged woman about 60 years old came at Ubqari Dawakana (Clinic) and said “I am under treatment for last 25 years but diseases spread with time, I don’t know what is the matter, whether it is witchcraft or something else. I got expensive treatment, my eyesight so weak, muscles remain pulls, stiffness in veins of neck, swelling on feet, increment in belly. As per doctors report I have swelling on liver, heart enlarge, during walk breathlessness, increase uric acid, increase cholesterol, passing protein in urine. Doctors saying that kidney are going to be fail. My wait is 102 Kg. My children are disobedient as such living with my brothers. My husband fed up with me and I fed up with my life. I hear about “Rohani Phaki” as such I came here, please for the God sake, give me treatment because I am taking English pills daily as such I am walking but effect of these pills remove within 24 hours.” I satisfy her, give “Rohani Phaki” and said that sister use it “Rohani Phaki” with English pills as per prescription. After someday she gets relief from all medicines, now she uses only “Rohani Phaki” with belief and confidence.


By using “Rohani Phaki” relief from strange disease: A woman came at Ubqari Dawakhan (Clinic) and said “after so many prays with Allah, HE gave me a son, he is normal but very weak, now he is 1 year old but looking 6 months. I visited doctor and it reveals that a wetness discharge from neck but it took out in very low quantity and from those pipes this wetness discharge that are spread in the whole body so that doctor advised to take medicine for whole life. Me and my family disturbed because I have only one son.” I tell her benefits of “Rohani Phaki” and about its spiritual powers and advised to use it. I also give her blowed water from use of these, child become healthy and remain save from taking whole life medicine. She prays that I and my husband will remain prays for “Rohani Phaki” to spread its benefits all over the world.


Impotant thing: what we get in this world get with realize its value. It is therefore, I requested to everyone, whoever take this “Rohani Phaki” with realizing its value i.e.take it with confidence because we blow on it with Ism-e-Azam. Those who realize its value can take it benefits.


Tired of insomnia: I am 45 years old I have so many works in my office due to which I remain in worries and anxieties as such I can’t sleep properly. By use of “Rohani Phaki” illness of sleeplessness gone and now I take sound sleep with peace of mind. (Alamgeer, Quetta)


Worm in intestine and anemia: my son is 11 years old he had worm in his intestine and he was suffering in deficiency of blood and loss of appetite. I give him “Rohani Phaki” as per prescription write on label then worm in intestine of my son removed and he gets health. (Dilshad Khan, Jhang)


Relief from epilepsy: I was patient of epilepsy. I took treatment from English, Homeopathy and others, treatment give time being benefits only. On advice of anyone, I take “Rohani Phaki” as such now I am healthy. (Muhammad Sarfraz, Bahawalpur)


Dosage: “Rohani Phaki” equal to gram 3 to 5 times in a day. Stomach patients, constipation, indigestion, gas, obesity, hemorrhoid, swallow of intestine, evaporation, pain in abdomen, loss of appetite, excess fat in the body and feeling stomach is fill, for all these diseases use “Rohani Phaki” equal to gram with fennel juice 3 to 5 times in a day. Joints pain, muscle pull, backache, pain in feet, paralysis, trembling, stroke, cold, sciatica, weakness of man sexual power, rib pain, knee pain and for all nervous diseases, use 1 packet of “Rohani Phaki”mixed with honey and take half tea spoon 3 to 5 times with water or warm water.