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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Joher Shifai Powder (Old Name : Joher Shifa Madina)

Joher Shifai Powder (Old Name : Joher Shifa Madina)


Treatment for everything except death


Such a precious treasure of healing, most of these herbs choose from Nabvi (SAW), experiments & tests of many years and make it itself guarantee. Whoever use it one time then he like it. If we define benefits of this medicine then you may not believe it. Main reason of these benefits is the Nabvi (SAW) herbs which is use in this medicine. About these herbs Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) said that it (medicine) has the cure of every disease except death. Then why we did not claim that it is most effective for lot of diseases, where the most expensive medicines become useless where this medicine shows its wonders.


Benefits of Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina :  “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” providing heal in gas, stomach or abdomen pain, distention of belly, indigestion, disorder of lever system, swelling on body, constant bleeding or pus in gums, throat infection, constant burden on mind, high blood pressure, closure heart valve or block heart vessels, increasing heartbeat, short breath and like other diseases. It provides new life to body and freshness in your personality.


Expression of physician and patient: need of every member of a family: Hakeem Ashiq Ali of Karachi wrote that a couple visited at his clinic, both have good attitude, they told that their whole families use “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” and with the grace of Allah we keep heal from every kind of illness. They further told that “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” is need for every family. A lawyer often visited, one day he said “my mother is patient of high blood pressure, heart and sleeplessness. My mother and my family constantly use “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”, my mother suffering from any ailment but she use “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”. From the blessing of it her blood pressure remains absolutely normal and keeps sound sleep. One day I forget to take “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” at home, in the morning at about 8 o’clock, my mother asked me that last night she could not sleep. I enquired about she told me that because I was forget “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”. My mother says that “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” is necessary for every family. It is a precious medicine for every illness.


Relief from throat swelling & pain: awomanfrom Bahawalpur wrote as “a night of cold winter, cold wind entering in throat through nose and mouth like someone entering sharp knife into the body, I take hot blanket and started pray. I feel itching and pain in my throat, pain increases as much as I could not pass a drop of water in my throat. With the name of Allah, I mix two tea spoons of “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” with a cup of rainy water, get hot and take it with sipping. You believe that throat pain and itching as goes as it never exist.”  


Relief from appendices: A man wrote as “I waspatient of appendix and doctor advised me for operation. I feel so pain as I prepared myself for operation meanwhile I visited at the house of my friend, I observed that family of my friend uses “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”, I also take a small dose, you believed me I am feeling that my pain of appendix gone. I call at Lahore and ordered for two packets of “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”. With the blessing of Allah, I heal from appendix and also remain safe from pain of operation.”


Treasure of happiness: Once a patient of old hemorrhoid visited at Idara Ubqari, I advised him for use of “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”, he use it and after some month hemorrhoid, gas of stomach, and drain of gas like ailment removed.  A patient informed that he has problem of prostate of gallbladder and doctor advised him to operate gallbladder because he passing urine frequently. I use this medicine for few months and get relief for life time. Now I sleep after passing urine and then pass urine in morning when I wake up. Due to this medicine, I save my precious money.


Cure of Asthma, cough and mucus: many patients of chest and lung visiting and all of them stated their experience that when they use “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” for mucus, allergy of wind pipe, chronic asthma or cough, breathlessness, weakness, we are surprise when they feel positive and healthy changes in their body.


Cure of particular ailment of youngsters: It is learnt from years of observation and experiments that “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” is the best and most effective for particular ailments of youngsters.


Freshness of face: those untreatable women who had facial hair, face rashes, pimple and acne when they use such formula or medicine with concentration then Nabvi (SAW) herbs did not disappoint them after a sometime their desires become fulfill and face become bright, fresh and clean.


Targeted treatment for specific diseases of women: women in the diseases of leaking of white fluid, internal swelling, feeling pressure or depression, difficulties and disorder of period, when they take “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”, they found relief from all these diseases and feeling satisfy.


Antidote for sleeplessness: those patients who are suffering from blood deficiency, deficiency in Red Blood Cell, low hemoglobin, weak body, terrifying dreams, sleeplessness and unsatisfactory condition, for all of these patients “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” found effective, patients use it and satisfy.


Total elimination of Hepatitis : Thosepatients taking expensive injection of Rs.700 daily and Rs.13,000 weekly, such patients whenever use “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” and then know result about their test. They are surprise and now these patients introducing and make publicity of it to other people because they get new life from that medicine.


An amusing experiment: whenever you suffering from old fever and it not gone then uses “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”, it is amusing.  Patient belongs to any age group but “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” provide relief any way.


An Spiritual incident: a woman have nine children, her husband have no so much earning and every day a child going to ill due to which they become debtors. Children are suffering in vomiting, motion, cough, flu, cold, and others sicknesses. They are advised to use “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” for illness of their children. Dose of small quantity of “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” gave to children many times in a day. That woman said that now she have so much time as she offered pray and perform other religious activities with punctuality.


Kidneys working perfectly: It is incident of some days ago that doctor of a patient informed him that his kidneys leave working and these have to wash. As such patient get washes his kidneys but illness of kidneys increases. He has also problem of stomach for that purpose; he uses “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” due to which problems of stomach removed unbelievably and by he use such medicine constantly, period of kidney wash increases at last kidneys came at his original position.


A will of a pious woman: an aged woman who was belongs to landlord family and used “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” constantly. Someday she did not visit at Idara Ubqari. At last, one day a heir of her brought her will, in this will it is also write that always keep “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” in home because she have seen blessings of Nabvi (SAW) herbs in this medicine. She also advised that she found it to provide relief me & my other relatives and friends who are involved in joint pain, gas, irritation in chest, blister of tongue, increase of cholesterol, disturb sleep, even injury of intestine or stomach, skin and allergy etc so it is very necessary to keep it in home.


Precaution: During the course of “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina”, if you are using the medicine of doctor then please you don’t stop doctor’s medicine but gradually or if you did not take any medicine with it then it will be provided immediate relief, don’t worry. “Jauhar-e-Shifa Madina” is free from salts.