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A Definitive Way out to Stop the Demonic Thefts

 This is English translation of Urdu book written by Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai


There are few of the conditions for these wazaif to become useful:

  1. Do the act along with the belief, the doubt use to waste the act.

  2. Do the act along with the attention, the duas which use to be recited along with the carelessness; they use to become lost in the air.

  3. Do the arrangements of the halal rizq, if the owner will be happy so then the work will be done properly.

  4. Do the arrangements of the obligations. The people who do not use to fulfill the other obligations and offer prayer, the acts of them use to remain ineffective.

  5. Be safe from the prohibited acts, the acts which are labeled as forbidden by the shariah, to do the commitment of them use to give harm to the spirituality, on that time the act does not use to be useful

  6. Do the arrangements of the correction of the words, by reciting the words in the wrong way, the meanings use to get changed.

  7. Do the arrangements of the cleanliness remain clean and pure you also, do keep the dress and the place even pure and clean.

  8. Do the act along with the humbleness and request.


The reality and base of the faith is this that the faith should be done on every single that thing which is has been proved by the book of the almighty Allah and the sunnah of the messenger of the almighty Allah (peace be upon him) whether the intelligence of the human being may or may not accept those things, it may demand for hundred kinds of explanations in it, it may do the effort to understand it in the language which is going on in current era, the human being should think only this much that I have belief on that every single thing, which is the holy Quran of the almighty Allah and the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him) because without the beatitudes of the revelation, the intelligence of the human being is not able to do the complete guidance of it. But this is also one decided reality that the teachings of the Islam are hundred percent according to the nature and intelligence of the human being. There are many of the books of our elder people on this, for example the Hujjat ul Baligha of Shah Wali Dehlvi (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him), Asrar Al Shariah of Misri FAZIL and the third book is Risala Hameeda and the real topic of the research of raqim is only Islam and the modern science. The following booklet is based upon the incidence of observations based upon the presence of the ghosts and it is a surprising evidence of it.


The birth of the ghosts


 The almighty Allah has created the ghosts with the fire:

 وَالجَانَّ خَلَقتاہُ مِن قَبلُ مِنَ نَّارِ السَّمُومِ(Al Hijr)

And we have created the ghosts before the human beings with the fire of smoke.

وَ خَلَقَ الجَانَّ مِن مَّارِجِ مِّن نَّار(Ar Rahman)

And he (almighty Allah) has created the ghosts with the flame of the fires.

The merciful Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that the angels have been created with the spiritual light anf the ghosts has come into being with the flames of the fire which use to go high and the human being with it which has been told for you meaning from the mud. (Muslim, Masnad e Ahmed)


The kinds of the ghosts


The merciful Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that there are three kinds of ghosts.

  1. The ghosts which use to have the wings, who use to fly in the air.

  2. Those ghosts which use to take the form of the snakes and dogs.

  3. Those ghosts which use to settle on one place (just like human beings) and sometimes they use to do the shifting. (Tibrani, Mustaqrid, Behiqi, Ibn e Hibaan)


The different forms of the ghosts


Sheikh ul Islam Ibn e Temiya (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) used to say this that the ghosts use to take the form of different things. Sometimes they us to become obvious in the form of human beings and sometimes in the form of wild animals an sometimes in the form of snakes and centipedes etc and sometimes they use to take the form of camel, cow, goat, horse, donkey and mule and sometimes they use to adopt the forms of birds and human beings. (Majmo Al Fatawa)


The ghosts and the devil


Muhammad Bin Kaab (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) use to say this that the ghosts and the devil both of them are one same thing. The honest ones are linked with the name of the ghosts and the non believer ghosts are linked with the name of the devils.


The places of living of the ghosts


The settlement of the ghosts is on these places most of the time.

  1. The devastated places, forest, valleys and vales etc are the places of living of them. Just like according to the narration of Abdullah Bin Masood (May the almighty Allah be happy with him), the Prophet (peace be upon him) got to meet with the ghosts in a devastated place and the Prophet (peace be upon him) had presented them the preaching of Islam (Sahi Muslim)

  2. On the places of dirt and rubbish and on the places where the trash use to be thrown or on those places where they use to get the bones, cow dunk and coals etc available.

  3. In the washrooms and bathrooms just like the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that the ghosts use to be present in the washrooms. (Masnad e Ahmed)

  4. In the gaps of the floor, in a holes, in caves and in tunnels etc just like when some man asked from Hazrat Qatada (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) that what is the reason of not passing out the urine in the holes? So he (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) said that this is famous that these are the places of living of the ghosts.

  5. The ghosts use to live in the houses also along with the people. Such ghosts are said as aamir. The proof of it also use to happen with the incident of one ansaari companion (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) which is also present in Muslim Shareef.

  6. The ghosts use to live in the group. Just like Ibn e Temiya (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) has said that the ghosts use to be found in the graveyards most of the time. (Majmu Al Fatawah)

  7. The ghosts also use to live in the market places. Just like it is present in the narration of Hazrat Salman (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) that the market places are the places of competition for the devils and it use to keep on sitting over there while moving the flag. (Muslim)

  8. The ghosts use to be present with the music and dancing also just like one slave of Hazrat Zubair (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) took one daughter of Hazrat Zubair (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) in the service of Hazrat Umar Farooq (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) in the feet of which the musical anklets were being tied. Hazrat Umar Farooq e Azam (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) got those musical anklets made took off from the feet of the girl and threw them and said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that there use to be one devil along with every single musical anklet. (Abu Daud)

  9. Inside the nostrils of the nose of every single human being. Just like it has been narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that when some man may wake up after sleeping so while doing the ablution he should wash the nose three times because on the nostrils of the nose, the devil use to spend the whole night. (Bukhari Sharif)

  10. It has been narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that the devil use to be present on the hump of every single camel. Therefore do sit on them and humiliate the devils. (Mustadrik Hakim). The places of the camels are also the places of the ghosts just like it is the narration of Masnad e Ahmed.

  11. At the time of doing the ablution, one specific devil use to be along with the person. Just like it is present in the narration of Abi Bin Kaab (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) that the merciful Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that one devil has been appointed on the ablution. The name of him is Dulhaan. Therefore be safe with the thoughts of the water (during the ablution).

  12. One devil has been appointed along with every single human being.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that along with every single human being, one angel and one devil use o remain. The respectable companions (May the almighty Allah be happy with all of them) asked that Oh Prophet (peace be upon him) do the ghosts also use to live along with you? He (peace be upon him) said that yes but he is makhior. He does not use to insist me about the evil thing, but he use to advice me always for the good things. (Muslim shareef)


A weddings of the ghosts and the birth of their children


Just like the weddings of the human beings use to happen, just in that same the weddings of the ghosts also use to happen because in them also there use to me man and woman both. Just like it is present in the narration of Hazrat Anas (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) that whenever the merciful Prophet (peace be upon him) use to enter in the washroom so he use to recite this dua that O the almighty Allah! I seek the refuge of yours from the devil male and female devil. (Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn e Maja)

Hazrat Irtuaat Bin Manzar (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) use to say this that Zamrah Bin Habeeb (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) has said that the ghosts will also enter in the heaven and they will also marry over there along with the female ghosts. (Tafseer Ibn e Kaseer)

The birth rate of the ghosts is very much as compare to the human beings. The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that the almighty Allah has distributed the human beings and the ghosts in ten parts. From which the 9 parts are of the ghosts and although 1 part is only for the human being. One child of the human beings use to get born so the nine childs of the ghosts use to get born. (Mustaqrik Hakim)


The 5 tasks of the 5 sons of the devil


Hazrat Mujahid (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) used to say this that the 5 sons of the devil are appointed on 5 big and great tasks. The names of those boys are these:

  1. Sabr

  2. Aur

  3. Mabsoot

  4. Wasim

  5. Zalanboor

Sabr: Is appointed on this service that he may give the advice to people for the tasks of stupidity, he use to give the advice to the people who use to be involve in the problem to tear the color of their shirt, to hit the slaps on their faces, and to do the crying.

Aur: Is appointed on the adultery. He use to make the people involve in the adultery by giving them advice of the adultery.

Wasim: Is appointed on this task that he may make the fights happen in the families and make then enemy of one another.

Mabsoot: He use to insist people for speaking the lie.

Zalanboor: Is appointed on the market place. He use to involve the people in doing the degrees in the measurement and weighing and in another bad deeds. Apart from this one devil is appointed on the prayer. The name of which is Khanzab.


The ghosts use to expect of the pious people


In the era of Hazrat Imam Ahmed Bin Hambal (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him), at the house of mutawakkal king, a lady got the disease of epilepsy so the servant of the king came into the service of Imam Sir (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) and did the request for the dua. So the Imam Sir (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) gave the shoe of wood of him and said this that do say this after sitting beside to that lady that Ahmed Bin Hambal (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) use to say this to you that will you do away by your own self or this that these 70 shoes may be hit on the head of yours. That rebellion ghost when listened this message of Imam Ahmed Bin Hambal (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) so he said that if Imam Sir (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) may give the command to us so we shall go out of the Iraq even because he is an obedient man of the almighty Allah and whoever use to be obedient to the almighty Allah so every single thing use to be obedient to the command of him. (Aakaam Al Marjaan Fee Ahkaam Al Jaan)


Impossible to believe but a true thing


The man (Hazrat Hakeem Sir) is connected with one such weird series from many years that no body use to understand it and neither anyone use to know the solution of it. that is the stealing of the ghosts. If this shall be said to some man that the ghosts also use to do the stealing so a common man will start doing the doubt on the mind and intelligence of us or else any single man will not believe on what we use to say.

The wife of one police officer started saying this that only now these bangles of the hands are remaining, all the rest of the things are taken by the ghosts after stealing them. after doing the robbery, the ghosts use to produce the environment of fight in the house and they use to put the doubt on anyone person. The whole of the house use to keep on fighting among themselves. The condition of surprise is this that in any drawer, cupboard or locker the money, the gold, use to be kept in the form of jewelry, they will not take all of these things with them but in fact they will go after taking few of the things of their own wish. At the house of my one known man, it is an incident which I have seen by my own eyes that they use to cut the back side of the shirt with the blade. Then they use to keep that blade in the pocket of any member of the family and use to create the fight. What are the reasons of this stealing? Do the ignorance with religion, deficiency of acts at Holy Quran in the houses, income of prohibited rizq or all of the walls of protection have been finished. Then the zakaat of the property does not use to be given and the property used to become destroy. At last what are the reasons? Oh readers! Do think! All of these reasons which have been mentioned above do think about them. I have written all of those reasons after doing very much ponder and while choosing very much carefully.


Do remember! If you will not look upon the reasons so the problem will not even got solved. Now I am writing few incidents from the thousands, do read them carefully. Do think!


The true incidence of the stealing of the ghosts by the people themselves:


The ghosts stole whole of the house


One man said that one of my bunk bed, two of the sewing machines, one of the cycle, earrings of gold, countless utensils, two pressure cookers, 5 dishes, 6 mobile phones, 2 pedistal fans, one very much big stair of steal which was more heavy than two hundred kilo grams and was used from one floor to the other floor, ring of gold, tops of gold, room cooler, tray of the new fridge and apart from this many more countless things, time piece, dvd player, they took all of these things. This series is going on from three years.

The crying and sad family on the stealing:

One middle class family came to me while crying and sobbing. The stealing which was told by them that is mentioned as following:

Three sets of mobile phone, earrings of gold, 20 thousand rupees cash, they took them while stealing in such a way that not even single member of the family knows about it that who has stolen it although there was only one key of it and that was also with the mother.


The robbery of 16 tola of gold


One man became retired. It was the desire of him that I shall buy the gold and keep it with me otherwise all of the money will get wasted. He bought sixteen tolas of gold and kept it with him. from 7 months he did not look at it at all. Now few days before than today when he saw so he became very much surprised that the gold was not present. Although he kept the gold in the safe cup board and the key was only with him.


Lack of beatitude in the house, fights and quarrels


One man told this that he used to keep the money in the store of cloths. The money started getting stole. Then the cloths which were kept over there, the urine in very much bad smell used to be found like the oil that after even washing the cloth, the effect of it does not even go away and the cloths started becoming torn. Then the cloths started becoming disappeared. Where he does use to keep the thing and it used to be found from somewhere else. Every single thing used to become out of order. That man used to tell this that most of the times it used to happen like this that something used to make me fall down after pushing me from back. In the house, I use to get injured very much. The voices of opening and closing of the cup boards in the kitchen use to come very much. The doors used to get open and close by them own selves. There is lack of beatitude fights and quarrels in the house even on the small and little matters. The children use to get any of the pain in each coming day and the children use to fight very much.


The ghosts also picked up the jewelry of the wife of my brother


One lady said that the ghost have also taken all of the jewelry of the wife of my brother. They have left half of the jewelry of my mother and taken half of it after picking it up. We kept some of the earrings, cloths and come jewelry for the wedding of our elder sister, there are no cloths remaining from them. They have left the jewelry among them. in the drawer the father had kept three million rupees, they have taken them after stealing them. time to time, to take little amount of money after stealing is a common thing now.


Every single time, 500 or 1000 rupees were less


One pious man has told that I use to keep the money in my pocket after counting them but every single time 500 or 1000 rupees use to be left. First I had the doubt on the other people but after strict safety even, this money became less. So I felt this that this is the act of the ghosts. (Abdul Mannan)


Worried on the robbery of ghosts


My most benevolent Hakeem Sulaimani Sir is very pious person. He started saying that my money has started steeling and gets out of pocket. I said it to the sufi Muhammad Abdullah Sir, Kanjan of uncle, he said that do recite Surah-e-Falaq with tasmiyah while walking at morning 200 times and surah-e-Naas while walking at evening, next time the robbery won’t happen. (Hakeem Sulaimani Sir)


The witch, my enemy


One man started saying: Conditions have become worse from 15 days. The ghosts have finished the business because the loss is very much. I have one daughter of one year old. The witch sort of something bites her with its teeth on body. Sometimes it bites on legs, sometimes on face. The girl cries a lot. Her mother listen the voices and sometimes see dangerous kinds of faces. The money gets lost from pocket. We are debtor of millions. We are worried of eating roti. (Ghulam Muhammad Sir)


Letter number 1, robbery of ghosts, doubt on family members


Hakeem Sir, robbery is done in all holes 3 4 times but didn’t get to know this that the robbery is done by family member or someone from outside. How the robbery is done? I want to tell you that. This thing started from May or June 2008. The lock was put. Approximately 11-12 thousand got lost. Again in 2009, 15 thousand got lost which were kept inside the file in cupboard. The lock was also done. In the same file, the note of 5 thousand was kept folded and was present but the remaining money was lost. Then in March 2009 end, I kept 50 thousand rupees in locker of cupboard as guardian of some one. Along with it were the 4 gold bangles. In the down portion of locker, here was jewelry as well but the stealer has stolen 22 thousand from 50 thousand and 4 gold bangles. Remaining money was left. My husband has doubt on his sister’s son. He says by swearing that I have not done stealing. From when the sister of my husband has died, his sister’s son lives in this house. His age is 24 years. He is lecintious also but he says that I haven’t done stealing. From when the gold bangles have got stolen, increase is done in worry. From when I have read Ubqari. I wanted to ask you that what is this problem and who is doing this. Is he any member of house or someone from outside and tell one such act that there may be any condition of getting money and bangles back. I will be really thankful to you. (Binte Muhammad Nadeem)


Letter no 2: Face loss in every work


We have 1 house in a village. We want that someone shall buy it from us but it doesn’t get sold. If someone talks about buying it by mistake, he doesn’t agree taking it in appropriate money also. There is a small masjid with our house. We want that someone may take that house for masjid but give us appropriate money because we are big daughters of our father and he wants to sell it for our marriages. We have 3 elder brothers. They do whatever work; we get difficulty due to them.

Whatever they do, face loss. Whether financial loss happens or some accident occurs. Children are very stubborn; argue a lot, brother’s fight with each other, the peace of house is gone. There is the problem of marriage of 2 younger sisters that they are not married to some good family. There is so much problem of money at home at the money kept in locks of chest also gets lost. Father whenever keep his clothes at home at night, money gets lost from them for sure. If someone is present at home so they start blaming each other that he woke up from sleep before, ask him. He also refuses so again fight starts. Whether how much they fight, cry, blame each other but the money which are lost is never found, the worry increases more than limit. The mother has become worse till here that if there is no one at home and only there is the one who kept the money, and then also they get lost. The money gets lost in hands. Kindly we don’t do it by trusting upon each other. The relatives think us as unworthy and if they come to our house then also to do favor and the loan on our heads are approximately of 5 millions. Father remains very upset. Whoever meets, tell black magic or say that these are ghosts which are ruling over through magic. Our lives have become completely disgusting. (D.M.J)


Letter number 3, 20 tola of gold lost


Our one known family lives in Lahore. She told me few days before that there is very much disturbance at her home. On asking, got to know that the annual exams of her children were about to happen but children keep on fighting all the time apart from studying. Whenever the lady would sit to make the children study, on something the fight used to start. The things were getting misplaced in house. Shampoo from washroom, the oil or soup would get lost or would be empty. The elder daughter of that lady who is 10, 11 years old, she told that she sees a green and red thing. Its feet and hands are big but the height is very short that woman first had doubt over her children that they misplace the things of house but now they faced much difficulty. The lady talked to some spiritual aamil, who told after studying that these are the children of ghosts which have come to your home from park along with your children. As the trails were increased to make them go out of the house, there naughtiness got increased. These children of ghosts picked up one cell phone from house. After this, slowly they made 20 tola of gold lost. On saying of that aamil, the lady of house recited 7 times ayat-ul-kurci and start collection the things but got to know that those ghosts were Muslims. They would recite ayat-ul-kurci 70 times and pick up the things. Well, the worry remained at home which moved away by giving adhan at 5 times. This creature went from this house and returned the gold while going, but didn’t return the phone. (Hidden)


Letter number 4, fragrance also in house and robbery also


we bought a house on rent on 15th February 2009. At that time, I used to feel the smell of agarbatti a lot in the store. After washing it nicely also, its smell used to come but we didn’t take any notice. From previous 3 months, money started getting lost but we thought that it is being spent somewhere.

Before 1 month approximately 80 thousand rupees were kept on a place. In them were some 5 thousand and some 500 rupees notes. From them only the 5000 one notes, which made approximately 60 thousand, got lost and after much investigation also this was not known that where they were spent. Now on Friday, we took out 5 thousand rupees from drawer to go on shopping and remaining 15 thousand were inside it. On Saturday, there was need due to some matter, we saw that in place of 15 thousand only 6 thousand are there. On Sunday today, the child closed the light of store and door also. After 1 minute he saw again so the light was on, door was also open and the fragrance is coming. Apart from this, more things got lost even by being in mind. In which there is no space of doubt. (Iftekhar Ahmed, Lahore)


Letter number 5, the ring lost from my purse


Few days before, a gold ring from my purse got lost on which the diamonds were decorated and one my husband’s brother’s phone has lost. We live in Saudi Arab and I came at my mother’s place for few days. From then I am in difficulty. Much lost is happening. Tell such act that I may get my things back, specially my gold ring, which I liked a lot. (One woman)


Last important thing


Readers! This is the choice of only few incidents from the thousands of letters and people who have come to me. This pain can only be known by the one, who has faced these incidents. Decide after investigating and searching about everything. Useless doubt and false thoughts is not the teaching if Islam and neither it is seen with nice eyes. May the almighty Allah grant us that everything which is of his will and make us safe from that everything which would become a reason of his resentment and may he remove every coming destruction over us and make us safe from that every act which becomes a reason of happiness of Satan or a source of him ruling us. (Aameen)



Four acts of my murshid for forever peace


My murshid Hazrat Khuwaja Syed Muhamad Abdullah (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) was an intelligent earning man. Such personalities are rarely seen in the history of humanity. He (May the almighty Allah do mercy on him) was the collection of present and qaal both qualities. The condition of mastery in knowledge was this that once he started telling the explanation of surah e Fatiha in front of me. Whole night became less for the explanation of word “Al Hamd” and the condition of qaal was this that a night after Isha, he would start meditation and would finish at fajr time and used to say that the night passed in meeting my beloved and I didn’t get to know that, with him more ghosts were bait than humans. He used to say that there are many tribes who love me. To him, the ghosts themselves would tell the stories of their naughtiness and it is the life time observation and experience of my Hazrat that is which house there will be there 4 acts, there peace and safety can’t come. Whoever would come to him with his problem or tell his sorrow or would tell the incidents of ghosts irritating and make life disgusting so he used to ask him these questions. Once upon a time, a man brought the grief of his house that many stones use to come at home. They hit most of the things of house and many things have got broken. Many things of house are being stolen. Hazrat did these four questions from him also.

  1. Is there any picture of any living being at home?

  2. Is there any dog at home?

  3. Is there anyone at home who doesn’t pray?

  4. Is there any woman at home who doesn’t cover the head? Meaning any woman who is not with uncovered head even in the presence of husband. The matter of remains mostly he used to ask about these 4 things and said that in the house in which all these 4 things will be present, that house would be safe from ghosts and magic, difficulty and problems.


The way of act to stop the robbery of ghosts


  1. Recite surah e Falaq with tasmiyah 200 times at morning, surah e Naas with tasmiyah 200 times at evening. You can also read while walking and roaming. If every member of house recites so it will be more beneficial.

  2. Whole day every member of house shall recite the following dua with ablution or without ablution pure or impure, so much that recite in numbers of thousands. Do this act for 40 days or 90 days.

  3. Give zakat of wealth by doing complete calculations. Mostly women don’t give the zakat of wealth and jewelry.

  4. Haram rizq, doubtful and someone else right when comes to home, the mercy stops. The angles of protection go away and the paths of destruction, resentment and naughty devils open.

  5. The house in which there is picture, whether it’s in the form of cable dish, TV or other pictures, there will be loss and loss over there. Therefore, put an eye over your house, around you, in your surrounding and situations, infect many ghosts told me themselves that when there is the body of woman nude, meaning short dress, open hairs and bells of music of cell phones there is music at home so we live in that house and destructs the whole system of house. One evil ghost said with a laugh that we create mess in that house, then we make the house members helpless in difficulties, problems and loss.

Readers! Now the decision is in your hand.



Special note: if you want any powerful treatment so a gift is present for you that all the house members shall recite one tasbeeh of adhan of prayer after every prayer and if you will do it more so the robbery will be returned and won’t happen again. (In sha Allah)


‏﷽ is said as tasmiyah.





Surah e Falaq

In the name of the almighty Allah who is the most beneficial and the most merciful


Surah e Naas

In the name of the almighty Allah who is the most beneficial and the most merciful

The zikr of tricks and robbery of ghosts in ahadis e paak:

One gentleman said that among many tricks of Satan, one trick is this that Satan is a complete robber. The eatables of people on which the name of the almighty Allah is not taken, he steals and eats them. He sleeps at home without permission and sees the hidden poets of people.

Allama Ibn-e-Kaseer Rehmatullah Alaih that before the birth of the Prophet (peace be upon him), ghosts used to go to the sky and would listen to the sky news from angles by hiding and would come back to earth and tell their and magicians. After the birth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) Shahab-e-Saqib, meaning the balls of fire was started hitting to them and strict limitations were put on them for stealing the sky news. (Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer)

The Summary of hadis e paak:

  1. Hazrat Jabir (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) says that the Prophet (peace be upon him)said that Satan is induced with you in your every task, he is presented in food also, if the bite falls while eating so it shall be picked up and eaten. It shall not be left for the Satan and the fingers should ne licked after eating food. Don’t know in which part of food there is beatitude. (Muslim)

  2. One man was eating food in front of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and he forgot to recite ‘bismillah’ in start. He said بِسمِ اللہِ اَوَّلَہٗ وَالاٰخِرَہٗ while eating the last bite so the Prophet (peace be upon him) laughed and said that Satan was also eating with him. When he recited ‘Bismillah’ so the Satan vomited. (Abu Daood, Sanan Nisai)

  3. The one who ate with left hand, the Satan ate with him and the one who drank with left hand, the Satan drank with him. (Masnad Ahmed)

  4. It is narrated by Hazrat Jabir (May the almighty allah be happy with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that whoever enters the house by taking the almighty Allah’s name and recites ‘Bismillah’ at the time of eating food, so the Satan says that nor I have the permission to stay in this house and neither I have any part in food. And the one who enters without taking the almighty Allah’s name, the Satan says that I got the place to spend night and the one who don’t recite ‘Bismillah’ while eating food, the Satan says that I will stay here for night and will eat here.

  5. It is narrated by Hazrat Anas (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that whoever will recite (this dua) while going out of house:

That person will be safe from the evil of Satan. Protection of him will be done and he will be guided. (Sanun Abu Daood)

  1. Hazrat Jabir (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the Iblees sits on the bed of water and spreads his army all four sides. The time at which the soldiers of Satan tell him their wonders so he becomes happy with their work and when someone says that I got separation done between husband and wife so the Satan makes him most near to himself. (Muslim)

  2. The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said that whenever someone from you intends to go to his wife, he should recite this: If the almighty Allah would will to produce a child so the Satan won’t harm him forever. (Bukhari and Muslim)

  3. Once the Prophet (peace be upon him) kept some dates with Hazrat Abu Huraira (May the almighty Allah be happy with him). He (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) saw that one man came at night and started stealing the dates. He (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) caught him. He asked forgiveness and gave many relations. He forgave him. That man on 2nd night came again for stealing. He (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) caught him again. He asked forgiveness again, he (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) forgave. On the third night when he came for stealing so he (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) said that today I will surely present you in front of Prophet (peace be upon him). He said: You leave me. I will make you learn very beneficial wordings. To which you recite once so you will be safe from Satan. Hazrat Hurairah (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) said that what are those? He said that it is ayat-al-kurci. The companion (May the almighty Allah be happy with him) told this whole incident to the Prophet (peace be upon him) so the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that he was a liar but he went by saying truth. (Bukhari) (Talkhees Hadis)

  4. The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to recite (this dua) while entering in washroom. (Bukhari and Muslim)

The one who recites this dua is protected from Satan.


When the difficulties and problems shall make you depressed, at that time you shall read the monthly Ubqari

The for sure solution of the problems of the family and the bright life, do read all of these things in the monthly Ubqari

The permanent address (for the letters and applications, telephone and for meeting)

The timings of meeting: From Zohr till maghrib, Tasbeeh House just opposite to the office of the monthly ubqari (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

On every Thursday there use to be the sermon from maghrib till Isha, Tasbeeh house just opposite to the office of the monthly Ubqari.

Note: Before coming for the meeting, do take the token on the phone call.

Address: monthly Ubqari, 78/3 Qurtuba Chauk Mazang round about, United Bakery, Street Jail road Lahore

0322-4688313, 042- 37552384

Note: (For the matters which need the answer, do send the envelop of answer on the address which has been written)

For the discussion of physical body or spirituality and for doing the telephone call don not interrupt apart from the timings which has been fixed.

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Every single person has the complete permission for doing this wazifa

The reality of the ghosts and the naughty acts of them, with the reference of the ahadis e paak and the surprising and the true incidents

  1. The true stories of the stealing of the ghosts.

  2. The thief ghost of the era of the companions (May the almighty Allah be happy with all of them)

  3. The true and the recommended acts for getting the protection from the ghosts

  4. The act of the ghosts in the problems of ours

Do read me for sure!

The spiritual wazaif use to give the benefit at that time when they shall be recited with these conditions. If the conditions shall not be completed so just by reciting the wazaif nothing use to happen. The people use to not do the care about those conditions at the time of reciting the wazaif and duas and then they use to sit after becoming doubtful and thinking bad that the dua of ours does not use to get accepted. At that time the devil uses to make them involved in the bad and false acts. Do get to see the conditions inside the book.