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Unique Secrets of Getting Safe From Dirt of Internet

Sheikh-ul-wazaif Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai(Damat Barka Tehm-ul-Aaliya)
(Phd, America)

List of topics
Era of pugnacities ……….……..8
Reality of pugnacity…………….8
Un-beatitude life…………………9
Change of season………………..9
Common pugnacities……………9
Voice of Kalma……………..10
Pugnacities in desert people……………10
Effective duas in desert…………11
Pugnacities in air and winds….11
Sensitive levels………12
Last era……………12
Era of beatitude…………13
First stair of sainthood………..13
Death of feelings……….14
Blessing of feeling………….14
Hatred from a faithful person………….15
What is called purification?..................15
Addiction of internet world…………..16
Search of pure life………..17
Guidance from unseen hand……………17
Wonder of cleanliness of washroom………..18
Service of washroom………..18
Reach to government……..19
Our constrain………………19
Enemies of fitness……………20
The biggest problem…….21
Care in washing fruits………21
Weak faith……..22
Unsuccessful marriages……..22
Capsule of fitness…………23
Enemy of beatitude……………23
Extremeness of poverty………….24
Unlucky parents…………24
Ominesness of net………….25
Unexpected Rizq…………….25
Rule of darkness…………26
Old callets…………….26
Life of helplessness……….27
Habit of addiction……..27
Crying daughters, sobbing mothers………….28
Story of every house……………..29
Weak faith…………………29
Signs of Qayamah…………..30
Feelings for non-Muslims……………….31
Broken house, crying lives……………31
Reason of divorce………..31
Universal problem…………..32
Objections of people……………..32
Riddance from misguidance…………….33
Unique change…………….33
Impossible treatment………33
Beatitude of person of madina ﷺ………………34
Dua of washroom………….34
Summary of life…………….35
Act of protection………………35
Embarrassment and illusion……….35
Protection of small children……………..36
Treatment of addiction of net……………….36
Talks of Uncle Ali…………36
Choice of three things…………..37
Choice of buffalos……………….37
Choice of friends…………………38
Mercy of Allah SWT…………..38
Life of acts……….39
Good and on goodness…………..39
System of washroom………………40
Connection from mazang………….40
Start of tasbeeh house…………….40
Eyes of heart………..41
Funeral of heaven person……………41
Complete trust on murshid……………..42
True service…………42
Act of forgiveness………..43
Love of madina person ﷺ………….44
Condition of shock……………44
Heer ranjha…………………..44
Wonder of nature………………...45
Spider of one foot……………..45
Innocence of deer………….45
Addiction of shahadah………..46
Destruction of generations………….46
The scene of karahiyat…………..46
Get the desires of heart………….47
Secret of getting closeness of Allah SWT…………48
Light of heart………..48
Appreciative merciful lord…………49
Start of correction of relation with Allah SWT………49
Decisions on intentions………………50
Sophistication in attitude……….50
Abusing in anger……………..50
Cleanliness of self……….51
Love from sinful person……….51
Dua from merciful………….52
Great people of universe………….53
Trust on mercy of merciful………..53
Zubaida stream……………….54
Direction of rivers………….54
Prayer of pieces…………….54
End on goodness…………5
Last moments of life…………56
Forever happy…………………56
Brief life……………………57
Dirtiness of net and spiritual treatment (second)……….58
In sha Allah we have to go in heaven……….59
Search of blessings of heaven………….60
Sons of Saam or Haam…………….60
Long effect of habits of past……….60
Out of sense and knowledge……….…61
Space craft……………..61
Net of mental hospital……………62
One problem………………..62
Strange person…………63
Not mad……………64
Wonder of nature………..64
Journey of meraaj………..64
Wonder of new world………….65
Two utensils………..66
Suspicious system………66
Articles of atom………..66
Didn’t get fall in love……….67
Search of secrets of universe……….67
Search of needle………..67
World of enjoyment………..68
Painful vein………..68
Embarrassment and illusion………..69
Evil eye of that ghost……………69
Servicing ghosts………………70
Lovers of open hairs……………70
Presence of ghost…………….70
Working of ghosts……………..70
Impossible return……………..71
Strange addiction…………72
World of enjoyment……………72
Renew of kalma………….72
Worthy of heaven………………73
Enjoyment of heaven in world………………73
Things of forgiveness…………………73
Secrets of universe……………74
Stopping of times………………74
Level of Hazrat Bilal RA………..74
Effect of attention of murshid……………75
Eyes of face and heart…………………….75
Pious life, travelers life……………..76
Destiny of momin…………..76
Get safe from smell of net………….77
Interest of becoming boy……….77
Tuition on gunpoint……………..77
Strange case………………..78
Base of fights………………79
Office of spirituality and peace…………..79
When parents fight in front of children……………….80
Reason of uneasiness……………………80
Destruction of life……………80
Reality of death…………….81
Search of euro and denar…………………82
Solution of coming out of net……………..82
Short package……………82
Dependency of act on intention……………83
Way of spiritual bath…………84
Washing of sins………….84
Eyes of heart……………85
Clean body…………85
Solution of skin allergy……………..86
Storm of sneezing………………86
Covering in front of eyes……………….87
Reality of abuse…………………….87
Protection of angels………………….88
Zeal of sins………………..88
Attitude of Arab………..89
House fights finish…………89
Complain of people…………..89
Taking care of husband………………90
Third marriage…………90
Getting fire from fire………………..91
Network of Satan……………91
Helplessness of old lady…………..91
Taking bath in rain water……………92
Finishing of modesty……………….92
Act of healing………………..92
Jhoota of innocent child………………93
Healing in every drop……………93
Beatitude and protection……………….94
Water of kund………….94
Intention of bath…………..95
Imagination of getting safe from sins…………….95
Bath of janabat…………………….96
Protection from idol ship……………….96
One secret…………………..96
Common thing…………..97
Small deeds……………..97
Benefit from imagination…………………97
Wonders of act……………….98
Small attitude………………….98
Wonder of orange………………..99
Recitation of durood pak……………99
Act of whole day………………..99
Benefits of Ya hafeez Ya salam…………100
Protection from accident…………….100
Intention of generations…………..101
Sigh of angels…………………….101
System of protection………….101
Imagination of last Ummati………………102
Turner of hearts……………………102
Duas of Prophets………….103
Era of pugnacities……………….103
First child………………….104
Overcoming of sleep………………104
Angry man…………………….104
Innocent child fell down……………….105
Disaster for mother………….105
Unique scene………………..105
Family of ghosts………………….106
Strange incident……………106
System of protection………………..107
Wonder of merciful……………….107
Funeral of Mata raam………………108
Protection from system of torment……………..108
Protection of system of easiness……………..108
Ask goodness………….109
Intention of generations…………..109
Need of washroom……………..109
Acceptance of weakness…………………109
Secret thing………………110
Ques of angels………………110
Present era away from goodness of previous people………………..111
No piece of thorn was left………………..111
Status of merciful…………….112


Condition of heart:
Where internet has solved many such problems from different ways and reduced the distance there unlucky with the increase of sources different character, faith, social, family, thinking and sequence related very dangerous problems are also taking birth. On the name of independence, risqué and porn are getting popular day by day along with it family life is also becoming difficult. We should remember this reality always that a defeated war can again be change into win but the defeat of culture and tradition is damaging and destructing whole nation. These days much use of internet is welcome towards porn and character damage, on damaging religious feelings and on spreading false information. The usage of social networking is becoming popular. The usage of face book becomes like addiction o drug for girls and boys and in it new friendships are done with opposite gender and then matters reach to love, marriage and unsuitable acts. With the false usage of face book and internet along with the personality values a black mark is also getting upon the mental and physical skills of girls and boys.
The problem of internet is universal. This is not a problem of area. This is the system of world. A white man is also worried on it and a black man is also worried on it. On it east and west both are worried. Generations of generations and houses have been damaged, sobbing wives and innocent crime husbands and mothers are worried.
Come! Support me on taking out this dirt of internet from our homes.
Desired of sincerity and act!
Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Afa-Allah Anhu.

Unique secrets of getting safe from dirt of internet:
Part: 1
Date of speech: 19th February 2015
Place of speech: Tasbeeh House Khanqa aalaiah.


Unique secrets of getting safe from dirt of internet:

اللھم لک الحمد کما انت اھلہ و صل علی محمد کما انت اھلہ و افعل بنا ما انت اھلہ فانک انت اھل التقوی و اھل المغفرۃ
اللھم صل علی محمد عبدک و رسولک و صل علی المؤمنین و المؤمنات و المسلمین و المسلمات
اللھم صل علی محمد کما تحب و ترضی لہ
اللھم صل علی محمد کما تحب و ترضی لہ
اللھم صل علی محمد کما تحب و ترضی لہ

Era of pugnacities:
Whether it’s our luckiness or unluckiness that we have come in such era about which Prophet ﷺ said about complete pugnacities. Pugnacities will come out like spiders and locusts. I will tell you that what is pugnacity? Child born today whose delivery is just being happen and he has taken first breath in world. He also and the one departing from world today who has taken last breath he also and all other are coming out and going in the life of pugnacities and such pugnacities which come in life in such a way that a person doesn’t get to know that is it a pugnacity or not?
Reality of pugnacity:
What is pugnacity? False or wrong full or two number or deception and fraud when comes in front in such form that a person deals it truth and fact hundred percent. The name of it is pugnacity. Coming in front in such form, in such way in such reference and like such reality that person says that there is no reality greater than this in world and person says there is no truth greater than it in universe. When it comes in front in such way, that a person accept it and lose faith and life. It is said as pugnacity.
Un-beatitude life:
We came in life of pugnacities and in world of pugnacities. Our days and nights which are being spent, the coming time will finish more beatitude. In coming moments our time will shrink more. Weeks will become small, marla will becomes small, meter has become smaller than gaz, kilometers has become smaller than miles. Slowly and moment by moment our life is going towards un-beatitude, beatitude has lost.
Change of season:
When oxygen is less than the cylinders of artificial oxygen have to be kept along for giving complete oxygen to patient then artificial oxygen is given when beatitude finishes commonly. In the era of Prophet ﷺ era of companions, era of ehl-e-bait, scholars, pious people, there was beatitude commonly. The follower was getting beatitude. The rejecter of madina person was also getting beatitude. Today season has changed, winds have started blowing, and commonly winters have come before this weather was hot commonly there was summer.

Common pugnacities:
When the era of pugnacities come, common pugnacities work. That wind is felt by old people also, it is felt by young people also, by women and men also. It is felt by the people living inside mountains, people inside living caves, people living in cities, and people living in deserts.
Voice of Kalma:
Last Thursday I traveled whole night. At morning I reached Raheem yar khan, there some people did bait then again I did traveling of one hundred twenty till one hundred and thirty kilo meter forward. It was 7:24 time of evening when I reached on destiny. At night, I started the journey from here from 10:30. I traveled continuously. On 7:24 of evening in front there were wires and lines of India. There were lines beneath open sky. Then I started talking to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . At that time I was not sleepy. I got up and did tayammum from sand. Over there water was less for drinking. I said: “Uth bhaliya chal yar manayye” اٹھ بلھیا چل یار منائیے
I said: Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Now break this wire. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی finish it. The world of momin is another. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی blow such winds of guidance, spread them in such way that these wires may finish and spread the voice of kalma in whole world.
Pugnacities in desert people:
Pugnacities are increasing in desert people the ones who haven’t felt the air of world and the generations of whom bring water from tubes. The water from which dogs also drink, the water from which animal also drink, from which cow also drink, and camel also drink. Cow urinates there also and drinks also from that water human beings also drinks. Those people are also getting the winds of pugnacities. The effect of internet is upon those people. “Net is an English word whose meaning is netting”. The net of false hood! Those people are also getting winds of pugnacities.
Effective duas in desert:
After going in desert, I felt about the protection of soldiers the people of army and rangers are there after leaving house. While talking to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی, I remembered children, I prayed for them. I remembered my mureed, a prayed for him. I prayed for whole nation of Prophet ﷺ. I thought: these unblessed soldiers are there from many months, why don’t we offer two nafil for them and do dua from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی for protection? I request you all that do offer two nafil for the soldiers of this country and do dua. Do dua for police also. Good and bad are among doctors also, good and bad are among peers also, good and bad are in every profession. First and second levels are in every profession. Our work is to do dua of protection and to spread the emotion of goodness.
Pugnacities in air and winds:
I have seen pugnacities everywhere and right now pugnacities are in our air. Pugnacities are in winds and net has made pugnacities common. There is positive and negative aspect of everything. There is negative aspect of net also and positive aspect also. Through net right now the message of tasbeeh house has reached to one hundred and sixty seven countries (till 19th February 2015) Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has made it reach there. But the disadvantages of net when come in front of me through ladders, through meetings, so mind becomes worried and I do dua O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! These are the webs of devils. You protect our generations (Ameen)
Sensitive levels:
This is last era. In our fate last era was written. There is no complaining from lord in it. To us only Prophet ﷺ said salam. It is the summary of hadis: Once Prophet ﷺ was sitting. He said! Say my salam to my brothers. The companions said O Prophet ﷺ! Aren’t we the brothers of Prophet ﷺ? He said: You have seen revelation coming down. You have seen me. They will be those who will not see anything then also they will accept me, they are my brothers.
To me and to you Prophet ﷺ has said bothers. SubhanAllah! If we become sand particles of shoes of his feet then also its big enough. This is his kindness that he said us brothers.
“بھلا ہووئے انہاں اوچیاں دا جنہاں نیویاں نال نبھائ ھو”
Era of beatitude:
There was one friar who was eating stale roti. He said: This roti has the era of beatitude. The roti of today has got which beatitude era, for the roti coming tomorrow beatitude era will finish more. In today’s era, if someone follows ten percent religion also (the ten percent of such religion which was religion of companions, ehl-e-bait) so to such person my Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will say on the Day of Judgment before accountability: Go! I have forgiven you. The person offering prayer today, especially Fajr prayer is the sufi of time. The person offering Fajr prayer today is Qalandar of today. The one offering Fajr prayer today is on highest level. Whether he is a pant coat person or shalwar person. The one who offers Fajr prayer has high status.
First stair of saint hood:
In the era of pugnacities the one taking name of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی, the one getting afraid in era of pugnacities and the one saying that lord! Don’t know whether I am making my children eat halal or haram. The one in which this fear comes, understand that he is on first step of saint hood. This thought comes in era of pugnacities that my rizq is halal or haram? This thought comes in era of pugnacities that I am walking on which path? This feeling gets produced in era of pugnacities that whether my eyes have been misguided? Whether my eyes have become habitual of seeing non mehrum? This thought comes in era of pugnacities………….? In some time my ears got mislead on any tune or instrument?
This feeling gets produced in era of pugnacities that whether this bite is doubtful? In era of pugnacities only this thought came in heart that my that night went how…! Lord, forgive….! In era of pugnacities one this thought has made roots in heart that how my life passed! Whether forgiveness will be done or not? In era of pugnacities one pain has produced inside that whether I will get kalma or not?
Do believe! Whoever have this imagination inside him, whoever have this thought inside him, he is on first step of saint hood. He has climbed upon the stair of saint hood and the feet of climbing of the one climbing on stairs work. He reaches to the destiny.
Death of feelings:
In era of pugnacities this thought came, this imagination came, what will happen of me? Whether lord is happy or not? One feeling may get produced inside in era of pugnacities. The thing which dies inside a person, first of all is feelings. The thing which gets alive first of all is feelings. Halla came in imagination, feeling is alive. Haram came in imagination that a haram work is done by me, feeling is present. When the recognition of haram and halal in it and there is one desire in attitude that my need should be fulfilled, it is related to food, it is related to my self-acceptance, it is related to the desire of my stomach. The needs of my children and their high status and the best system of their lives get fulfilled. From where, how and through what? There is no feeling of it. When these emotions come in heart and feelings become dead that whether it is halal or haram? Permissible or not permissible. Then get to know that death of feelings get happen. The one whose feeling is alive he is a lucky person, whether he is sinful, do mistake but still his feeling is alive.
Blessing of feeling:
Some asked Bashar Hafi رحمہ اللہ علیہ : You used to drink vine, how you got saint hood? (Question also unique and answer more unique than it) He said: I used to drink but sometimes I used to feel, doing this is not good! It is haram! Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has kept this thing in my heart which was my feeling of sometime that has brought me on repentance.
The feeling which is of sometimes meaning that you are realizing but doing wrong. You are drinking this but this thing is not good. This is a life, but this is not liked by Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . My days and nights are being spent, but in these days and nights Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is not happy with you. This is one feeling just.
Hatred from faithful person:
Realization is a big blessing and in era of pugnacities the feeling about which it is in hadis, it is not known about a person at morning and not known about a person at evening. It is the summary of hadis. At morning a person will be on faith and don’t know whether at evening he has become non-Muslim. It is a summary of one more hadis, a person with faith will be seen like as if dead donkey. Hatred will be done with a person with faith. So much hatred will be done, he will be seen like as dead donkey. In this era there is feeling inside a person and he is walking by protecting himself in this era so such person is very precious.
What is called purification?
Leaders of Muslims Hazrat Umar Farooq RA asked from Hazrat Ka’ab RA: What is purification? He said: O leader of Muslims! Have you ever passed from thorny bushes? He said: Yes! I have passed. He said: How you passed? He said: By protecting myself. He said this is purification.
Every leave will call you hundred times with love
By messing in your cloth many thorns will stop you
Pass from the thorns by protecting yourself
Your destiny is in front passing from gardens
Addiction of internet world:
One man came to me. He said to me: I have met you so many times till today I couldn’t say one thing to you. How may I take it out from my mouth! I feel embarrass while saying it. Then he started crying. I said: you talk. That man wasn’t feeling courageous. I said: See! Think me in one from two I am a doctor or I am a murshid. (Doctor whether he is hakeem or surgeon, the feeling of heart shall be told in front of him. Especially when you will tell your sickness then treatment will be done). Don’t hide. You are bait from me and already nothing should be hidden from murshid and your all reality should be told when you will tell so treatment will be done. When you will inform so correction will happen. If you will not inform so how correction will be done! It is in nature of few people, they give news about themselves that I saw that dream…some person said this…this is also reality but one condition of informing is this also that my negative feelings my such emotions that qualities of my life which are not going, from which I want to get rid. You should inform your murshid about them. I said: Tell!
He said to me: I want to get rid of net. The unrest world which is inside net! There are films! Then that man said: When I searched on net to get rid of this world so I got surprised that as if whole white world meaning whole west is very worried that its addiction is such addiction which is more dangerous than the drugs of heroin, cocaine and etc. then he said: when this person takes this much doze of heroin so that doze of heroin gives how much addiction to his body. How much comfort it gives and how long his addiction remains. Science did whole research and last and every drug of world then its limit, then its level, then its amount, then its break, then its time duration that for how much time that addiction remains, then it is left so how? How much hard work and effort is done on it. That man said: In all the drugs of world the addiction of this nude world, this is the last addiction. If this addiction happens so science says to it that we have become fed up and then in last that man said that even marriage is also not the solution of this addiction.
Search of pure life:
Which woman and man have seen much nude world, with the life of husband and wife, his satisfaction doesn’t happen. Even marriage is also not its solution. I am trying that I could present my bitter medicine by filling in capsule to you but I can’t get words. From where I may chose those words? That victim of net world man said to me: I am worried. I want its solution. I want to lead a pure life. I want to live among pure souls. I want to take pure breath. I want to present pure days and nights in front of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . I want a pure life. Can you give? He did stand a big question mark in front of me by asking these questions and after listening to him I became still for one moment. But I didn’t get worried, or hopeless. I said: Yes! There is solution of it.
Guidance from unseen hand:
Suddenly upon me the meaning of one verse of Quran got clear. As I wake up from sleep so any verse is on my tongue. Mostly it happens. It tells me previous life or system of past days or tells me about the system coming. Mostly when I wake up at morning so unconsciously any verse comes on my tongue for the person who was victim of net this verse came in my mind.
(لا تقنطوا من رحمتہ اللہ) (Translation: Don’t get hopeless from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ’s mercy)
When these verse came in front of me suddenly so Allah سبحانہ و تعالی started telling me its solution.
Wonders of cleanliness of washroom:
I quickly gave him one answer. I said: the treatment of dirtiness is dirt. Poison will kill poison. There is its treatment and it is there 100%. For leaving dirty world, you will have to go in dirty world. For leaving dirty world of net, you will have to go in dirty world of washroom. Treatment will happen. (You would remember, I have many times told you about wonders of cleanliness of washroom) Keep remember! As much as service of low level is done, that much high level reward is gained. As much lower level service is done, that much higher level return will be gained. As much as it I service of small level there is that much big level in eyes of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! This thing is completely true.
Service of washroom:
One man was involved in similar bad deed. He said to me that I listened one thing in your sermon that with the service of washroom internal dirt gets washed. Whenever I have done service of washroom, some energy and power was there which comes in between of sin and me.
You feel one thing. Why these pugnacities have come? The basic reason of it is this that the time when we are nude, we are helpless. Our king is also helpless in being nude and our poor also and our rich also. He has to become nude whether on the name of taking bath or for going washroom or toilet but have to get nude. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has made it one restraint from our restraints and one helplessness from our helplessness.
Reached to government:
One peer wherever he goes so his follower do discuss about peer only, they discuss so much that he don’t feel need of eating. Do take care! Don’t cook anything, only for me there shall be two three hens, such little rice like this, little pulao and halwa of best kinds of nuts. Local ghee shall be more. Hazrat do discussion, stomach gets full. For three days they kept peer hungry. After that said: Do you want to give caliphate on gun point or may I keep you hungrier, because I am the tongue. Because you said nothing, I spread one thing that Hazrat doesn’t eat anything, for some months he doesn’t go to toilet as well. Hazrat is born sufi. Hazrat only do zikr and his stomach gets full. Just do a little for the followers of Hazrat.
Our constrain:
Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has made bath as our constrain. I person gets damaged here and from here he is stung. From washroom, toilet and bath room, a person gets much damage.
When the weather is cold, wind is very much and a person has worn only one light shirt, he will feel very cold or less cold? He should chose such dress for him from which he would feel less cold or not cold at all. Then everywhere there are pugnacities. The devil’s web has surrounded whole world or the name of net, there is pugnacity in every heart beat so in such era the system of protection shall be done more or less?
One coldness is of Lahore, one coldness is of Muree. One place is that where eyes don’t get melt, kaghan, naran and etc, right now what will be the condition of there! Then the people living there may have to do the system of their protection more or less?
Enemies of fitness:
My master of madina ﷺ has told which system of duas and system of acts he has told it only for this that the pugnacities will be more. Many cold winds will blow which will make your blood dry. Then for it system of big blankets, big jurcies, big coats and big warm things will have to be organized. Similarly, when pugnacities will be more which will rob your faith rob your eyes, rob your aakhirah, rob your life, rob your wealth, and rob your fitness and health. For it these recommended duas are blanket and coats. These are very warm things, they will keep you protected. Now there will be pugnacities also and cold and warm winds of pugnacities are blowing also and for how much time a person will become powerful and walk! He can’t walk! It is my request that we have to take care of our self.
Interesting washroom:
That man said to me: Is there any treatment of it? I said: Yes, there is. Public place, washrooms of such place where the urine of a well person also gets stop. The hotels which are of petrol pumps and there toilets. These days, the toilets of petrol pumps are also seen fancy but the bathrooms which are original, they are very interesting. The dirtiness which is there, and the web which is there of dirt, that is internet very amazingly. A person shall wash the bathrooms of masajid, madarsas, public places, roads of such places and if your own home with the intention that Lord! My internal self is dirty. You forgive this bad body also and make it purified also. O Allah! As it is the dirt of this washroom,, much more dirt than this is inside me. The only difference is this that I can see this dirt, but that cannot be seen by me. Allah! For only your happiness, I am cleaning these washrooms of masajid, I am washing these washrooms of madarsas, I am washing these toilets of hospitals, mental hospitals or of poor people (few areas or where toilets are made on roads) Allah, I am cleaning them. I am doing so that you may become happy from me. I am not doing this that people would say wow and superb! How much humbleness is there?

The biggest problem:
The biggest problem of world and the biggest disaster of world is sin. It is disobedience of Allah. The biggest problem of world from which may Allah save me also and protect you as well. Charity is the hindrance of disasters for coming out of this problem. For coming out of this problem, cleanliness of washroom also and care of going inside and coming outside it also, care from drops of urine also. I may use my water carefully that my dirt may get off from my body. We did care of this but there are some in appropriate things in washroom which I cannot see. I didn’t do the care of them. Fruit is very clean, it is washed from water. He said, wash the fruit. Said: is it clean? He said: No there is dirt upon it, there is sand upon it. It is a clean fruit and it is being washed.

Care in washing fruit:
One man said: Keep your hand down. Keep the fruit up because the dirt of your hand is getting to the fruit. He was making care done on this very much that hand should be down and fruit should be up. The dirt which is inside washroom, what will happen of it?
A weak body feels cold very much and feels hot very much also. This is a reality.

Weak faith:
I went to the place of one person of Allah. It was intensely cold. I was wearing kurta. They were wearing jerseys and inside it waistcoats and inside it sherwani and don’t know what else and more they were wearing. After seeing me he said: You are not wearing anything? Then he himself said: Young age is itself a dress. When a person is weak, these pugnacities and these webs effects more on him. Do remember! You are not doing anything. You are not victim of net. But to take care of this is also important that how can your grandson and granddaughter, your daughter and son, your wife and every member of house get safe from this?
Unsuccessful marriages:
Unsuccessful marriages of victims of net are coming to me. I will not say further. The cases of divorces are coming to me. I am the one to whom the cases of depressing, crying and burning cases of broken families of unsuccessful marriages of society are coming. Net is also becoming one base of suicides. What shall I say further! I don’t have words. The needle and thread of modesty has sewn my mouth. How can you say that if you are not stung by it so your generations will also get safe from it? Tell me that what answer do you have for it? What question I am having and what is the solution of it. It is not there. Why? In hand of every person, there is mobile phone and in every mobile phone this system is present. Every person is having computer and this system is present in every computer.
The capsule of fitness:
There was one that era when it was said this that when the pugnacities will become common, so get inside the house and shut the doors. Now it is that era that I went to one place so one man said: This child close the door inside the house and stays inside for whole night and whole day. I said: Take mobile and computer from him, the door will get open. He took it from him. The child said: My study and my education will get affected. I said: Not at all. You write on paper. You come in old world. In sha Allah your knowledge will get increased. Take paper, take pen. You have no need of mobile phone. If you want to do call so take the mobile phone of your mother, do call from it. He said: I have to solve some questions. I said: This is the mobile phone of your mother. It is kept on her table, and do it from it. Within three days the doors will get open. All the doors got open. After some time, I saw that adult man. The dark circles of eyes got finished and lights came back and the face became fresh. That door was not opened, actually that was the capsule of fitness which came.
Enemy of beatitude:
You have got safe from these pugnacities, how generations can get safe? How whole nation could get safe? How whole ummah could get safe? There are two aspects of everything. One is this: Finish the system of this net. Take it out from its roots. Now forget it completely. The wind has started blowing. One is this: why do these winds blow? Our government should stand the walls and boards of concrete in front of these cold winds. This is insane. One is this: The system has started working, now we have to get rid from it, protect and do the system of protection, system of comfortness and how we have to ask Allah سبحانہ و تعالی for the system of our guardian ship and care? We would have to thing upon that. This thing (internet) eats the rizq and beatitude.
Extremeness of poverty:
One man came to me. He lives in the area of rich people of Lahore. He has house of two canal. The poverty, starvation and indigence is of so much extremeness that physically it’s the area of rich people, house of two canal and the condition of house is this that ones he said to me: Grade was kept on which fungus came. Put water on it and quickly kept it on pan and ghee was also not much. We family members toast it and eat it like that. Physically it’s the area of which people, area of rich people of Lahore. The house is of two canals. What would people say that it is so much big house, house of billion rupees but the condition of poverty and indigence is this that they cannot even asked. I get to need such unquestioned people. For some time those people kept coming to me. They said that one some studies this, one some studies that, one do that. There fees has finished. We have removed one and to other the school administration has taken out. To someone college administration has taken out, whole house is damaged. I told them the acts, told them some things. When I met them again so I felt that something is not working. Children are not ready to recite tasbeeh and parents are not ready to make them recite.
Unlucky parents:
How unlucky parents are those that they don’t give their children the touch of tasbeeh house, touch of zikr, touch of acts, and touch of Allah SWT’s name. They say to me quickly one thing that they study, they are getting education. This time is of their sleeping, this of tutor, this of education, this of school, this of college, and after that it is of computer. This how, morning comes and this how evening comes. This how life gets completed. They protect their children so much that may not virus of Allah SWT’s love happen to them and then the condition which happens then it is one unique strange story.
Ominousness of net:
I felt in second meeting that problem is something else: Do you recite wazifa? They said: we recite it only. No one recite from children. Then I asked attentively: what is that son doing? What is the other doing? They told: one son is doing this. Other son is doing this. I said: some how the system of net shall finish from your house. They said: we listen to your sermon also. I said: For forty days only listen to that through CD or memory card, or this shall be done that the system of net may not get finished but no one from you people may touch the net. If there is problem of studies of children so it will get solved apart from this. Can you do this? They said: We surely well do. I said: My experience and my intuition say that your hunger will get finished. Then he met me after many months so I remember that I told him to close the net that don’t use it for the time being. I quickly asked what happened of it. He said: Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has opened some door of one beatitude, which was not even expected.
Unexpected sustenance:
It comes in hadis, when a person holds repentance for sure, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی gives him sustenance from such place from where he don’t even expect. From such place Allah سبحانہ و تعالی gives the sustenance, they got rizq from such place and the door got open which was not even expected. He said: my one son-in-law lives in France. He has given me offered that you give something which is needed in our place, there is our one agent, take it and give him on that place. You will get commission from it. I was sitting completely free. I took that thing from that place and give it on that particular place and it got sold in good price. This how my one system has started working. Now we eat the roti of three times nicely. He said: why you made us close this net? I said: in your house every day seventy dancers used to dance and three hundred and sixty times zina happened. It wasn’t your house, your house was a dance place. Your house was such a bad place. My words are very harsh. Forgive me! There was so much ominousness and darkness in your house which has no limit, that ominousness and darkness was going after snatching roti and rizq of your house and destruction was common. I didn’t close the net, I only closed that thing. You peole were doing acts first also but this was happening that you were taking milk of best brown buffalo and along with it mixing yogurt also. Then you used to say: our milk doesn’t get safe. Hakeem Tariq says: Recite wazifa! Take the name of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . This will happen. It doesn’t get happen. Why it doesn’t get happen?
Rule of darkness:
I went to heera mandi for meeting one old callet. Two three friends were along with me. I was going to heera mandi. Do believe! There was feeling from every house, from every door that how much darkness, destruction and ominousness is here! There was one feeling.
The old callets:
There was one SHO of the police station of there, who used to come to me. Now his transfer is done. He took me over there. Over there were decorated rooms. He collected very old callets. They were of no use, nor of any work, wrinkle on nose also and around eyes also and on ears also. I saw their lives. I talked to them about grave and aakhirah about relation of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ’s name, love and admiration of Prophet ﷺ but one feeling was coming continuously that how much darkness would be there! I have explained some darkness in front of you. One feeling has produced inside you or not? Billion times more darkness which comes inside house, why you don’t have feeling of that! If the society people say that callets come to your house day and nights and day and night dance happens and the place of sin is opened in your house. You are not doing well. You have made our society dirty. One dirty fish has come by becoming the rent person who has opened this system inside the house. This system is present in which house, in which mobile phone, in which computer, with this system goodness will spread in the house or evil will spread? The answer of this question shall be asked by everyone from his own hearts. What will spread in this society?
The life of helplessness:
This is not the mistake of readers. This is not the mistake of America, England, Europe or white people. The paths were already difficult; we also got interest of dying. Mistake is of our own. The thing was invented for any good reason. We used it for the reason of evil. Now the next question is this that how protection shall be done by it. How shall we get protected? Marriage doesn’t become its solution, hajj didn’t become its solution, and Allah SWT is merciful. Allah SWT is the one who can change the world of hearts. Performing Umrah didn’t become its solution. I am telling the reactions of people which I received. Allah SWT has kept guidance inside umrah also and guidance inside hajj also. I am not refusing it but some cases are those also that apart from that also the world of heart didn’t get changed. What is the solution of it? The solution of dirt is dirt and you have to get your body clean from this dirt that lord! I can only do this much, I am helpless more.
Habit of addiction:
Addiction is such thing in which a person is helpless. I was going towards durood mehel. In front of us two young men were sitting on foot path on latan road. One young man was of 16 17 years, other was of 22-25 years. They were sitting very lost. I said, this is addiction that O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی !
There would be some place somewhere in world
We would sit there alone and your remembrance would be there in our heart
This is that addiction. The only difference is this that their need has got fulfilled. When their addiction gets intense so they sell their mother, then they sell their daughters, then they sell their house, then they sell their cloths, then they sell their body, then they sell everything of life also. One man actually hit ex on his head and made it injured. Then he pealed that injury and the blood use to flow and people used to give him money and he then used to take drugs. Then he used to put heroin inside that wound and by entering heroin inside the wound the drugs effect quickly. I have seen him with my own eyes.
Crying daughters, sobbing mothers:
I am talking like this because such cases are coming to me that husband come, I am sitting in wait, after that he opens it and then says that you also do like this. I have cases. Then what shall I do! I have letters. I have drying daughters, sobbing mothers and frustrated wives. Husband says: get along with me, what shall I do? Or than other word is of divorce or your life is yours and my life is mine! Your bed is separate, my bed is separate!
You like your act, I like my act
You like your ego, I like my lord.
You in your life, and I in my life!
Crying and sobbing letters come to me and meetings take place.
Story of every house:
The stories which I am telling, your heart is doing appeal that right now this story is not of every house but of many houses, these are the stories. These are true realities. We cannot forget them, we cannot ignore them. I am not telling any story of Alif laila. It is not like this that the things which hakeem tariq is telling, don’t know where they happen! Your heart is doing appeal that they are happening. Not in every house so any house must be saved with Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ’s mercy.
Weak faith:
There is very much cold. If the body is weak so something would be tied around the body. After time something its protection has to be done otherwise pneumonia will happen. Paralysis is happen and your body will finish you will shiver with cold; you have danger of facial palsy. You have danger of many diseases. You will not remain worthy of walking. Your body will get shock. There is very much cold, winds are very cold, body is weak. Pugnacities are very much, webs are spreader, and faith is weak. Pugnacities are very much, webs are everywhere, internet is present and faith is weak. The one with weak faith and fragile faith is also a Muslim to which a spoon is kept in mouth after picking up. Half of it fell down, half of it went inside, he is Muslim.
Surface of faith:
The surface of faith is not that which could wake me up in fajr prayers. The surface of faith is not that which could make me cry in front of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی in fajr. The surface of faith is not that which could make my hand move forward halal. The surface of faith is not that which could stop my feet from haram. The surface of faith is not that which could say: this haram has been added with your halal things. The surface of faith is not that which could give complete right in property to daughters. The surface of faith is not that which could give right of mother to mother and give the right of daughter to daughter which could give the right of wife to wife, which could do justice among both. The surfaces of faith have become weak. Such people of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی are present and will remain present till qayamah day of judgment. Inside home, complete faith is the mirror of dua: (اللھم حبب الینا الایمان و زینہ فی قلوبنا) (Translation: O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Make faith the most likely thing for me and make it my beauty inside my heart and O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Give me complete faith)
Such people with complete faith will remain and are present but I am talking commonly. That surface of emaan is not present. The weather has changed. The winds have changed. We have to protect our self in it and then walk otherwise this web will take us somewhere by wrapping us with itself. This web will make us sigh like fish caught in net. Take care! Don’t go inside the web, whether you see the meat. The big fish said to the smaller one after seeing the meat kept in web: I am coming after eating meat. It went inside the web. It has to eat the meat, but it becomes a meat itself.
Signs of the Day of Judgment:
These webs are spread. It is not the mistake of government. It is not the mistake of white people; it is the era of pugnacities. The Day of Judgment is near; the signs of the Day of Judgment have become obvious. Only some are left. On one side there are signs of Day of Judgment and on the other side there are good news and protection for us. On one side there are good news for us of ten percent and on the other side there is good news for us that if there will be little bit of faith even so one time will come that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will send him surely in heaven. Equal to the seed of mustard, seed of sesame, seed of poppy, or a small seed comes out of the peepal tree. Equal to it the people with faith will also go in heaven. Think! My generations could be safe, whole world could be safe. The son of white people could be safe, the son of Jews could be safe, son of Hindu, Sikh could be safe.
Feelings of non-Muslim:
I was talking while sitting among desert people. I said: Do dua for these Hindu people. May Allah SWT give beatitude in age of rangers. We were eating charity food. I said: Come! Eat with us. Those wretched people were holding guns. In my front the lights of border of India were seen. I said to them: you do dua for them, you keep on reciting kalma. Do you offer prayer after giving azaan. Then I said: Give azaan in loud voice. The voice of azaan breaks the false hood. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Protect their generations also. This is goodness. This is the good message of tasbeeh house. Allah SWT protects their generations also which is stubborn on damaging our generations you protect their generations also.
Broken house, crying lives:
I am saying true thing. The house has become broken. The daughters have got divorced or the daughter has told which story to father after coming, that has reached me through letters or verbally. I cannot say. At last father said: Daughter don’t go back. A story came to me that someone asked: Why you got divorced? She said, this is the demand of husband and the reason behind it is that net.
Reason of divorce:
One young man came to me. He got divorced at last. He said to me: my wife this this this. He explained such dirty life. She says: leave mother, leave father, leave everyone and the door of room shall be closed. Do this net on, and do this on other side. And on other side we would become on. He said: May I spend such life? I am bad, I am dirty but tasbeeh house has protected me. At last divorce is done. I have got depressed and pain on getting divorced. She was also the daughter of someone, the net has stung her. I don’t say that she was having a bad character, she was the one with modesty, and she was the one with diffidence but this web wrapped her and damaged that raged girl. She was the daughter of faithful person. She was faithful. She was not bad. She was not dirty. She is in sha Allah tala a heaven woman. Keep the expectation for everyone to go in heaven. Don’t give fatwa about people after sitting: this is going in hell, this is mushrik, and this is kafir. O! You don’t know about yourself so what you will know about others. You have no knowledge about yourself, so what decision you will do about others.
Universal problem:
Come out of it, get safe from it, think about it, and ask from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . The biggest worried problem of world is right now this. You have not ever think about the word net. The meaning of net is web and this web is spread. It has wrapped whole world and whole universe around itself. Then it happens this that pick up the things of goodness from it. Take the thing which is of benefits. The things which are in it of pugnacity, evil and scuffle get safe from it. How we will get safe from it? If someone wants to get safe so for it I am telling some tricks.
Objections of people:
This thing is understood by me and you that it is an addiction. I sometimes, don’t explain some matters intentionally. Many negative things come to me. The say: Hakeem Tariq is putting you on which work? What does he talk about? Such talks which are professional discussions. Many people do objection on my few things but I know that objection is done upon every person who works. If I leave my goal and mission after listening objection of people on walking…..! No. The critiques have done criticism on Allah سبحانہ و تعالی also. Till now also, there is one whole such world with this mindset that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is not present at all. (Naoozu billah) there is one whole nation, one whole group is there, there are many human beings, there is whole literature that naooz u billahh, there is no Lord at all.
Riddance from misguidance:
Maulana Abdul Majid Darya Abadi رحمہ اللہ علیہ got bait from Hazrat Hakeem ul Ummat رحمہ اللہ علیہ afterwards. I was reading his story. In which it was written that there was one time, I got into the trap of such people that they said: There is no Lord at all and when there is no Lord so what is the messenger for. Naooz u billah. This is a whole complete system which some people have made with their own hands that there is nothing. He said that then Allah سبحانہ و تعالی removed the covering of my heart then I got recognition then I changed my life.
Unique change:
Doctor Ghulam Jelani was the one living in Kembal Poor Attock. There are many books of him, 2 Qurans, 2 Islam, world of heart, and one book is there of my last book. He was the one who used to do refusal of hadis first and don’t know that he used to do refusal of what more things. Then Allah Pak changed his life then one great change came in his life, that unique great change came.
Impossible treatment:
One thing is memorized to us that this (internet is also one) addiction. One man said to me: For this addiction I again took help from internet. One said: Thirty five or thirty six thousand rupees will be needed. For this we will provide you one literature but that is such impossible thing whose treatment is nowhere. There is no treatment of it; this addiction is of such kind. You have felt that there are centers of addiction of heroin. There are institutes of getting rid of wine and hashish. There is no center of this in whole world but there are centers of it in net. Many people told me by doing research that there are centers at net that you want to get rid of addiction of this nude world of net. There is a proper system of it with us but said: It is impossible.
Beatitude of person of Madina ﷺ:
Shall I tell truth? The things which are impossible for science, May Allah Pak send billions of mercies on His beloved Prophet ﷺ (اللھم صل علی محمد و علی ال محمد ) O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Send salam on Prophet ﷺ and on his nation. (اللھم صلی علی محمد کما تحب و ترضی) with the beatitude of Madina man ﷺ (Punjabi text) My Lord, with the beatitude of Madina man ﷺ nothing is impossible. In sha Allah tala it is possible. Why? Religion completed and everything of religion completed. Faith completes the system of faith complete, momin complete. Momin is said as the one only who has become complete so he gets the treatment of every evil, scuffle and sickness which will come till the Day of Judgment.
Dua of washroom:
There is treatment of this addiction and the first treatment of this addiction starts from there from where this addiction is obtained. It is my request from you that don’t forget the duas of washroom. The dua of washroom: (بسم اللہ اللھم انی اعوذبک من الخبث و الخبائث) do not forget this small dua. It brings the power of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی in front for your protection, guardianship, care and help. (بسم اللہ اللھم انی اعوذبک من الخبث و الخبائث) some child called his father, Father…..so the children hitting him ran away. They said: His father will come now. It is meant by (اعوذبک) that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You come. Just after listening name of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , the devil ran away.
Summary of life:
One friar says: My whole life got passed and after passing of my whole life I got to know in my last age that whole universe is lying inside (اعوذ باللہ من الشیطن الرجیم). If you come inside the protection of Lord, so you have become successful. He said: tell this that in whole world all people get targets and your arrow is in hands of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . Can anyone get safe from the target of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ? One man said: I will get safe. He said: so much big postulate of kufr! He said: First listen to me. I will go and stand with Allah سبحانہ و تعالی .
Act of protection:
Now I may tell one word of becoming safe. (اللہ حافضی اللہ حاضری اللہ ناظری اللہ شاھدی اللہ ناصری اللہ معی اللہ لی). The meaning of (للہ معی) is this that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is with me. (اللہ لی) Allah is on my side. (اللہ حافضی) Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will do protection and is doing. (اللہ حاضری) who is present always. (اللہ ناظری) He is watching me. (اللہ شاھدی) I am all the time in sight of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is around me. (اللہ شاھدی) protector and guard. (اللہ ناصری) helper. Allah will be with me. Now arrow and no bow can effect upon me.
Embarrassment and illusion:
This dua which is of washroom, a person says just after going in it: Lord! I am helpless. I have become nude. I don’t want to become nude, I am helpless. Now I have become nude. Lord! All my illusions and embarrassment has got removed with cover. Now there is your protection and you. There is your help and you and you can do. Lord! I am helpless. The reason of dua is to make yourself helpless and hand over your all embarrassment and illusion to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is himself the one with modesty and reserve. My Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is the one with diffidence and you give yourself in hands of Allah. In sha Allah Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will keep your modesty, your reserve, your diffidence, your honor and your respect also.
Protection of small children:
I mostly used to say to the mothers of small children: If you send small children in washroom meaning in toilet so recite dua yourself from their side. For washing them, when you go to give them bath so recite dua yourself from their side. If you make them urinate somewhere so recite dua from their side. This is the system of protection.
Treatment of addiction of net:
If this addiction happens so the first step of this is that wash the toilet and wash it again and again and I have already told you the instruments of washing washroom. The soap of washing utensils and the sponge of washing utensils and the steel wire of washing utensils just this is the material. There should be one box in which keep it and it has to be washed with hands not with the shopper wearing on hands. Do you wash yourself by wearing shopper? Wash hands afterwards, they get cleaned. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has kept such system. I am telling you reality. This is a small thing in which there is big effect. The washrooms of such places where the dirt is very much. Lord! As much dirt is present here, much more than this is present inside me.
Talks of Uncle Ali:
There is one friend of my father رحمہ اللہ علیہ to whom we say Uncle Ali peon. He was the supervisor of peons. Right now he is near his 90’s. Right now he became little sick, he said: my urine has stopped. He keeps on telling very old stories. He told me one thing: There was one peon. There are few such areas in our Pakistan where there are Muslim peons. Otherwise the one moping in the streets, the one picking our garbage are mostly Christians. I have also seen that peon. We used to say him Ababulan. He was an old man. He used to mop on street, he used to mop on roads and common culture was this. There was no flush toilet inside the houses. They used to pick up the washroom dirt from the houses. This was the common culture. This was the profession of Ababulan and Uncle Ali was his supervisor from municipal committee. Uncle Ali was a religious man from start. I have seen my father رحمہ اللہ علیہ . His friends were also like this. There is the effect of friends on life.
Choice of three things:
Always do the choice of three things by thinking carefully. Choice of profession; I may get a job, when I listen this I start feeling ill. I may get job wherever I may get. Is this anything? Job, business, not job rizq halaal and pure, why? There is the system of my whole generations coming after me behind this job, this business, this trade and this industry. One does the choice of your rizq by thinking carefully and the other do your marriage by thinking carefully.
Choice of buffalos:
There is our one servant Teli. He used to do the work of buffalos. He said to me: for three days I go to them and stay there. I will wash that buffalo first then wash its mother then I got to see its grand-mother. Cow, buffalo, how is its mother? How is its grand-mother? First the marriages used to happen like this. We used to see her mother and grand-mother. Now the choice of girl and boy is done and afterwards the wars which happen in houses, the system of it is not known. The choice of proposal should be done by thinking carefully and according and faith should be the priority. Character should be the priority, decency should be the priority. Beauty and looks and money are not the priority. Jew always does marriages on the base of wealth. A Christian always does marriage on the base of beauty and the person with faith always do on the base of character and faith, on the base of decency, he looks for the proposal. To the choice of your job, your rizq by thinking carefully, choice of your marriage and third, choice of your friend should be done by thinking carefully. I was telling the thing about my father that the choice of friend should be done after thinking carefully. I am collecting the memories of my father. I want that one book shall be made. He has left very great memories. On one place I read the memory of my father رحمہ اللہ علیہ . The date of few months before death is written that see! I have no knowledge of my life. It feels like these are my last days but the name of Tariq and bhai was written. Take care! These are neighbors. They have irritated me whole life. Just be safe from their evil and keep on doing well with them. Rarely it happen that sixty three marly was there. On road it was the plan of my father to make petrol pump. Someone said: decrease and increase happen in it adulteration happens in it. He left it. Not all do the adulteration for God’s sake. He left that work.
Mercy of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی :
When father رحمہ اللہ علیہ died so I said: make masjid. Now that masjid is constructed with mercy of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . When that masjid was being constructed so right now first brick was not kept so the man who was first in list came in front. He said: Have you got this place only for constructing masjid? You will make masjid along with it are my keekar. I said to him: Uncle your keekar is far. He said: No, my keekar will go in shade then they will not grow. I want to make its wood thick and sell it. I will not let you construct the masjid. Well! The mercy of Allah SWT happened on that place of sixty three marla. Alhamdulillah! Masjid was constructed and it was made without any charity.
Life of acts:
Uncle Ali said one thing about Uncle Bulan that the end of ababuland was on faith. I said Uncle how? He said: I made Uncle buland memorized the dua (بسم اللہ اللھم انی اعوذبک من الخبث و الخبائث) He said: there was our one gentleman. He used to say: If you will recite this dua so you will not get disease of allergy. Itching will not happen. He just knew that. He said: Ababuland used to go on every place, he used to recite this. Till today he doesn’t get any disease and I have seen ababuland: at one time he used to come in that dress in which he used to do cleaning. After that he used to take bath every day than after wearing good cloths there were some places in city he used to go and sit there and do discussions. He used to drink tea in one hotel. The work of peons starts from the time of tahajjud. Then he used to work and after becoming free at 11 o’clock he used to sleep.
End on goodness:
He said: Due to this dua he started offering prayer and due to this dua Allah سبحانہ و تعالی did his end on faith. He said: Ababuland was sick. He said: I want to meet Ali. Uncle Ali said: when I went so he was sick and he was unconscious and when he got conscious so I said: Do you recognize me? He said: yes! you are that someone. He said: I was waiting. Make me recite kalma today just like you make me recite that dua. Whole life has passed by picking up dirt, whole life has passed by doing cleaning, he was a lower level person of society, physically he was a lower level person, doubtfully not even anyone would have done salam to him till today. He was the one to clean dirt and there used to be one big basket with him. He used to collect washroom waste of all houses and take them there and used to throw them out in any forest. That person of spending life says that Ali just make me recite the kalma just like you made me recite the dua.
System of washroom:
With the system of these washrooms many big and great matters become straight. He said: Make me learn kalma. He said: I made him recite kalma and he started reciting kalma along with me: (لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ) Said: when Rasul Allah came, I did not listen his laam. I listened Muhammad and when he was saying Rasul Allah, the tongue stopped there, on that point he died.
Connection from Mazang:
The place on which you are sitting, in this same area there used to happen a sermon of some friar and this which is Mazang, it is with the connection of that friar. Ghazni which is the province of Afghanistan, its three villages are together. The name of one is Mazang, the name of other is Jalab and the name of third is Hajwair. Hazrat Data Ali Hajweri Rehmatullah Alaeh, whose connection is with our chain. The series of this unworthy is of Qadri Hajweri. He was also the citizen of Jalab and Mazang is from his connection also, along with it as is temple road. Over there is the worship place of Sikh people. That is why it is said as temple road. There is the training place of Abu Ishaq Rehmatullah Alaih now also, over here his sermon used to happen. I am not able to decide the place hundred percent but in this area his sermon used to happen.
Start of tasbeeh house:
I have said earlier also that when I was founding place for myself so at night my Hazrat, my Murshid Rehmatullah Alaih came and said: Tariq you find the place on this same place. Allah SWT will give you and make tasbeeh house here only. I had seen many places when I got the order of coming to Lahore forever. I came to Lahore on twenty third December 2001 and then I got the order here. At night Hazrat Rehmatullah Alaih said: Tariq! See here and rarely he pointed towards one place, there today I am living. The first tasbeeh house was made there. Along with it my Sheikh gave reference that inside this place is beatitude of Sheikh Abu Ishaq Rehmatullah Alaih, here his sermon is done for many years. This is that same place and Mazang is with his connection also. Shah Abu Ishaq Mazang. This connection of Mazang is with his area, he came from there so the name of this place was also kept as Mazang. Just like with the connection of Hajwer there is Hajweri.
Eyes of heart:
Sheikh was giving the sermon, people were sitting, one funeral came in front so during sermon he said, he was a wise man. One eyes are of face, one eyes are of heart. The eyes of face are given by Allah سبحانہ و تعالی already, but the eyes of heart are received after asking them. The eyes of face are received without asking and the eyes of heart are made open after doing much effort and by asking. The one to whom Allah سبحانہ و تعالی gives, the system of it is also some else. The eyes of heart are called insight and wisdom. The one whose eyes of heart are open, in front of him the world of malakoot, the world of lahoot, the system of universe are unique.
Funeral of heaven person:
The eyes of his heart were open. Just after seeing the funeral, he said: wow subhanAllah! Angels are walking with this dead person, it comes in hadis. My master man of madinah ﷺ said that with the coffin of heaven person angels use to walk from his house till his grave. There used to be the lines of angels. That hadis-e- mubarika again comes in front of me. When my master madinah man ﷺ was walking on his fingers of his feet. O Prophet of Allah ﷺ! why are you walking on the fingers of your feet? He said: there are so many angels that I am not getting place to keep my feet straight. There are so many angels in the funeral of this companion Razi Allah anhu. Sheikh رحمہ اللہ علیہ said by seeing from his eyes: wow subhanAllah! There are angels with this funeral. He said it is the funeral of a heaven person. Some people stood up, they said: Let’s offer the funeral of the heaven person. It is the summary of hadis. Due to few funeral the forgiveness of the people who offer it and due to few people who offer it the forgiveness of dead person happens.
Complete trust on murshid:
He said: Man of Qalandar has said and has said truth. Whether our eyes see or they do not see, there the faith on murshid is just like this. Is it anything? Listen something from here so started saying astaghfar. Listen the thing of wonder of murshid from there so started saying subhan Allah SWT. Your trust is just like this little connection, like weak thread. Weak threads never use to work, strong threads work. He said: man of Qalandar has said something; he has said truth, whether our eyes see or not see. According to our eyes people are going, whether more or less but eyes of friar are seeing that angels are going along.
True service:
How did companion رضوان اللہ علیہم accepted? Prophet ﷺ is walking on the fingers of his feet. Companion rizwan ullah alaihim ajmaeen accepted it that there are angels and they are so much, so much that my madina man ﷺ’s feet are not getting straight. This is the example of attitude of acceptance. This is the attitude of walking along. Do remember! The people coming in tasbeeh house! The people who listen to the voice of tasbeeh house! The people to who walk along are always those who walk along with the unseen world. Who walk along with the unseen message. The one who walk by seeing is not the one who walk. I don’t have any cast, purification, wonder or knowledge. Yes! I trusted upon my murshid. I did blind trust upon my murshid and accept him as a true murshid. I have all this only and don’t have anything more. I tried to gain luck by doing his true service. Although I couldn’t do it, that is my mistake only. How much I did, I don’t say it as anything.
Act of forgiveness:
Some friars started walking that they may offer funeral after going there may we be forgiven. When they asked: Whose funeral is it? Said: The funeral is of one callet. But again a trust that what the friar has said, he has said truth. Whether this funeral is of callet but it is of a heaven person so angels are along with it. They offer the funeral prayer. Now they thought that don’t know on which act forgiveness happened! Now for the research of this act they started walking towards the place of that callet. There were old mother was alive. They asked her: Tell any act of her. She said after thinking long: I can see one act. One time one beggar came for asking, she gave her some money. He suggested her that daughter, never urinate in the direction of Qibla. Before dying she got such pain that she got dysentery, diarrhea, and cholera. Again and again she used to get up for going to washroom. There wasn’t any system of attach bath. In big dish sand was kept. She used to do it by sitting there and one care taker of her was along with her. Now when he got up for urinating so she set in the direction of Qibla. She felt that I am in the direction of qibla. She shouted suddenly that, that beggar said to never sit in the direction of Qibla, it is against the sunnah. She just shouted like that over there her soul departed. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has forgiven her on one sunnah of washroom and did so much system of forgiveness that eyes of people of sight saw that there are lines of angels on her funeral.
Love of Madina person ﷺ:
We have to get safe from the web of pugnacities through washroom by reciting its dua. If you have got this addiction so for this addiction you have to ask from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . It may not happen that you go to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی in this addiction. Keep remember! The one who get the addiction of world he doubtfully get the addiction of love of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , addiction of love, addiction of love of madinah person ﷺ, addiction of love and zikr of madinah person and addiction of durood so it would be a big thing otherwise it doesn’t seem possible.
Condition of shock:
There used to be one addiction of pleasure of death also. Then meeting with Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will be done so covers will be removed, eyes will remain open. The eyes of every dead person are closed. The mouth of every dead person is closed. His chin has to be tied. Why? One scene comes in front in which there is the condition of shock.
Heer Ranjha:
I was going in desert; five deer’s were going in front. He said to me: This male is at the back. The hunter was sitting with me, he got new car Vego of Malaysia. He said to me: I was waiting for you, come in my car from your car. I said, oh Okay, your heart may become happy. He was a hunter. He knew that Tariq is very strict in matter of hunting. He said: heer ranjha are going. I said: Which heer ranjha? One very beautiful pair of deer’s was going. He said: Heer ranjha are going. I said: Let it remain as heer ranjha. Thank God, you don’t have a gun with you otherwise you would have finished heer ranjha right now. Then we saw one more animal whose one area was like deer and the other area was like jackal. I saw its tale, I didn’t see him whole. I said: What is this which has come out? All the hunters were sitting with me and their hands were tied. On the back seat I was sitting.
Wonder of nature:
We were passing from bushes so suddenly one animal came out from front. I said: What was that? He said: this is something bigger than male cat also. See the system of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . It’s one side is like jackal and one side is like deer. He use to go inside deer’s silently with its side of deer. The deer’s say that may be it is among us. It hunts the deer by killing them. When it doesn’t get the hunt of deer, it does its side of jackal towards the jackals. The jackals say that may be it is among us. It hurts them. This is the system of that merciful Allah سبحانہ و تعالی which we cannot understand.
Spider of one pao:
One man came to meet me in desert. He was having the box of sweet meat along with him. He said if I get one pao of scorpions so my work will be done. Don’t know where they have made the ummah spin! There are scorpions. Do I hope there in search of scorpions? He said to me: Just right now fresh rates have come. 12 billion rupees I said of spider of 1 pao. I said: I go in forts. There are very old remains and inside those remains there are basements. There would be very big and giant spiders and big and giant scorpions. The water came in his mouth. Then I told him 2 4 more incidents. I said I go there for doing this work. He said his deal is being done.
Innocence of deer:
We were going then he said to me: See that deer, five deer’s were going then he stood far away. He said: the mistake of him is this that he stands after going far away. He says to the hunter: come and shoot me, it is very innocent, it use to be completely insane. He said: See that it has stand then said: now he will stand again by going there. The deer stood again. He said: the hunter shoot over here.
Addiction of Shahadh:
There is one system of shock which gets open in front of the dead person. His eyes, his face, his mouth remains open. This is the system of shock. This system of shock comes in front of eyes and there is one addiction of it. There is one pleasure of death. The martyred person gets that pleasure. About which it comes in hadis that a martyred person says that Lord! How many hairs I have, give me that much lives, then I may again get sacrificed on your name. Lord! Give me life then again death may come, then give life, then death may come. It is one addiction. Death is one addiction. For whom? The one who have got the addiction of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and of his beloved Prophet ﷺ. It is an addiction for him otherwise it is of torment.
Destruction of generation:
The problem of net is a universal problem. This is not a problem of any one area, it is the system of world. On it the white man is also worried; on it black man is also worried. On it east is also worried, on it west is also worried. Generations of generations and houses and houses have been damaged. Crying and sobbing wives and retched flowing tears husband and mothers are worried.
The scene of detestation:
Do take care in toilet and washroom and pay attention while going in and coming out from it and recite the dua of it. If you have got this addiction so make the cleanliness of it as the partner of your life and while doing cleaning keep on reciting this dua in heart that lord! You are merciful. My inside is dirty, and is filthy. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی by seeing these scenes my eyes have also become dirty. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی now I want to make my eyes see this scene of detestation in which there is waste of seventy thousand people, their urine, and there is dirt. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی whole science says that: There are many germs, bacteria and viruses here. But lord! More bigger and greater bacteria and virus than this are in present inside me. While reciting this dua, O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! My authority was still here only because I am fallen inside the addiction, I have got stuck inside the swamp. I have got fixed inside the swamp. Lord! It is not inside my authority that I may come out. Why? Lord! I am helpless, you are not helpless. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی takes me out from this helplessness. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی I am cleaning the dirt of people of faith and human being whether he is whoever. I am doing this only that you may clean the dirt of my inside.
Get the desires of heart:
This is very great act. This is a very great act of getting the desires of heart, of searching the sorrow of inside, for getting rid of this action of dirt and of getting love of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and love of Madina person ﷺ. Some people are those which would not be able to do it, I know that. I will tell them also easy things in sha Allah tala. Which every person will be able to do easily. I will tell some things that which he could do by sitting on bed of velvet in sha Allah tala. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will give him riddance. It is not important that every person could do every work. Some things are those which are not inside the authority of every person. Like if every person wants to clean the toilet then also act sometimes he cannot do that. There should be many options of everything. There should be many solutions of everything. There should be something, somewhere bitter tablet, somewhere sweet tablet, somewhere a bunch, somewhere capsule, anything should be present.
The secret of getting closeness of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی :
Many big scholars, many big pious people, why used to say Sheikh Bahauddin naqh band رحمہ اللہ علیہ as naqsh band. He used to weave the carpets and there are designs of flowers on carpet which is said in other words as jolahy. There are the designs of flowers, he used to make them. He was a pious person. He used to make people learn Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , that is why there is naqsh band and due to this naqsh band is the series of naqsh bandi. Sheikh Bahauddin naqsh band رحمہ اللہ علیہ had the desire of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . He used to cry a lot, he used to ask from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . Oh Allah! Give me the connection with yourself. Give me the love of your beloved Prophet ﷺ. Make me walk on the sunnah of your beloved Prophet ﷺ and make me safe from false Gods. Make me come out of the life of shirk and biddat and grand me the life of guidance and faith. He used to ask a lot. One time he got a sign from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی in a dream that on some place there is the bunch of dirt and in it one dirty animal is filled with dirt inside that bunch of dirt. You go and take it out, wash it. Make it clean then do its service, you will get us meaning you will get Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , he did many Chillay.
چلے کٹے پر رب نا ملیا کی لینا چلیاں وچ وڑکے ھو
بلھیا جھاگ بنا دودھ نئ جمدا بھاویں لال ہوئے کڑ کڑ کے ھو
Light of heart:
He got up at that same time at night. When he saw so it was very cold and dirt and inside dirt was there any bad animal which was wrapped in dirt and was trying to come out and it was not able to come out. He gathered his cloth, put his hand inside that dirt, and took it out. He washed it, he made it clean. The drops of it came upon his body and face. After cleaning it he did its service. He did its service and made it eat and drink. It became healthy and then it ran inside the forest. Here it became healthy, there the heart became enlightened. From centuries the light of this flair made billions of humanity enlightened and is making them enlightened also. From centuries the light of this friar is giving light to millions of human beings. Light, guidance, connection of Allah and love of Madina person ﷺ, love from ehl-e- bait رضوان اللہ اجمعین companions رضوان اللہ اجمعین is getting achieved.
Appreciative merciful lord:
As much as it will be the service of low level, that much higher level of reward will be achieved. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی doesn’t wastes the service of anyone. The lord which do complain of his unworthiness from his servants (وما قدرو اللہ حق قدرہ) my people where you did feel my worth! Allah سبحانہ و تعالی does complain. Nauzu billah can my lord be unworthy? Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is clean from unworthiness, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is appreciative, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is the one with all honors, Allah SWT is the one with modesty, and how can he waste the service of his man!
Dua of correction of relation with Allah سبحانہ و تعالی :
My servant does not ask wealth, he does not ask country, he does not ask material, he does not ask money, he does not ask beauty, he does not ask young age, he does not ask rule, he does not ask fate, he asks me by cleaning the washroom. My Allah سبحانہ و تعالی does not see that what is the reason of cleaning your heart? There is Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and Allah سبحانہ و تعالی only. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! I am cleaning and making this body pure only for this reason that I am nearly coming to you on the name of shock of death but my lord! I want that my heart and my body should be clean. It may not happen that I would come to you by taking this dirty heart then for the one who brings the dirty heart then there is the furnace on the name of hell. Just like there is rust on steel, you put them inside those furnaces. Lord! I don’t find the courage to get burned inside the furnace of your hell. I want to come by cleaning everything from here and I want to come after clearing my matters with you.
Decisions on intentions:
Sometimes think upon this service of lower level. This service of lower level will make you get the faith of greater level, acts of greater level and connection with Allah سبحانہ و تعالی of greater level. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will give, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is very merciful. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی sees the intentions of a person or he does not see. I said: Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will see, that this person is working upon which thing! He is an honorable man, he is such a clean person and he is cleaning the dirt.
Sophistication in attitude:
Once upon a time we were going on one journey so on one place outside the village people used to do washroom. One man saw the waste material on one place; he saw on second place, he saw it on third place also, the vomits start coming to him. He just saw the waste material of two three people, he started feeling sick. People are of so sensitive nature, which have sophistication in their natures. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی knows that there is sophistication in nature then also he is washing the washroom for gaining me by washing his internal self.
Abusing in anger:
There is one man of Shikar pur in whose toilet first air freshener is spread that the toilet may get clean, he is himself blind from eyes. Many big and great Imam of Haram are his students, he wears very sophisticated things. He has a life of much sophistication. He said: I used to go to anarkali. There used to be those shops. I used to buy a very good shoe from there, now I do not even come to Lahore.
I said: Come to us some kinds. If I give him invitation so then I would have to make toilet, bed, everything like that. First one man use to go inside the toilet who do air freshener and mix the toilet fragrant then he comes inside it. He was sitting and was talking. Son has become old. He has become more old then him himself. Then sometimes students use to make him irritate so he use to abuse also in anger. Then one time this thought came that I may ask forgiveness from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی on these abusive words. Sheikh! Started asking forgiveness from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . While asking forgiveness again he said abusive and bad words to students and said: Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Then they do irritate me also.
Cleanliness of heart:
Do my Allah سبحانہ و تعالی not know that there are such sophisticated people also. People with such sophisticated nature! A person is cleaning the dirt for this reason that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Clean my heart. Make my body pure. On this thing my Allah pak take the decisions.
Love from sinful person:
One man came to me for taking medicine. I did friendship with him over there. I said: What is your name? He told his name. I said: what do you do? He said: (لائنوں پار ہناں) meaning after railway line there was his area of Chakly, heera mandi. I gave him medicines etc, I did much love to him. I did much concession to him also. I gave him something, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی gave the benefit. I said: you come to me again also, after 8 days show me yourself again. You will become better.
The series of making water drink was so much that his stomach got dissolved. The liver stopped working. The heart stopped working, many things left working. He was the supervisor of those callets. I said to him: You do like this, I am telling you one little word you may recite it. I told him that you may recite Ya Kareem whole day! I said: Is it any difficult? He said: No. I said: Do recite it whole day. He said: My mouth use to be dirty, you know that already. I said: It does not matter, the tongue is clean. You may recite it. He said: Are you saying that? I said: Yes. He said: I will recite it. He came back again to take the medicine. I said: What is the condition of reciting ya-kareem? He said: I am reciting it. I said: you should recite it more. He recited it again. Three to four times he came to me. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی gave him health. Some betterment came in his health.
Dua from merciful:
The name merciful showed its mercy. When on the first day I told him, I offered two nafil prayer. I guess after maghrib or Isha, I offered to nafil prayer and said: Lord! Name is told by you. Servant is also yours. Lord! People say that he is wrapped in dirt. Whole day he used to do supervision of dirt. O my Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Your name merciful has been told. Show me the wonder of merciful level of your name merciful. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی my house is empty, your house is full. I had nothing with me at all. What I have given him a bitter and sweet medicine, Lord! Only you will put healing inside it. I am the hakeem of such name only. What do I have? I presented my whole helplessness in front of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . I said: Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! The hearts of whole universe are in between the two fingers of your authority. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! If you want so you may break them if you want so you may join them. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Show the effect of your name. Make him yours. It is the evening of life. His liver has become opened. There is cancer in it and heart has become finished. He takes four steps, his breath gets choke. Lord! Everything has been finished. He is a Muslitm, his name was Sabir Hussain. Lord! With his name there is the connection of Hussain.
Great people of universe:
That hasbi of universe that reality of universe and that precious caravan of universe, the name of which caravan is Hussain رضی اللہ عنہ . that house, that caravan, those truthful people of true world, which are said as children of Prophet.
I am the fan of children of Prophet ﷺ
This is the luggage of Day of Judgment
Without whose name the durood of Prophet ﷺ does not get complete. Without whose reality, the Islam of Prophet is incomplete. Whose incidents of greatness are told by Allah also, His beloved also, what those people would be like! I said: Lord! There is Hussain رضی اللہ عنہ along with his name.
Trust on mercy of merciful:
He started reciting “یا کریم”. He kept on reciting it, he kept on reciting it, he kept on going and coming continuously, he became very better. Then he used to bring more women patients also. He then passed away. One time he said to me: Tell me this that, will Allah سبحانہ و تعالی forgive me? I cook this charity food also. I do that also, I do this work also, I go on that yours also, that rocking also used to take place, it happens this how also, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will forgive. I said: Hundred percent In sha Allah tala! I said: I have doubt about myself but have very much trust about you. He said: How? I said: You say the name of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی as Merciful. And Kareem is said to the one who do not do any sort of accountability.
Zubaida stream:
It was the time of drought. Haji used to be very worried so the stream of Zubaida was made. Till now also that area of that stream is protected. This stream is coming out from under the mountain of mercy. A very long stream was made. She was sitting on the river bank along with her bondmaid. She brought bill and gave her. It was the bill of some billions of rupees! In that era, don’t know it might be of how many thousands of durham and denar! She brought bill and gave it to her. She picked up the bill and threw it in water. She said: I did it for Allah. People have written in the books, this work which Zubaida did, this is the lowest reflection of quality of mercy. Merciful is said to this.
Directions of river:
I told him this incident of Zubaida and he started crying. I said: Chaudhry sir! Do offer prayer sometimes. He said: I do not know how to offer. Then I told him this saying of Khwaja Ghulam Fareed رحمہ اللہ علیہ :
اٹھ یار فرید تھیں شادول مونجھاں کونہ کر یادول
اے جھوکاں تھیسن آباد ول
Fareed! Stand up. (اٹھ شاد ہو مونجھاں) is said to sorrows. These houses of yours, which are not populated, they will get populated again. These rivers will keep on changing the directions. Today they are here so tomorrow they will be there.
Prayer of pieces:
I said: do offer prayer. One woman came to Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Fareed رحمہ اللہ علیہ and he said to the woman: Woman, do offer prayer. The woman said: Hazrat Khawaja! I don’t know how to pray. Sheikh said: Woman! You know how much of prayer, recite that much. Then after offering prayer, do say to Allah: Lord! It is not my prayer. It is the hitting only. Just accept it. When I told this thing to Chaudhry, so he started crying. I said: Do give the hitting only. Do offer prayer and keep on saying it whole day: O Kareem! O Kareem! Whenever I used to meet him, I used to offer two nafil prayers for him. I used to say: Lord! I have told your name as Merciful. Today I have told about your sujoods. You accept his hitting. What is late for you!
اک قطرہ جو نخشیں مینوں کام بن جاندا ای میرا
Lord! Forgive one drop. The work of whole universe will become better.
End on goodness:
The caravans and cities of them keep on changing, that city has changed. Once upon a time, he came to meet me after a long time. Again he got some pain. When he came to meet so his attitude, his face, his form and his condition was changed. I did not recognize him in first sight. But then I recognized him. Then I said: Chaudhry sir! How are you? You have come to me after much time. He said: We were gone to that some city. I could not come. I have come to take the medicine. I said: What happened of reciting یا کریم? He said: I recite یا کریم a lot. One man was along with him. I said to him: I would like to contact from you in case of him. So you may give me your number. He went after taking medicine. Don’t know what feelings came inside me that I called him after a week or two suddenly. His niece picked up the phone. I talked to him. I said: How is Chaudhry sir? He said: Chaudhry sir has died. I said: How? He said: He was just reciting یا کریم. While reciting یا کریم he died there! He was saying یا کریم loudly in his last time also. While taking the name of Kareem, he got his end done on faith. Subhan Allah!
Last moments of life:
O! Sheikh ul Hadis was also reciting Ya-Kareem in his last moments. To me, one man of Madina Munawwarah, who was near him in his last moments, he told to me: In last moments, Sheikh ul Hadis was reciting Ya-Kareem. It was asked: Hazrat what is this? Said: I did service of hadis for my whole life. I wrote benefits of acts. I wrote benefits of charity and many big and great books. I spend my life in big places of worship while learning big and great knowledge. But right now, only this is seen that if there will be His merciful attitude, then only there will be the end on faith. Heaven will be obtained only from His mercy. With His mercy, the end will be on faith. With His mercy, the Day of Judgment will be better. With His mercy any work will be done otherwise nothing will happen.
Forever happy:
Sometimes I get one feeling that for Sabir Husain Allah سبحانہ و تعالی made me source of giving his name in last moments, he was not forever unlucky. The environment made him, this system made him a part of this dirt that he was made a supervisor of dirt but Lord! He came to take medicine. How many people came to me for taking packet, for taking medicine. They became guests of tasbeeh house and I gave them invitation of tasbeeh house. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی did not only change their lives but he change their generations also.
Sometimes I remember Sabir Husain. I recite kalma and give him. (Arabic text) I give him always. I say to the Lord, Lord! Keep his grave prosperous. He has gone by taking your merciful name but in last age you gave him opportunity of getting directed towards you. You gave him the connection of yourself. You gave him the attention of yourself and you gave him the connection of yourself. He was the partner of this net but in last time he came in the web of your mercy in such way that his end was on faith.
Brief life:
O people of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Life is very short. I will also go and you will also go by making this world of heart and this world of self-prosperous.
May this havoc heart populated
Do the act today there is time
O brother your sensitive body
Will get buried inside the ground
Your coffin will be your covering
Life is short. Make this havoc world of heart populated. If it is populated so make it lush and green. If it is unpopulated so make it populated. If it is populated so make it lush and green. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will make world also, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will make Day of Judgment also.
Took meer jigar take news of heart quickly
What is the trust of lamp of night
Now we are going from vine bar meer
We will meet again if Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will bring




Unique secrets of getting safe from dirt of internet
Part 2
Date of speech: 26th February 2015
Place of speech: Tasbeeh house Khanqah-e-Aaliya



اللھم لک الحمد کما انت اھلہ و صل علی محمد کما انت اھلہ و افعل بنا ما انت اھلہ فانک انت اھل التقوی و اھل المغفرۃ
اللھم صل علی محمد عبدک و رسولک و صل علی المؤمنین و المؤمنات و المسلمین و المسلمات
اللھم صل علی محمد کما تحب و ترضی لہ
اللھم صل علی محمد کما تحب و ترضی لہ
اللھم صل علی محمد کما تحب و ترضی لہ

In sha Allah tala we have to go in heaven:
Our start is heaven. Human being the citizen of earth is an unworthy traveler. He has come from heaven, in sha Allah tala he has to go to heaven. Human being is such traveler in whose path earth has come. That is why he is doing the tour of earth. The tour of which Muslim happens according to the will of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی then he again goes to there from where he has come. The place of Muslim is heaven. As human being has come from heaven, that is why his behavior is also of heaven people. He walks along with the attitude of heaven people, heaven attitude, heaven interests, heaven flight, heaven speed and heaven inventions! This how if I point out so everything may happen like that. In heaven it will happen with pointing out and imagination. i-phone, i-pad are more sensitive than eye but there harmful effects are such as if when the needle is pinned so it is said: Ouch! Or if you feel afraid from any thing, you feel frightened so say: Ouch.
Search of blessings of heaven:
As he has come from heaven so now he is in search of blessings of heaven. He says: the system should be that (تشتھی انفسکم) whatever comes in my heart, whatever comes in my mind, whatever comes in my intuition, it may happen. I would point out and decisions should be made. I may point out like this and I should get foods and with pointing out like this I may fly in imagination and I may reach to the heaven which is 70 million miles apart just in few seconds. Human being is in search of such life and in invention of such flights and in search of such life because attitude is that same.
Sons of saam and haam:
I saw that on one place it was written Samsung. The names of sons of Hazrat Adam Alaih salam were Haam and Saam. The son of Saam became Samsung. One time when I saw the spelling of Samsung so this thing came in my mind. These white people are children of saam and black people are children of Haam. We came out in search of life of heaven. We searched luxury in this life, we searched easiness, we searched comfort, we searched peace and we kept on turning in this race. Actually the attitude of human being is of heaven.
Long effect of habits of past:
There is one man, he sells stamps. I had to get something right. I had to give someone something on rent so father رحمہ اللہ علیہ told the proposal of rent that go and made it written. When I went so one man was standing who used to bring pepsi by running quickly. Few people were selling their property and were giving to others so they were getting it written. They were also sitting along. When the pepsi used to get finished so he used to bring another then after some time he used to point out, he used to bring pepsi again. I kept on sitting for some time. After his work has been done so my work turn would have come. I kept on sitting in this wait only.
When he went I said: He drinks so many pepsis! He said today he has drink very less, he mostly comes to me for selling his property so he drinks pepsi over pepsi. I said: Why do he drinks? He said: I asked this question also one time. He said: The habit of drinking is old. Now that thing has become expensive so I drink with its color, with its addiction, with its taste and with its imagination so that that habit could be fulfilled. He sells his property; he was a duke which is said as dis obedient nawab. With this he does the spending of his life. He says: That is not available. That is why he used to drink pepsi over pepsi and taste that flavor and keep on remembering it. This how he recreates the days and nights of life and makes them forget also.
Out of sense and knowledge:
There is one such life of heaven which is out of the knowing of mind of human being. Just like there are few such books, like there is Hujjat ul Baligha of Shah Waliullah رحمہ اللہ علیہ . About which it is said that if you want to read it so the person who is teaching should be a skillful person and the one learning should also be a skillful person. Whether it is a closed room or forest. The study should be done by sitting there. In common environment, in mind of common person, in his memory, knowledge, mind, feeling and recognition, it cannot ever come.
Space craft:
There is one such life of heaven to which I will say as a married life that it cannot be described here at all. That is the life and it will be given to the person of heaven. Whether that heaven person is man or woman, he/she will get it. Heaven is not any imaginary world. Heaven is not any imaginary castle. Heaven is not any dream that I am sleeping in castle but when I wake up from dream so that same broken bunk and that same broken house. Oh! That was a dream or just a thought. No. it is one such reality, for which science is trying hard to reach there that there is one more system more forward than the galaxies. There is one world which is above our mind. Space craft has spun the universe and the science has spun the barmuda triangle in its mind that it is one such universe which is a reality.
Net of mental hospital:
I met one person I mental hospital of Lahore. Much thanks to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , there are not so many mental hospitals in our country; there are only few of them. Otherwise from where we have got the net, there is a network of mental hospitals. From where we have got this net, there is the web of mental hospitals.
One problem:
That man remained employee in that mental hospital of Lahore till long time then he got retired. He wrote one essay on my insist in the Siyarah Digest. I said: Write it somewhere so that it may come in record. He came along with one problem. You will also feel it unique. If you do not understand it so you may say that it is insane. The thing which I am about to say, you may not understand it, as he did not understand it. That is why he came to me. He was an educated man. He was a psychologist, meaning he was a surgeon of mental illness. He got retired on very good post.
He said: One patient has come to us and he tells the incidents about one hundred and twenty five years before old life. Someone was that. Someone was that. This thing happens on this place, this thing happens on this place. At that time, the name of king was this. At that time, this was the leader. I got lost just like this. Now I have come back. He said: The identification of it is which, they are figures. I kept on listening it one time. Mental people talk like this at our place. We kept him also in the area of mental people. But one time I was listening to him, he was talking very intelligent things. The time which he told and the years which he told. As I have interest in history and so, if I find anything related history in newspapers and magazines etc so I read it for sure. What he was telling, he was telling it all truth.
Strange person:
One time I called him. I made him sit in front of me and asked him that the life which you tell of before one hundred and twenty five years, how do you tell that? Have you read some books? He said: No, I am uneducated. Where I have read the books! I used to live in that place. He said: he did not know that the country got separated in two parts in 1947. He had no knowledge about it. He used to say: India. Meaning of India is that the area which was of India before 1947.
He said: he talks about that only. I connected his all talks. Those all things are truth and he used to do true talks. He says: I was before one and a half century and I lived in the world of before. He uses to talk about that world also. Now I have come back so I don’t know where will be my home! Who remained alive in this one and a half century! How many generations came and got finished! He said: he use to talk such that whether we may say him a mental person or a strange person?
Not mad:
I said: what does your psychology says? You are a doctor. You have exposure of so many countless mental people. You have connection and exposure with mental people for the whole day. What do you say? He said: I do not say him a mad person. What you will say? He said: I do not understand that what I may say! But he is not a mad person.
Wonder of nature:
I told one incident of Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dehlwi رحمہ اللہ علیہ . In the era of Hazrat Shah Sir, some friars got to know that some people of Allah have come in the forests. He said: Let us come after watching them. When he went in the service of friar so he saw: Really they are the people of Allah SWT. He said: it seems like that you are worthy. He tied one thread from one bush to another bush and said: Go through this thread. He bowed down and picked up the thread and went through the thread. After some time he came back and after coming back he said: I went to the city of Egypt and over there I remained till forty five years and I got married and I have two children. He kept on talking like this and I said him a mental person. The friars kept on smiling while sitting. The brain of Einstein is still kept after taking out, who gave the theory of the time and the space. It was this same thing. The time stopped. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی said: Stop.
Journey of Meraj:
My master, Madina person ﷺ when went on the journey of Meraj, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی made him do the tour of all systems. That time was stopped there. My master went along with his purified body, that Meraj was physical. It was not a dream which was seen. He went along with His holy self. He did two tours. One was the tour of Asraa, which was from the house of Hazrat Umme Haani, Makkah till Bait ul Muqaddas. There is one further tour also in which all the Prophets are present inside the Bait ul Muqaddas and Prophet did there leading in prayer and he got the title of Imam ul Ambiya and did the next tour of skies. The bed is warm just like that same. The system is similar to that. Right now the call of Fajr prayer is not given. Prophet has come back. Hazrat Bilal رضی اللہ عنہ is eager to give call of prayer. This was the system of time. I said: This man says truth. For whomever Allah سبحانہ و تعالی wants, he can stop the time.
Wonder of new world:
Einstein was a mental person. What is this system of universe! He ran behind this system and he was only able to describe two to four secrets of this system. He could only do research of two to four secrets. He could only reach to two to four secrets. His life came to an end. His brain was taken out and was preserved. Till now the science is making their intelligence run. What was inside his brain that he got so many secrets? I am swearing by Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and saying (من کان للہ کان اللہ لہ) The one who becomes of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , Allah سبحانہ و تعالی becomes of him. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی becomes of whom so then He removes the covers in front of him. He makes him see new wonders, new life, and new world every day. This is something else that he cannot do expression of it.
Two utensils:
The servants companions رضی اللہ عنہم اجمعین of my master, Madinah person ﷺ who did service at slavery on the pure door always, on the door of madinah person ﷺ after accepting Islam, he says: My master madinah person ﷺ gave me two utensils of knowledge. One that which I have told to people. The second one which if I tell so people will cut my neck or pull my tongue and cut it.
Suspicious system:
There are many suspicious systems of universe. Grave, illusion, life here after, spirit, heaven, moments of death, true dreams are added in this also. Angels, ghosts etc. are a part of suspicious system of universe. To whom whole science is actually trying to wrap, gather and reach till there secret but it is not able to reach. The communication system of net, mobile phone etc. which is based upon raise, this whole system is one effort to know this system also.
Particles of atom:
The rays of sun which comes inside the true from the holes of your window, inside that light there are some particles which use to run from here and there. These are called atoms. On such small particles the world has hit its brain and made atom bomb which has melted the stones and iron of Hiroshima and Nagasaki even. In World War 2 only one experience was done on two cities of Japan. In result of which two cities became the sign of rebuke. The base of it was these particles.
Did not get fall in love:
We have actually come from suspicious world. It is a very suspicious world. I took support of Einstein otherwise you would have said me a mental person. I have brought Einstein by holding him from neck for making my point of view understood. I said: Look! He did research on this thing. Many necks started moving in agreement. As if they are saying: Yes! Now some burp has come inside us and the thing has got digested. This is not love. It is not (یؤمنون بالغیب). If Einstein make us accept this system of unseen so then friend! Your friendship is not done. If Einstein make us digest this system then where does your love and admiration has gone? Where the system of your trust and faith with Allah سبحانہ و تعالی, your love and your connections have gone? Come, somehow you may understand it.
Search of secrets of universe:
Actually we have come from the suspicious secrets of this universe. Telepathy, Raiki, some those rays, eye sights and world of attention, shama beeni. These all systems of universe are actually one effort to get those secrets of universe that maybe we could get those secrets. For getting the realities of this same suspicious world the search of deserts happen.
To me every day in its sorrow whole night happens
To cry somewhere silently
Somewhere talking to heart
This roaming in world is only to get the secret of it
Search of needle:
I may tell truth! These secrets will not be fined anywhere. The one who has got these secrets, he has got them by making the world of heart being populated. Where are you running? Some man was searching something in the light of street. Someone said: What happened? Someone said needle has got lost. That man also started searching it. He said: The needle is not here. Where it got lost? He said: It got lost at home. He said: Why do not you search it over there? He said: Over there it was dark. Where the wealth got lost we did not search it over there.
We went to search it and made our self-lost
Which dream we got decorated in our awaking crazy eyes
World of enjoyment:
Actually we all are people of pleasure. We have reached till net while searching for peace, pleasure and suspicious world. Although the covers of secrets of world have to be removed and peace and pleasure both will be gained with getting connection of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and by making the world of heart peaceful with love of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . If human beings would not be joyful so Allah سبحانہ و تعالی would have done its system in heaven and would not have told us about it to Quran and neither would he have given us its interest. There are wonders of beauty in heaven and scenes of it. You see him, he sees you, and his reflection is seen inside the heart. He would wear 70 dresses. The heart would be inside the 70 dresses and inside the heart there would be your love and admiration present you also see him. Actually we have come from the world of pleasure. There is pleasure and joy in heaven only. Heaven is the name of tension free life. Actually we take the support of net for getting this world that maybe we could get some peace over here. Over there it is not have to be gained because it is not over there even.
Painful vein:
The sermon which was held in the last week, after that many messages came to me. Most of them were of women. There were less of men that you have kept hand over our painful vein. You have given us some destiny that we have got lost in world of net how much and we have lost our everything. Our life has become so much damaged! You said it true that due to this many houses have got damaged.
Embarrassment and illusion:
Today one young was sitting beside me. I was looking his face with much surprise that twenty five days have passed to marriage. Now tell that whether I may give divorce or what shall I do? My wife this and this, what shall I tell! I am surprised. Before marriage, on the name of engagement, pictures, meetings and contacts on mobile phones. Whole embarrassment and modesty finishes there. The system of life does not remain at all.
Evil eye of bad ghosts:
One family came to me this week. It said to me: we came before also. You said one thing that there is the evil eye of bad ghosts over this girl. I am afraid that hairs may not come on the face of this girl. Acne may not come out on her face. Dirty abscesses may not come out, the eye lashes may not fall, the hairs of head may not fall, I have danger. The girl studies in university. She went away by becoming silent. Afterwards she made fun of you a lot. Now that system is done. The girl now remains whole time in veil as the face is not worthy of showing. Why? The ghosts are very much lover of open hairs of women. I use to do act, the ghosts come over them. I use to talk to them while sitting. The ghosts are not under me; neither am I any ruler of ghosts.
Servicing ghosts:
There was our one friend who used to say: The ghosts come and press my feet. They press my legs. I said: They may not press the neck sometime.
Lover of open hairs:
The ghosts are the lovers of open hairs of women, of the open body, of the meat of woman and of the skin of woman. You do not have knowledge of it.
Presence of ghosts:
The psychologist about whom I just discussed right now, who was the doctor of mental hospital. He was very strange person. He gave me many experiences. Whenever I meet any person so I use to say him that tell something. I always learn. I learn with every breath. I learn with every moment and those learn things I made reach to you. That doctor told me one thing. He said: There are two departments in our area. One is the mental hospital of women and other one is the mental hospital of men. Really ghosts come over few women. To whom our common doctor understands as attack that she gets the attack of mental illness. He said: I did not accept his point of view first but after continuous experiences, after many years I said no this is not the voice of mental person, this is the voice of ghost. First I do not use to accept it then I started talking to them.
Working of ghosts:
He said one time for knowing the loyalty of one person I did that really there is the ghost over him or it is the attack of mental illness? I said: today I have come after keeping something in the cupboard of my home. He said: he said suddenly that you have come after keeping this much thousand rupees and you have come after keeping it under that thing. May I tell? You did that work day before yesterday, you did this that day. He said: I am a ghost, doctor understand me. The doctor said: There was the ghost over that woman. He said: I will not leave this woman. The people of her house have left her in mental hospital after getting fed up of her. It has been done for good me that her husband has gone far from her. I will never let her husband to come near her. Why? I have become the lover of her hairs. From there we went to search (after going far from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی) (peace and what we lost!) (Everything)
Impossible return:
One man use to come to me. He sometimes brings many callets with him. He said to me: Give me time. I said: For what? He said: I have to bring some callets. I said: Ok. Some of them were doing veil some of them wrapped their dupatta. One callet came and made me hold one paper. I have kept it carefully. When I read that paper, in it a very strange thing was written. I am a girl of Syed family. My father is right now also that some chair person. Just mistake was done by me that I took out foot from boundary of house. After that the people of family did not accept me. The stumbling of society made me reach here and made the label of callet put on me.
It was written that peer sir I am right now also not a callet. Right now also the Syed of inside me gets awaken sometimes. We are really Syeds from our cast, we are not fake Syed. The temple of our some great man is there, the discussion of some gentleman is in some books. I have done M.sc; I have been studying in that university. She had written strange things, the mind become worried. It has become 17 years to me by coming in this world. Now my return is impossible but I have one wazifa, whenever I recite that wazifa I get the connection of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . I sit and cry for many hours. After that this world pulls me towards that same direction. I want your permission for this wazifa.
Strange addiction:
In which world we started working and where we went! What did net give us? We went to take what and we have come by taking what! Day and night black ghosts, bad ghosts get over this thing (net). The addiction of it is such addiction which is not inside any addiction of world. This is such strange and weird addiction, if for god sake for one time this addiction is happen so it does not leave. It does not get broken, it does not go. Human being does much effort.
World of suspense:
I told about the dua of washroom. The next system from it is of spiritual bath. May I tell the true thing? You can go again inside the world of suspense. That world is of yours.
Renew of kalma:
My one friend said: we went to one place in Africa. He said: We are not Muslims but we are kafir. I said: Why? He said: Our grand-father was Muslim, we are not Muslim. He said: No, you are also Muslim. Look! Your names are of Muslims. In some time they all were saying: We are really Muslims. There was no need of making them recite kalma, whole tribe started say: We are Muslims. We said: Ok. Let’s do this how, let’s do the renew of kalma. Let’s make each other memorize the kalma. You are Muslims but you forgot it.
Worthy of heaven:
You are right now also people of heaven. Now also you have the right of heaven in sha Allah tala. With his mercy, with his blessing, with his giving, with his kindness, with his sympathy we are right now also the people of heaven. In the pleasure of heaven, in the peace of heaven, in the blessings of heaven and in the things of heaven right now also there is our part in sha Allah tala.
Enjoyment of heaven in world:
He said: when a person most forward in the love of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and in the love of madina person ﷺ Allah سبحانہ و تعالی gave him the enjoyment of heaven before his death. He gives him the enjoyment of heaven in this world. You are the people of heaven but come out from this cover little bit. The wall which is in front, just this cover is to be removed and within a second Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will show us the treasures of his unseen and blessings of heaven and enjoyment of heaven.
Things of forgiveness:
Do not know whether Einstein used to accept lord or not accept him and whether he used to accept the prophet hood or does not do that. You are the servant of servants of servants of madina person ﷺ and my Kumli person right? The festoon of his service is on head and the belt is in neck already. The belt of service is around the neck already and this is that great connection about which we have so much hope that in sha Allah tala this is a source of our forgiveness. The service of madina person ﷺ, service of master ﷺ is the source of my forgiveness, this is one hope only.
Secrets of universe:
When Einstein can reache on this destiny, on these such secrets of universe whose connection is with the incident of meraaj, whose connection is with the suspiciousness of the universe, whose connection is inside one moment, with the stopping of time on one side in universe. On one side the time is stopped, and over there millions of years have passed. Here according to us right now the time is stopped.
Stopping of time:
Companion رضوان اللہ اجمعین made the time stopped by requesting from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . One day fight took place with non-Muslims. When the day used to get over so the war used to get finished. Next day we will again do the matter of win and lose. In one fight the fight continued till 2 days but the decision was not done. When the third dayof war was again near to get finished, the companions’ رضوان اللہ اجمعین requested to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی : Lord! Stop the day of today over here and give us success. The time when the success was gained then the day got finished. They requested from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and Allah سبحانہ و تعالی made the time stopped.
The level of Hazrat Bilal رضی اللہ عنہ:
It was said: O Prophet ﷺ of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی there is error in his tongue. Hazrat Bilal رضی اللہ عنہ cannot say Ash’had properly. You may change the caller of prayer. The caller of prayer got changed and over there the system of universe got changed. The companion’s رضی اللہ عنہم اجمعین we’re watching by lifting their heads, why morning is not coming today? The time has stopped. At last Hazrat Bilal رضی اللہ عنہ give call for prayer so the time got command that time! Now move on.
Similarly Prophet ﷺ was eating the sehri. Hazrat Bilal رضی اللہ عنہ came that O Prophet ﷺ of Allah SWT the time has finished, you may stop eating the food. Prophet ﷺ kept on eating. Hazrat Bilal رضی اللہ عنہ came again and said again. Prophet ﷺ kept on eating the food. Then he came and said: I swear by Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! The time has finished. Prophet ﷺ hold back the hand and stopped eating the food. O Prophet ﷺ of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی what is this incident? I said first time, I said second time and then said third time after doing swear. It was said: The time has not finished this time also the time at which Bilal رضی اللہ عنہ did swear Allah finished the time.
Effect of attention of murshid:
The caliph of Hazrat Hakeem-ul Ummat رحمہ اللہ علیہ , Mufti wahid bakhsh sir رحمہ اللہ علیہ, I made you listen the discussion of him that it was the rule of Hazrat that whichever letter of follower use to come to Hazrat رحمہ اللہ علیہ, he used to give answer in that. After his death when his letters were picked up that something may be written on his life so he had written to his murshid: Hazrat! With your attention and duas one day I do naïf asbaat (لا الہ الا اللہ) one and a half million times, durood-e-pak one and a half million times, that thing one and a half million times, that thing one and a half million times, Alhamdulillah I do the recitation of ten to fifteen parahs of Quran Pak. This much hundreds of nafils, this much acts are been done. He was also the teacher of Arabic in school and there were many students also. He was the Imam of one masjid for all five times and he was the speaker of Friday also and he used to do his income also. Now tell where your intelligence has gone!
Eyes of face and heart:
Does the mind accept it? One man says: I do nafi asbaat for one and a half million times, (لا الہ الا اللہ) I recite ism e zaat: Allah سبحانہ و تعالی one and a half million times, I recite ten to fifteen paras every day, I recite durood e pak one and a half million times and recite those some tasbeehaat for one and a half million times. And after doing this, there are many other responsibilities also which I fulfill. The one who will see from the eyes of face, he will surely say thi: he is strange and weird. But the one who will see with the eyes of heart, he will say: Subhan Allah! It is the truth.
Pious life, traveler’s life:
We have to gain the secrets of this suspicious world. We have to get knowledge of this world. Do find Allah سبحانہ و تعالی in such a way that get lost in this universe in this way that nobody should be remembered by me. And then live in this world in such a way that nobody could recognize you even. Nobody could know your status, your level and your talent ever. Someone says what and the other person may say what. While saying this, your life may pass and you may become a guest of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . Nobody could know your status. Nobody could even touch to your level, nobody could even think of that. The secrets and personals may go forward in such a way that there may not be finger prints even. There should be such secrets and personals and there should be such wonder and level with Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , that anyone could not even be able to reach to you. No one could ever think this that this person is on such a high level! This much of suspicious world is open on him! No one could ever think of it, no one could ever imagine it.
Destiny of momin:
This is the destiny of momin, this is the status of momin, this is the dignity of momin that in front of him, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی may remove the covers of His love in such a way that
There is the picture of friend in the mirror of heat
You are searching it in some other place. Oh no! You may search inside the heart, find inside the world of heart, make the world of heart clean, and remove the dirt from inside it. Today also the splendors of love of Allah are waiting to come inside your heart.
Get safe from the smell of net:
Get safe from the smell of net otherwise the world of net will make you blind. I am not stopping you from the usage of net; I am stopping you from the smell of net. The dirt of it will make you away from the population of world of heart. It will eat the rizq, roti, beatitude, health, beauty and looks of face, light and happiness of life. This curse will digest everything and then you will roam while crying. Then sometimes you will say abusive words to the government, sometimes to India and sometimes to America, sometimes to England and sometimes to Shia Sunni and sometimes to Deyo bandi Barelvi and sometimes to Ehl e Hadees. He will remain lost in this world; he will remain frustrated, although the reality would be something else. Where the needle was lost and where was he searching it! He will keep on saying abusive words, he will keep on blaming them and will keep on saying bad to the people.
Interest of becoming a boy
Day before yesterday, a woman came to me and made me hold a paper that I have in interest in becoming a boy. I have listened: You are a very great person, you are a man of Allah, I want to become a boy. I said: What is your name? This is the name. I said: the name of boys? I already knew that she would have kept the name and had kept it. She said: My name of boy is this. There was 1hundred percent hope inside her that I may make her a boy. Why? There is always something behind everything. It does not happens just like this. There is a reaction of every action.
Tuition on gun point:
There was our one teacher who used to teach us Physics. He also used to teach tuition on gun point. He used to take paper every week and he used to say to the head master that my class will do top. We listened a lot from his mouth that it will make the name of country and nation bright. He used to collect the vitals from boys. There were two to four students of him from whom he used to ask that if he can give the fee of tuition? I always used to get double zero, two eggs. He used to say: You are very incapable. When I used to do hand so he used to hit when stick hardly on this side and the other on that side and then he used to say in the end that: That is why I say that do take the tuitions. The thing which he used to say in the end, after giving the punishment, that you are incapable. You will dishonor the name of my class. My physics used to be wrong completely but it was good also little bit. I most of the times used to get two eggs and two sticks and after that he used to say a small sentence: That is why I say that do take tuitions.
Strange case:
I asked her, herself: why do you want to become a boy? She said: I have seen the fight of mother and father for my whole life. May I tell the truth? At what time these fights start? There are five reasons behind the fights of mother and father. After listening to millions and billions of cases, the conclusion on which I have reached is, my conclusion can also be wrong. I am not the most intelligent person. Mistake can be done by me. I don’t say myself as the only intelligent human being of universe but what my experience is, it is this that there are five reasons of it. The first reason among them is the haraam rizq. In the house in which there is the usage of comforts and material of office in an appropriate way is done, or the rizq on name of interest or doubtful rizq, whether it may come in any form, just after coming of it in house first of all it will hit the peace. It will make the peace and comfort go out of the house by sweeping them away.
Base of fights:
Secondly, the house in which there will not be the prayer, tasbeeh and zikr, over there there will be fights. Thirdly, the house in which there will not even be the opeing and recitation and learning of Quran and fourthly, the house in which there will be the net, television and this all system present. Fifthly, the house in which there will be music, whether it is in the form of tune of mobile phone, the comfort of that house will be robbed away. There will be fights, worries, problems and difficulties. Husband and wife will become angry just after looking at each other.
Own personal lives
Husband and wife were sitting in front of me. They said me themselves that I have my own life and she has her own life. He explained the matter very openly. I am telling the incident of Lahore. This is not only one case that I have, there are many. My tongue is closed. I will doubtfully go in my grave by carrying many of the secrets in my heart. He said: she has her own personal life and I have my own personal life. She has her personal friends and I have my own friends. We do not get combine in bed for many years. She fulfills the need of her life by going out and I fulfill mine somewhere else. There are so many fights of ours that our hearts are broken. The wife said: I know that he has relation with which women? The husband said: I know that she has relation with which men?
Office of spirituality and peace:
The life has been broken. The base of it is those darkness and those curses which we have kept in our houses. I am saying this all just for the peace of society. I am saying this all just for the peace of environment. I am the ambassador of peace. The name of my tasbeeh house is office of spirituality and peace. I am the preacher of peace. I am the one to connect among different religious groups. I am the one to connect the religions. I am the one to connect the colors. I am the one to connect the nations; I am the one to connect the areas. It is my struggle I am not assertive. It is my struggle that the cast system may get finished. I get satisfied on one thing that in this tasbeeh house, people from every color, every cast, every religion, and every race come with very much peace. He comes after thinking it as his own. He already know sthat no one will do objection on me nor any one will raise the finger. He comes with much peace, comfort and satisfaction. These things make the life eaten.
When parents fight in front of children
That woman said: I have seen the fight of parents for my whole life. Next thing this that the net told me that if you have to get the problems of house solved so it is necessary for me to become am man and by becoming a man only I will be able to solve the problems of house. She was not saying herself in feminine proverbs but in masculine. She started saying herself in masculine form already. The woman who was talking to me, she was saying the masculine words. She was talking by herself in the attitude of a man that I want to become a man.
Reason of uneasiness
When the peace of lives gets robbed? When this small mobile phone, and the net inside this mobile phone gets open. Then one net inside the heart also gets open. The comfort inside it goes away, the pleasure goes away and apparently he is in pleasure and comfort but the life becomes stolen.
Destruction of life:
When one man gave me the news of death of another man, do believe! I remained in sorrow till many days. Death is the reality. Tariq is also waiting for it. The new of his death gave him a shock for this because the mother of that man had become the sister of my maternal grandmother. I don’t know that what her name is. We say her as Nanny Naz. Her, this one son remained in the gulf countries for more that forty five years. He remained far away from the children that the future of children may become established, that the coming life of children may get flourished. His elder son studied in one great school of Pakistan, in which the admission dos not get without the sway of big post people and governors but afterwards he went inside the addiction. While walking in addiction at last he died after doing suicide. The second son went inside his own weird and strange world and the father remained away from the children.
The shade of father was not over the children. The wife, even though in the presence of husband was living a life of widow and children, even though in the presence of father were leading a kife of an orphan. Haji sir used to come after every three years and used to stay for one month or one and a half month. Now he said before one and a half year to quarter to two years: Now I have become tired. Now I may go back and live with children and on the other side the life of children was destructed. He did not get the time of one and a half to quarter to two years. He went forward than seventy five years. Suddenly he got a jolt and phone call came to me that Haji sir has passed away.
Reality of death:
I did not get depressed on the death of Haji sir. The death is an unchanged reality. You will get the people who do not accept the presence of Lord. You will get to meet the people who do not accept my Madina person ﷺ. You will get to see the people who do not accept the companions’ رضوان اللہ عنہم اجمعین, ehl e bait and scholars رحمہ اللہ علیہ. The one who denies the death is not ever found in universe till today. This is a reality.
Search of euro and denar:
There is more sorrow of this thing more than death that he got so much lost from house just to earn money and to get wealth that nothing got in hands. Crying wives, sobbing daughters and crying mothers come to me, whose husbands and whose sons have gone after leaving them. Someone in search of pounds, someone in search of dollars, someone in search of euro, someone in search of darham, someone in search of denar, they went in such a way that what happened in house then is a separate story.
Solution of getting out of web
It is my request from you, I am doing appeal from you, take out yourself from the world of net and mobile phone. If you are no able to take yourself come out at least do try and keep the trust and do not lose the courage. There is the solution of it. I told one solution about the dua of washroom already. The maintenance of this dua, complete system for its cleanliness and secondly, the spiritual bath. You bath is already taken. Someone takes it after eight days; someone takes it after eight parts of day. Someone do every day, someone do take it after three days. Make every bath as spiritual bath. For the spiritual bath, you do not have to wear any special dress. For the spiritual bath you do not have to do any special act.
Short package:
Do recite the last six surahs with durood e pak in start and end before bath and after it seven times, three times or at least one time. If someone do not knows the last 6 surahs or if he cannot recite it even once so he may make someone else recite it from his side. Do memorize the recommended dua of washroom for sure. (Arabic text) do memorize it for sure. I am again roaming around washroom. I made you entered on the name of cleaning of washroom. On the name of reciting dua, on the name of washing it I have brought you again here. Why? Over here the dirt of net is of such kind that with the dirt of washroom only this dirt will be cleaned. Over here this will get washed and over there that will keep on cleaning.
Dependency of act on intention:
After today the bath has to be taken in that way only, just the intention has to be changed. One man had kept very big hairs. I said: Why have you kept them? He said: There is that some actor of India, he has hairs like this. I said: Your hairs are so nice, if you only do the intention of sunnah that after today I have to keep these long hairs in following of acts of master, Madina person ﷺ. The one whom on which Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has done swear. You will become the lover of Madina person ﷺ also and will also become crazy of him and the long hairs will also remain.
Ask truth! With your every strand of every hair, the angels will swing in my heart. My intutuion is saying like this, it is not any narration. My intuition is saying this that the angels will kiss. Why? Now when you have changed the intention so, the act will also get changed. He has completed that sunnah that the one who will complete any sunnah of my Madina person ﷺ in the last era, he will get the reward of one hundred martyr persons. He has completed a sunnah in this era, he changed his intention in that very moment. Now the strands of hairs have remained, there color of them has not changed. Their direction has not got changed, they have not become small or big but with the change of intention, the rewards, status, honor, wonder, level, respect, dignity and greatness have changed near Allah سبحانہ و تعالی also and near angels also.
Way of spiritual bath:
The procedure of spiritual bath is this that, do recite the last six surahs. If you do not know them so make them recite by someone else. The thing which you have to memorize, it is the dua of washroom. (بسم اللہ اللھم انی اعوذبک من الخبث والخبائث) recite this dua while entering in the washroom. Now you start taking bath. Before entering you have to recite it with your tongue. You do not have to recite it with your tongue after entering because the zikr cannot be done with tongue inside the washroom. See! The treatment has shall also be done and the care of shariah shall also be done. Now you recite the dua inside the washroom in your heart, recite it very much, very much and recite it a lot.
Washing of sins:
It comes about Imam e Azam Rehmatullah Alaeh that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی used to make him see in the water of ablution that which sins of that person are getting away by washing? It comes about Hazrat Saen Tawakkal Shah Ambalvi Rehmatullah Alaeh that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی used to make him see that the person who is doing the ablution, the water of his ablution is falling, which sins are being washed with it? Allah سبحانہ و تعالی makes it see to the wise and sufi people. I met one person, after seeing whose eyesight I became very surprised. He comes in the sermon, now also he is sitting. He sees from the eye that from whom bath which water is falling and what is his sin? Imam e Azam Rehmatullah alaeh said in the ear of person sitting next to him that you may leave that sin. That some sin is dripping from the water of your ablution. He said: do forgive me, you said the truth. I do the repentance.
Eyes of heart:
If one person puts the blue color on his body completely and starts taking bath, the blue color will flow from his water or it will not flow? It is seen. The eyes of our face are able to see it. There are eyes of heart too. O the man of Allah! You at least try to ask the eyes of heart from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی .
Clean body:
While taking bath, this imagination is to be done that along with every drop of water, the sin which is of mine, it is getting washed, it is washed. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی makes it wash with the beatitude of this dua. With the spiritual bath, how many un treatable diseases of people, how many un treatable cases and how many impossible problems and difficulties got solved. Only due to this spiritual bath and those people are also involved in this that want to leave the dirt of net, the curse of net and the filth of net. Those people are also mentioned in it whose knowledge was only to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , who wants to leave that such bad deed which was not getting away. Those people are also part of it who wanted to make the life clean, with the spiritual bath they became clean. In it those are also involved who wanted the purity of eyes, they became with the beatitude of spiritual bath. In it those are also involved who wanted to make their tongue, feet, heart, feelings and thoughts pure, with the beatitude of spiritual bath Allah سبحانہ و تعالی made their internal self-purified and the body clean. With the spiritual bath, the un treatable diseases got away.
Solution of skin allergy:
One man said to me: there was itching on my body. I don’t remember that till today if I have not ever applied such medicine from which the itching gets finished. I had the old disease and the doctors said: Such people get the cancer of skin. The last stage of it is this. He said: many years have passed to me, from when in the childhood I got mature, I saw this same disease, I got this disease.
I started doing spiritual bath before the arrival of weather. The summers used to be very painful for me. I used to wrap the long cloths around me by making them wet. He said: Sometimes, the skin used to become soft from water but the burning of internal side did not use to go. I got betterment with the spiritual bath. This beatitude happened that with the beatitude of the spiritual bath now two seasons of summers have passed and I have no feeling that whether my burning is present or not? Whether I have pain or not?
Storm of sneezing:
I met one man to whom the storm of sneezing used to come. He used to eat the medicines of allergy all the time and he had got the vaccination of allergy done as well but the storm of sneezing did not use to stop. He said: I did the spiritual bath, my sneezing got finished. The things which I used to eat and drink did not use to get digested. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی finished the storm of sneezing. (بسم اللہ اللھم انی اعوذبک من الخبث والخبائث) Just after reciting this dua, imagine this that where ever you are taking bath, with every single drop of water, yours and your generations and of people connected with you, all the bad deeds and diseases are getting washed. Whether you are taking bath in a stream, whether you are taking bath in a tube well, whether you are taking bath in a creek, whether you are taking bath in a spring, in shower, in tap, or putting filled tubs, imagine this that with every single drop me that some bad deed, that disease, that sorrow, that pain, Allah it is between you and me or the other creature have its knowledge. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is washing it also and making me clean with it.
Covering in front of eyes:
One man said: Whenever my father comes, someone would hide in this corner, someone would hide in that corner because he used to say many abusive words. One lady said to me while crying that I take away the prayer mat by hiding it from my husband, whole night he used to sit on net and then says abusive words. After seeing the prayer mat, he becomes angry. This dirt and filthiness of net is such that it puts the covering in front of the eyes. As it is said: A person who do bidat, do not get the opportunity to repent, till the last time and he dies without asking forgiveness. Why? He does the bidat by thinking it as the good deed. Similarly, there is such mirror in front of this person to which only Allah سبحانہ و تعالی can remove, if He wants to. Otherwise, till the end of time he keeps on seeing through this mirror.
Reality of abuse:
He said: We started doing the spiritual bath by doing the imagination of father. Our father do not used to say abusive words. There was one devil inside father, who used to say abusive words. There is one devil along with every human being and Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has made the devil of Prophets muslim. There is one devil along with every human being. This devil use to say abusive words only his tongue is used. Our father do not used to say abusive words. That devil used to abuse. With the beatitude of this dua those devil powers lost their power and they became weak. The devil things use to become weak at that time when the angels use to come against them. Now the angels are more powerful or the devil? The angels are more powerful. There is no Allah سبحانہ و تعالی along with the devil. There is Allah سبحانہ و تعالی along with the angels. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی makes the angels come in front.
Protection of angels:
Allah سبحانہ و تعالی says: Angels! Go. Do his protection because this person has expressed his helplessness through (بسم اللہ اللھم انی اعوذبک) and has requested me for my protection. Lord! My hands are raised. I am weak. I am feeble. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Nor my plans work, neither my thoughts work. I have come in your court by getting failed from everywhere. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You send your mercy and make me safe.
Zeal of sins:
Actually the human being wants to say this that O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! I want to get safe from this family, the family of ghosts and devils which lives inside the washroom. Which is not seen by me but the message of your messengers is truth, because the message of Prophet ﷺ is truth, the message of my master, Madina person ﷺ is truth. The true people have said truth that the families live inside which plays with you secret parts. They produce the unnecessary libido inside you and the zeal of sins. They attach the untreatable kinds of diseases to you. They think untreatable kinds of plans for you. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! I want to get safe from them, you make me safe. Actually he has given himself to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and lord is very merciful, He will surely make him safe from the evil of these things.

Attitude of Arab:
It was the attitude of Arab, if the enemy used to take protection in their house so they used to say: he has made my dignity challenged. Now if I make him go to enemies or to someone else so where will my hospitality, my entertainment, my respect and my dignity go? O people of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! My lord is of how much greatness, how much dignity and of how much modesty! Will He make this person go in waste, the person who is accepting his helplessness, his defenselessness and his weakness through this dua. Again and again he is saying one thing: Lord! I am helpless. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Make me safe. I know that such things are attached here (From washroom) which are not seen but they eat the generations of a person.
House fights finished:
One man said to me: We husband and wife used to fight every day. I had listened from you in the sermon about the network of ghosts. I started reciting this tasbeeh (بسم اللہ اللھم انی اعوذبک من الخبث والخبائث) day and night. I used to recite it every day many times. He said: After some days only, I felt that the place of those fights is taken by smiles.
When you smile so he smiles
First the condition was this that there were hatreds.
Complain of people:
It is the complain of many people that I want that my wife would smile after looking at me and I would also smile by looking at my wife. Few wives are also very fool. They become so much lost in children and kitchen that they forget to give a smile to the husband. Then they say: the husband do not pays attention toward us. The husband asks for the smile of second and third day of marriage. Well they are true in their logics. I have to look after these children, your clothes, your food and to the responsibilities of your house. The base of second marriage also comes from here. He says: Give me that smile of life, give me that joy which was in the start.
Taking care of husbands:
May Allah سبحانہ و تعالی give the guidance to few mothers (women). One time I said to one old lady: Go! Go! Go out of here quickly. Sometimes I scold also. I said: Your husband says that you neither wear good clothes and nor you get ready. She said: I am busy in children. I said: Go, you wear good clothes for that husband. Get ready, apply the matchless lipstick. I said: Go! Your house will get prosperous. O slave of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Fights used to take place in your house every day. Smell is coming from your mouth, from your clothes and you are saying that I am taking care of children. You will become mad while taking care of children. The husband will get insane separately. The husband of her said: There is the line of dresses. She says that I have to spend eight days in one dress.
Third marriage:
In our Islam, there is second marriage. In our society there is no second marriage. If one can do justice so there is the permission of four also. There is our one friend. Right now he has decided one million rupees for the third marriage. The one who will make me marry for the third time, I will give him one million rupees. He said to me: you say to someone. He did not say to me that you make me marry. He said: if there is someone, you say to him please. I want to do the third marriage. He is a rich man. The one who will make me marry for the third time, I will give him one million rupees.
Getting fire from fire:
That man said: I started reciting the dua of washroom. (بسم اللہ اللھم انی اعوذبک من الخبث والخبائث) the smiles got spread in the house. That network of devil was the web of hatreds. It got finished. The devil is made up of fire. That is why it lights up the fire. If he would have been made by sand so he would have apply the coldness. He is made from fire, he lights up the fire and he will light up the fire in such a way that you will not get to know about it.
Network of Satan:
The devil said: do you put blame on me? He picked up the juice of sweetmeat on the shop of sweetmeat, threw it on the wall and said: My work is just only this much. When the fly sat over there so the lizard ran to catch the fly. In front the cat of halwa person was sitting. The cat ran for catching the lizard, one man was there, his dog was with him. He was buying the sweetmeat. His dog ran to catch the cat and the trays got turned over. In the matter and confusion of them, the man got killed. The devil said: I just threw a small drop. This is the network.
Helplessness of old lady:
One fight of husband and wife came. The old lady used to say very bad abusive words to her husband. After that she used to say: Hakeem sir! You know that it is not in my hands. The meaning of her is this that she would say that as it is not in my hands therefore whatever I say, I may keep on saying it. She said: Hakeem sir! You already know that I am helpless. I don’t have any knowledge. She is saying it forcefully so that it may come out from her mouth automatically. Then she may say that it was said by Hakeem sir: Yes you are helpless. I don’t have any knowledge. In first meeting she said: You already know that I am helpless. I said: I can only pray for you.
Taking bath in rain water:
Why does taking bath in rain water bring the good rewards and finishes the diseases? Do take bath in the rain water. If the health and fitness gives the permission, if the environment gives the permission and if you have worn such clothes that the clothes may also give the permission.
Finishing of modesty:
That day one young man came, whose mother and sisters were along with him. When they were going so, he hold my hand and kissed it. I have no interest in getting my hand kissed. I become angry on this. If someone kisses my hand so I start feeling sick. I became silent. I hold his hand. I said to the women: You may go, he is coming. He was about to sit. I said: You may keep on standing. Do like this that go home and see your body in the mirror. In font of these sisters, the clothes which you are wearing, your private part is clearly visible. Is the modesty finished in the eyes of your sisters or the modesty has been finished inside you? I said: Do see after going. Well, go now.
Act of healing:
If any dress is suitable so do take bath in the rain water. With every single drop, angels use to come down. It is inside the hadis that my master ﷺ said: With every single drop of water an angel use to come down. That is why there is healing inside the water of rain. Do collect the water of rain. Do drink the water of rain. The person who will recute seventy times Surah-e-Fatiha, seventy times Ayat-ul-Kursi and seventy times all four Qul and seventy times Ayat-e-Kareema, whether it is any disease of universe, it is any untreatable problem, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی gives the healing. It is permission from my side for you. If you add Zamzam in it so the healing gets increased.
The polluted food of innocent child:
I started eating the food of noon. My younger child was along with me. I put the glass on his mouth. He drank one sip. Two to three saliva drops of him went inside the glass. I drank that polluted water. I said: Lord! Today there is the sermon. In the return of this clean polluted water, make me say any such thing which may become a source of goodness of ummah. An innocent little child, who does not even know that what is a universe? His heart is just full with saith. There is faith in his heart, which is becoming fierce and it comes in hadis: In the polluted of momin, there is healing. Who will be more momin than this innocent child!
Healing in every drop:
Sometimes do take bath in the water of rain. There is healing in every single drop. An angel comes down with every drop. Do say to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی that Lord! I have no knowledge; I do not have such eyesight. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! I cannot see. In my view, it is only a drop of water. But Lord! Your beloved ﷺ said, it is surely truth that an angel comes down with every drop. These are the drops of rain, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ; every angel is a light. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Due to these drops of light, finish the darkness inside me and make me enlightened as well. Make my heart also enlightened. Make my body also enlightened.

Beatitude and protection:
Few days before, it was raining. Few drops of it fell upon me. Only this imagination came in me: Lord! They are few drops. If you come on forgiveness so a drop is also enough. If you do not forgive so the ocean is also not enough.
اک قطرہ جو بخشے مینوں، کام بن جاندا میرا
Lord! If you give so a drop is also enough. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی these drops are fallen upon me. How many drops are fallen, that many angels have come. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , where there are angels there come mercies, beatitudes and protections.
Water of Kundh:
I use to go in deserts. One man said to me: This is mineral water. Over there, people of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, use to come for playing hunting, in desert. So over there, there are bottles of mineral water present. One man was giving me bottle of mineral water after opening it. On the other side there was the water of Kundh. I said: I will drink this. There use to be Kundh inside the houses. They have made small little pitchers of sand and cement inside the ground in which they store the water of tobs. (and the water of tobs is actually the water of rain) the rain came. From here and there all the water got collected inside the tobs and that water became clean. That same water gets drink by human beings and animals also drink that. I said: No. I will drink this water. The water of Kundh was dirty and the other water was the mineral water of nestle. I said: No! I will drink this dirty water because the healing which is inside it, it can never come inside the mineral water.
Do take bath in water of rain sometimes. The rain is a very great blessing. If the environment gives permission, if the dress gives permission, if the time gives permission and if the health gives permission, if the health does not gives the permission, then also do take the bath. You will become healthy. If it is not cold and it is hot so do take bath. You will become healthy.
Intention of bath:
Do every bath with the intention of spiritual bath. Just it is about the recitation of the dua. Recite the dua in heart only not with the tongue. While taking bath and keep on reciting the dua of washroom in heart only and this should be the imagination that O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! The water which is falling upon me, this is washing my internal self along with my external body and is washing my every single hair with you command.
Imagination of getting safe from sins:
Do one more imagination also. With water and with beatitude of this dua, my all dirt and filthiness is getting washed. If I use to say abusive words and I want that I may leave saying abusive words, if my eyes get misguided and I want that my eyes may not see any one apart from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . If my ears get misguided and my heart, my feelings, my young age, my life gets misguided and I want that this may not happen so do it with this imagination instead there should be belief that this is happening. Then say to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی : Lord! You yourself say that, my servants! Whatever you think about me, I do like that with you. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی I have done expectation with you with the beatitude of this dua that you have finished this disease, this habit, this dirt, this filthiness, this grime and this evil from me. Lord! I have done imagination of it. Now if you do so it is your kindness. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! My authority is only till here that I was only able to do till here. Now further to make it finish is your work only. The thing which I could do, I did it. Now what only you can do, you do it.
Bath of janabat:
Whenever you do bath of janabat (the bath which is after sexual intercourse) and when you recite the duas in heart only during this bath so does say this also in heart: O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! The child which gets born with it, May there be your help and protection of your angels with this child. (وما ابریء نفسی ان النفس لامارۃء بالسوء الا ما رحم ربی) Allah سبحانہ و تعالی said: People! Do take care. There is one nafs e Ammarah which will remain with you. It will keep on calling you towards the sins. One is nafs e mutamenna, it will also remain with you which will always call you towards the good deeds. If you want to get safe from nafs e Ammarah so there is nothing else apart from my mercy. If there will be my mercy so then only you can get safe. Do the spiritual bath with the intention of your generations.
Protection from idol ship:
One man of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی said to me: I recite the dua of Hazrat Ibrahim AS: O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Make my generations safe from the idol ship. (واجنبنی و بنی ان نعبد الاصنام) Hazrat Ibrahim AS did dua for his generations. It has got into knowledge that the protection of your generations, doing spiritual security of your generations is the way of Prophets. Hazrat Ibrahim AS is the Prophet of Prophets. He is a very great Prophet. This is the way of him. When you are doing the spiritual bath, do the imagination of your generations, the one which is present also, and the one which is absent also. My son, the son of his son, the son of his daughter, my daughter, her children and then their children.
One secret:
My eyes will become close, my body will get finish. The signs of my graves will get finished but the generations will keep o going till the Day of Judgment. If your protection is done till the Day of Judgment so whether the time may come of how much big pugnacities, which ever scientific networks may come and how many there may be the webs of net. Lord! If there is your protection so no one can do anything. (لا ملجا و لا منجا من اللہ الا الیہ لا حول و لا قوۃ الا باللہ العلی العظیم) This I have told you one secret. I have given your one secret. I have given you one point that while doing the spiritual bath, do not take yourself only always but do the imagination of your generations as well. The one which are present and the one which are absent also. Do the imagination of the generations which have to come in the future.
Common thing:
We cannot get safe. When the fire is lit up, to come out from it, is very difficult. When there is dirt everywhere, to get slip in it is a very common thing. When the rain is falling down so to get the drops is a very necessary thing. We cannot get safe but yes we can get safe also. How is that? If there is protection of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , this spiritual bath is one secret of protection and power of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . The bath is taken in the same way so just take the spiritual bath in the imagination.
Small deeds:
The recitation of یا حفیظ یا سلام, eleven times. Keep on doing these little and small deeds. Whenever you have imagination of mobile phone, whenever there is the imagination of computer and whenever there is the system of net, do recite یا حفیظ یا سلام eleven times. Do ask from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی also that Lord! You make me safe from the evil of i. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , give me the goodness of it. Do not give me the evil of it.
Benefit from imagination:
Just like while eating the medicine if you ask from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی that the side effects of it may not happen. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! I may get the benefit of this tablet. Just like that, O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Do not give me the evil of it and give me the goodness of it. While doing the imagination, benefit happens. Only by doing the imagination benefit happens. If a human being do the imagination so he gets a very superb result of it.
Wonder of actions:
I was reading one letter. This is the letter of some man from Chaar Sadah. Chaar Sadah is along with Mardan Peshawar. Hakeem sir, it is one experienced spiritual act which was published in Ubqari. I saw the wonders of it with myself with my own eyes. That act is this that you have to recite the durood e Pak in start and end and in between Ya Hafeez and Ya Sallam till eleven times. Recite durood e pak one time or three times at morning. The whole day, how many duas I will recite the start of all of them is done. (Meaning that is you do not get the opportunity ti recute them all so this durood e pak will become the start of them and will make the acceptance of dua near.)
Small attitude:
I went to one place. Over there one security guard was standing. I said to him: it seems like as if you are reciting the durood e pak. Well ok, blow it on me. He said after becoming silent: Ok, now I will recite. I said: No! You just blow. You are making it hide. He said: I will recite right now. I did good expectation that he is momin, he is muslim, he is sitting free. He is security guard; his work is to see just. He is sitting while holding gun in his hand. Rest, his tongue is reciting durood e pak already, is reciting kalma and doing zikr, is doing deeds. I did good expectation along with this imagination. It seems like as if: You are reciting durood e pak. You blow over me. He said: Now I will recite. My this small attitude made him attach with the durood e pak.
Wonder of orange:
Once upon a time, I went on the shop of books. The guests were along with me. It was the season of going of orange. It was the last season. I bought oranges and gave them all to the people of vehicles and I took only two oranges. The famous shop of books is Sang e Meel. When I went to that shop so, a security guard was sitting on its door. I said: We have eaten an orange. You may also eat. After giving him orange, I went inside. The guests were along with me, they had to look after the books.
When I was again coming out, I said: How was the orange? Do you like it? He said: It is strange. I said: After today you do try that you keep on reciting the durood e pak for the whole day. Actually I filled the lower part of it a little bit so he understood my point of view more in a more better way. A hungry person do not understands anything. The hungry person only understands one thing that he has to make his stomach full. When the stomach gets full then many things are understood. With hunger, a person goes away from the kalma. Maaz Allah!
In the meeting of this same week, one woman came to me that my son has become Christian. He says: Islam has given me what, may God pardon?
Recitation of durood e pak:
I said to that security guard: Keep on reciting durood e pak. Do you know how his attitude became? He stood up. He got the hands shake. He said: Sir, I will recite it for sure. I said: Will it become three to four hundred in a day? He said: I will recite more. I am sitting free.
Act of whole day:
He said: One act got published in ubqari whose benefit I saw myself with my own eyes. Three times durood e shareef in start and end and in between eleven times یا حفیظ یا سلام. You recite in any part of the day at morning, three times durood sharif and do this imagination: O Allah سبحان و تعالی ! How many duas I will recite in the whole day, they are done in this also. Now if you do not recite durood e pak before every dua so the durood e pak which you recited at the morning will get in your work for the whole day.
Benefits of یا حفیظ یا سلام:
He said: I go out of the house after reciting یا حفیظ یا سلام eleven times. Before doing any difficult work, do this act. I do it. In sha Allah benefit happens. Even this that while entering in school and college I recite with the intention of all friends and protection from sudden disasters and evils.
Protection from accident:
He said: It is the thing about 2013. In one school, some labors were doing work on the roof. The roof was of concrete and it had become very weak. I used to do this act of reciting یا حفیظ یا سلام eleven times every day with the intention of all labors that O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! This is very dangerous thing. Keep the foot, those wretched people may fall down from above and the roof is broken and dissolved, to which they are bringing down. Allah SWT no one labor among them may get any pain, may not get any sorrow, may not get any accident. I used to recite eleven times یا حفیظ یا سلام with this imagination. He said: I swear by Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! One labor fell down so hardly from so much height, due to the roof being broken, two times. We thought that whether he has died either the bone of hand or feet must have broken but he was completely fine. There were only little bit of the marks. Just like this, my brother got safe from falling from the roof and the base of it is یا حفیظ یا سلام .
Intention of generations:
May I tell one thing? Do recite یا حفیظ یا سلام by doing the intention of your eyes, by doing the intention of your feelings, by doing the intention of your emotions, conditions and intuition, by doing the intention of your generations, by doing the intention of your child which is inside the ovary, by doing the intention of the child which has just came inside the stomach and if you are going near the wife so by doing the intention of it. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You give which ever child, whether you give a daughter or a son, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Make the system of his protection with your unseen powers. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You do not have lack of angels.
Sigh of angels:
Lord! You have so many angels that today the turn of angels came to recite the salat o salam on the pure grave of Prophet ﷺ, the turn of them will not come again ever till the Day of Judgment. They sigh that they may recite salaat o salam on the pure grave, on the tomb of Khizar, on the grave of sohna, but their turn will not come back again ever till the Day of Judgment. Their shifts work from Fajr time till Asr time, in Asr the shift gets change. Then again from Asr time till Fajr. Two shifts of angels work. Lord! Do you have any lack of angels! In one funeral so many angels came that my master ﷺ was walking on the fingers of his feet. It comes in narration that in the funeral of one companion رضی اللہ عنہ , Prophet ﷺ said: it is the summary: There are so many angels in his funeral that I cannot walk by keeping my feet straight. If Allah سبحانہ و تعالی wants so he may send this much.
System of protection:
Through یا حفیظ یا سلام , ask from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی for your generations, ask the system of protection. If the child is doing his homework by sitting on computer so recite یا حفیظ یا سلام by doing his intention that Lord! You do his protection. The son is having mobile phone, recite یا حفیظ یا سلام that Lord! Protect from any accident and protect the vehicle from going on false paths. Recite یا حفیظ یا سلام that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Do the protection of his life. Recite یا حفیظ یا سلام that do the protection of his materials. Recite یا حفیظ یا سلام that do the protection of his faith. Recite یا حفیظ یا سلام that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی do the protection of his future.
Imagination of last ummati:
Do ask spiritual bath for your generation. Ask after reciting یا حفیظ یا سلام for your generations, ask dua for your generations. Those generations which are not present, to whom my eyes have not seen but they are present in the treasure of souls of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , they are present in the world of spirits. The last human being who will come till the day of judgment who will surely come with the command and will of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , do the imagination of spiritual bath for also, do imagination of duas of protection for him also, do the imagination of all systems of protection for him also. Sometime a father used to be a pious person, but the son become criminal and black guard. The father is helpless, he cannot do anything.
Turner of hearts:
Nooh علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام is the Prophet, but the son became dis obedient. Loot علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام is the Prophet, but the wife became dis obedient. Ibrahim علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام is a Prophet, but the father did not accept his faith. Muhammad e Arbi ﷺ is the Prophet but only the men of 7 families from Quraish are there which accepted Islam. Rest of them did not accept Imaan, did not accept faith. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! The heart is in your authority. Lord! The desires are in your authority. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Intuition and feelings are in your authority. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! The hearts of all creations are between the two fingers of your power. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! If you want so you may make them join. Lord! If you want so you may break them. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You have everything with you.
Dua of Prophets:
Lord! I am doing the duas of unseen protection. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! I know that how many duas of Prophets got accepted after 40 years. The duas of Zakariya علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام after so many years, the duas of Hazrat Ibrahim علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام after so many years and the dua of Hazrat Moosa علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام got accepted by you Allah سبحانہ و تعالی after so many years. Lord! I am doing the duas for the generations which have to come. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی that was the taqwa only, that were the duas only, that Moosa علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام broke that wall and made it straight. He said: The treasure was buried under it. If the wall would have fallen. The children were young, people would snatch their treasure. Allama Imaad ud Din Ibn e Kaseer رحمہ اللہ علیہ has written: He was any gentleman of 7 generations before, he was a father, with whose duas, actions and beatitudes of taqwa that treasure remained protected. Lord! I ask the benefit of my generations also from you, I am asking the safety of my generations also, I am asking the protection of my generations also.
Era of pugnacities:
Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! The era which I have seen today this is a good era still. Every era which will be coming will be the era which will be near to the Day of Judgment and the pugnacities will burst like this as if insects come out of ground after the rain. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! They will be more than this also. Lord! If you want so you may do their protection, if you do not want so you may never do it. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You show after doing it.
First child:
It was the day of Eid. At morning Eid has to come. One very fast train used to work in which I traveled. One ASI told me this incident. He said: The train was full; people were going through their homes on Eid. There used to be one path made of plates of steel between the two bogies. He said: One woman was sitting in the way along with his child. She got the place to sit over there only, it was very cold. He was her first born child and she was sitting by making him attached to her shoulder.
Overcoming of sleep:
I go on long drive. There use to be the overcoming of sleep on me also after two o clock and my partner who use to drive along with me and on 3 o clock then it becomes enough. Sometimes I use to rub my hand on his neck, I use to pinch him and say to the other man: Talk to him, eat his brain. If someone uses to sleep so I say: For god sake do not sit on the back seat.
Angry man:
Chaudry Abdul Akbar Sir is a man with a very angry attitude. Once upon a time he was sitting on the seat which is beside the driver so the driver was sleeping. He said to the driver: O innocent man wake up. Yes chaudry sir. He slept again. After 2 to 3 times he made the car stand and said: You come down I may drive the car, you come along with me. Where the sleep went!
Innocent child fell down:
The old woman fell asleep when she got the blow of sleep, the child was already sleeping.
The mother had made him sleep on her shoulder. When she got the blow of sleep, the child fell down in such a way and went inside the track of train. When the eye of mother got opened so, she shouted and screamed that the child is not present. A great mayhem happened. The people who were sleeping woke up. They pulled the chain. The train got stopped after going many kilo meters further.
The ASI said: I got down from the train. At that time I was on the duty. That old woman and his husband also came down. He was his first born child. The train went forward. At that time, the morning was near and the train reached to the Samata Junction after moving forward from Bahawalpur. One line from the direction of Samat goes forward from the Bahawal nagar towards the Delhi. That line is still present there.
Disaster for mother:
He said: We are walking on the railway line and the old woman is crying and there is some power which is making us walk. During this the morning light appeared meaning the darkness got finished. The train already got stopped after going many kilo meters further. The speed of walking of woman, use to be already slow. He said: In front, it was felt that crows are coming down. The old woman started crying more that the crows are eating the pieces of the dead body of my child. He said: When we got more near so we saw that there are dogs also. The screams of old woman came out. The man and woman both are crying.
Unique scene:
He said: When we went near and saw, so we get to see one unique scene. The child was sleeping on the stones and the dogs are doing his safety and the crows are trying to scratch over his body so the dogs use to hit them with their claws. The crow runs away. Two dogs are sitting for his protection. When we went there, the dogs ran away. The old woman ran and hugged the piece of her liver over his chest so the child started crying. The child did not even get a scratch. (للھم واقیتہ کواقیتہ الولید) my master, the Madina person ﷺ has done the dua that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Make me safe in such a way how you make a dog save. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You do my protection just in a way in which you do the protection of a child. When you will ask the protection of generations so Allah سبحانہ و تعالی make you see after protecting. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی shows that I will show you by protecting like this.
Family of ghosts:
I was sitting on the furnace. I said: The fire was not going on that side. The fire did not go in that direction. The furnace got hot. It got to know that the cat has given children, the cat got food till two weeks how, and this is not known! When the bricks were removed so the cat ran away, the children also ran away. Who looked after them? Who did their protection? Who made them safe? Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Make my generations safe in such a way from this web whose name is net. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! From this dirt and filth which is invisible from my eyes. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! From family and tribe which lives in toilet, which is my enemy, the enemy of my generations, enemy of Adam, is the enemy of Jew, Christians, Sikh, and Hindu. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Make everyone safe from this web. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Do my protection, guardian ship, care and help.
Strange incident:
Once upon a time my father رحمہ اللہ علیہ told me one incident: He said, at that time there used to be no tube wells in our area, we got the well dug. The labors which were appointed to dig the well, they were having the tawa of sand. On this tawa the labor used to cook the roti. Father رحمہ اللہ علیہ said: In one place of it, from the center the roti used to be un cooked always. It did not use to cook whether how much fire they used to give under it. One time that tawa got broken. Father رحمہ اللہ علیہ said: I saw myself that there was one insect inside whose mouth there was any green thing and that place was of humidity, from where the insect came? There is no news of it.
System of protection:
Tawa first used to become hot in furnace, in big furnace than it becomes tawa then it kept on burning in fire, it is the system of protection of یا حفیظ یا سلام, this is the system of guardian ship. If it comes on not burning so it would also not burn the insect even. When it comes on burning so then in one moment just it makes the many things ash. The protection is said to this thing.
Wonder of merciful:
Mata raam used to recite Quran. I saw that park. I saw the tomb of it then it became a colony. I did not see Mata raam. I brought the water by filling it from his well, the water was sweet. Mata Raam used to recite Quran by hiding himself. He got his circumcision done by hiding from others. He was a Hindu. He was very rich. He died. My father رحمہ اللہ علیہ saw his death. I saw his destructed park. I saw his grave. When they were burning his body, the fire did not burn him. The fire did not get lightened up even. The one who is how much rich they burned him with that much oil of nuts or local ghee and the one who is poor they burned him with kerosene oil. They put the nut oil over him to make him burn, they put local ghee, it did not get burned.
At last some Muslims came in front. They said: We are telling that his circumcision is done. They said: No. all the Hindus came in front, he is ours. When the sticks of wood were removed, it was seen that he got his circumcision done. They said: he used to recite Quran. Not any logic made them understood that. The Hindus did not accept it. They said: He kept on going to Monday for his whole life; he used to do Raam Raam. You say: He used to do Rehman Rehman!
Funeral of Mata Raam:
The Muslims said: Well it’s ok, if you do not accept so see his circumcision, at last the condition came upon circumcision. The circumcision is one such thing from which no one can refuse. When the wood sticks were removed 2 respectable men of Hindus and 2 honorable men of Muslims went. When it was removed he had done his circumcision. The Hindus got removed on one side. They said: Let them take the dead body so they may offer the funeral prayer. The funeral prayer of him was offered. I have seen his grave.

Protection from system of torment:
This is the system of protection whenever he wants he may take the work of burning from fire and do his protection. Ask یا حفیظ یا سلام for your generations by becoming a beggar, by becoming a needy, and by becoming a poor person. Lord! When you come upon doing protection, you may show it after doing it. When you come upon giving your safety, you may show after giving it and when you come upon giving your test, you may show it after doing it. You may give the test from such place also from where there are happiness, peace, mercies, respects and success; over there you may show the system of test.
Protection of system of easiness:
Lord! Keep the safety for me and my generations in this system of easiness mobile phone a system of easiness, net a system of easiness, email a system of easiness, computer a system of easiness, this all is the system of easiness. This net is the system of easiness which is sending the message of tasbeeh house in whole world with the mercy of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! In this system of easiness remove the system of torment from me. Lord! Give me the goodness of it, make me safe from its evil, and give me the comfort of it. Remove the pain of it from me. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Give me the peace of it. Make me and my generations and the generations which have to come till Day of Judgment safe from its tensions.
Ask goodness:
Ask goodness from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . Become the desirable of goodness. Become a beggar of goodness. Become an enviable of goodness. He سبحانہ و تعالی is a very merciful lord, He سبحانہ و تعالی is the one who gives, and He سبحانہ و تعالی is a very gentle king. From His سبحانہ و تعالی treasure of unseen, to whomever He SWT gives, all the works are done with it.
Intentions of generations:
Whenever you take bath in washroom, you may say to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! My son will come now and take bath, my wife will take bath, and my daughter will take bath. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! After this my generations will take bath. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! I am doing the duas of protection. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You do my protection also and you do their safety also.
Need of washroom:
I do traveling. Sometimes I have to offer namaz in masjids and the need of going to toilet comes. Over there I recite the dua in heart after pressing my tongue. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! I am reciting this dua. Whoever may entre in it, Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Whether he may recite or he may not recite Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You do his protection. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! When any person of Ummat comes, whether I know him or I do not know him. O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Before me or after me, do their protection. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! You do their protection from every evil.
Acceptance of weakness:
O people of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! This toilet, washroom is a very big scuffle. It is a very big evil but what we may do, we are helpless. Every person, whether he is educated or uneducated, he is intelligent or he is a poor or a rich person, for him Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has made washroom a need. When it is necessary to go also, without it there is no other option. Lord! You have kept constrains with everyone. Lord! Helplessly I have to open my satar. I am helpless, I am constrained. Lord! I am helpless over here. Over there, there are your things which you have kept their as a test. Over here, I am helpless. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Now in this condition of helplessness it is the dua of your beloved ﷺ and the quote of my master ﷺ and the dua of your messenger علیہ الصلوۃ و السلام . I am reciting this because I am helpless from all sides. Help me in this helplessness, support me, protect me, take care of me, and look after me. Without your help, I am helpless. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی use to do it.
Secret thing:
Allah سبحانہ و تعالی is merciful. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی keeps the respect of name of merciful. All the names of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی are very beautiful but Allah keeps much honor of the name merciful. There are all the names of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and every name is beautiful. The best name is Allah سبحانہ و تعالی itself. Why? This is the actual name of Him while others are the names of His qualities. But Allah سبحانہ و تعالی likes His name merciful a lot. Why? Inside it there is the height of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ’s mercy, His pity, His vastness, His gentleness, His giving and his abundance of mercy which is visible from it. That is why Allah سبحانہ و تعالی likes this name a lot.
Queues of angels:
He likes it so much that one man of intuition said that once upon a time I recited یا کریم in my intuition at night. I saw it with my eyes that the angels have started sitting around me, there were queues of angels. There were so many angels that my breath got choked so the angels gave me consolation. They said: Keep on reciting this name. We like it ourselves also. There were the queues and lines of angels and there was their fragrance and said: Keep on reciting this name. We like it. He is merciful. Do the imagination for yourself and for your generations also. We are sinful, wicked, weak, less and dishonored. But the lord is still merciful, He does the mercy. He is forgiving. He does the forgiveness.
Present era away from goodness of previous people:
The merciful knows in our bad era of today that they have not seen the Prophet ﷺ. They have not seen the companions رضوان اللہ علیہم اجمعین and Ehl e Bait. They have not seen the scholars and Sufis. They have not seen Hazrat Khwaja Owais Qarni رحمہ اللہ علیہ . They have not seen Imam Zain ul Abideen رحمہ اللہ علیہ. They have not seen Imam Hussain رضی اللہ عنہ . They have not seen Imam Hassan رضی اللہ عنہ. They have not seen Imam Aun رحمہ اللہ علیہ. They have not seen Imam Muhammad رحمہ اللہ علیہ and they have not seen the caravans of Ehl e Bait رضوان اللہ علیہم اجمعین . They have not seen big and great scholars.
No piece of thorn was left:
They have seen the nets of science and they have seen the deception of universe. They have seen sins everywhere. Then also my man says that the merciful Allah سبحانہ و تعالی becomes pity. In this era, when there are less people who call me and he is included in the list of the ones who call me. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی gets merciful. This mercy is only making me and you drink today. This is the pity that we are being brought up till today.
نہ میں سوہنی نہ میں دولت پلے کیوں کر یار مناواں ھو
Status of merciful:
We do not have anything at all. This is His mercy that we are living nicely. This is His mercy that we are getting roti and two pieces and any blow of sleep and few moments of life. If there would be no mercy so there would be nothing at all. It is a common thing to become monkey and pig. (Arabic text) this is His mercy, His status of forgiveness, His giving and kindness that he forgives the mistakes of His people and keeps on showering the rain of His blessings and does not sends back the one asking sadly.
Few letters off readers which were received to the Ubqari
Face book damaged the pure girl:
Assalam u alaikum! Hakeem sir, I wrote a letter to you in last Ramadan. In whose reply you gave me two wazaif and told me to listen the sermon. I did those acts. Some betterment came, I did expectation from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی but I was able to do it for some time only. I left everything. There did not remain continuity in the act. There are many problems in my life. Alhamdulillah! I am from a well-known and noble family. Alhamdulillah! I have spent a very pure and pious life. Our father is not alive. When we were young, he died at that time. Our mother was a government employee. She made us brothers and sisters study with much effort. Now we have become free from our studies. We have the problems of jobs. I feel lie as if I do not know anything. I only have the job of teaching to do. I feel very afraid in going and giving interview anywhere. For further studies, I could not get the admission done. I have become very fed up from friendships, relationships and from all people.
Hakeem sir, there is only one sin in my life and this is this that I had friendship with one boy on face book. One year before from today, I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me. I spent a very ice life in the open environment of university also, I do cover myself completely. I have never met that boy till today. I have not seen him ever. We used to talk on phone call sometime.
After Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , you are my witness. I am telling you all the weakness if my internal self. I got this much misguided that I used to talk to him on messages for the whole night. I did not get nikah fied with him but I started thinking him as my everything and we reached till this limit that I am feeling very embarrassed in writing that. I loved him in a very pure manner. But in one year we did many bad things on internet. On which we both used to become very embarrassed but still we used to do dirty talks whole night and kept on doing the slavery of our ego. Sometime before, my friend saw me crying in her dream. On which she asked from any gentle man about me so he has told about prevention that you may not do the sins and get safe from every such act which stops from making you in the state of ablution.
Hakeem sir! It is the mercy of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی that He has to make me safe from the sin. I decided that day to say that boy good bye and to live my life alone.
Hakeem sir! I do ask forgiveness again and again but I get misguided. There was very big favor of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی over me but I do not know what has happened to me now. I am very helpless. I also get the istekhara done for that boy.
I try to forget him very much but I am not able to forget him. He and I are from different casts. I am from some other city and he is of some other city. The people of our family will never agree for our marriage. My mother has seen very big dreams for me. I do not feel like my family will agree on it. I do not know this as well that whether that boy is good for me or not. I have blocked that boy on face book. But still when I see the accounts of other friends so I feel him. Then I make myself understand by doing acts.
I have also joined the groups of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی on face book. I am also reading Ubqari magazine regularly. Hakeem sir! I have many friends who use internet etc very much. Whose dress is of half sleeves and to wear such clothes and to listen music is a common routine thing for them. When I see towards them, I only see destruction and destruction.
I get the opportunity to do repent. But as I do not have continuity so my forgiveness does not get accepted. How will I get success? My mother has many expectations from me. How will I prove myself complete on her expectations?
I topped in the exams of school. I have received scholarship but now it is like this that if there is nothing left. It is the wish of my mother that I may study furthermore but I am always and every time in the remembrance of that boy. I really want to forget him. The world has become round. Whenever I use to open my mobile phone so, he is always online on the website. From which my heartbeat gets changed that how he will be, has he forgotten me, I don’t know what more is there. What should I tell you that I am going through what condition and feelings?
I know what is right and what is wrong but apart from it I am not able to do anything. Give me some wazifa. Guide me some that I may forget him. I do not want to ask him by being stubborn to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . There is Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ’s will and wish of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . I am helpless. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی give him to me or else make him go out of my heart. May my test become easy…..
I again and again want that I may do contact with him. Whenever he may come back but I am fighting with my internal self. I do not want to make Allah سبحانہ و تعالی unhappy. Do dua for me or tell me any solution. I also do the acts, I also listen to the sermons, and I do not know how to ask. There is the lack of sincerity inside me. I am very bad but what I shall do I am not able to understand. Someone says that someone has done magic upon me from the family and someone says something else. Although I know, that this all is the magic of internet, which drowned me. I just want to forget him. As much I cry for him, I want to cry that much for my Allah سبحانہ و تعالی . May I get the love of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , the will of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and my entire lost honor. Just this only!!! I will not be able to right anything more than this.
(One sad daughter)
For one in sincere person I hate my real husband
Assalam u alaikum! Hakeem sir, after reading my letter you will for sure become angry for once that what I am doing with my life and more to that, I am not even fulfilling the responsibilities of my husband. It has been some time only to be by getting introduced with Ubqari. After which I feel that why not I may tell my all feelings to you. It may happen that with this the burden of my heart gets light and my life filled with this puddle may become light. I want to tell you that from sometime after offering m prayer, I keep on sitting on prayer mat silently because my tears have become dried now. My routine of talking to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی every day is very old. Few days before, it was my birthday and the call of my husband was coming. To which I was watching silently and my heart was feeling like, I wish, my husband would not remember this day. (Can a woman ever think like this?) When his phone call was coming again and again I picked it up with boredom. I did not feel any happiness. Then he sent some gifts at my home so all the people of family started talking to me because I was completely emotionless and I did not even thanked my husband. I am feeling very weird while writing this all because till today I have come till here by saying this to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی that my heart does not feel comfortable with him (with my husband). Even I do not even feel like looking him. I do not talk to my husband because whenever I talk to him there is so much bitterness in my attitude afterwards I think that it was better that I would not have picked his call because this how I am deceiving with the lives of both. From some time I have listened many Islamic sermons. I have recited Quran with translation in Ramadan. Then I sat in aetekaf. After that I felt that everywhere there are the rights of husband so much that my this bitterness and hatred has increased so much which will make me embarrassed in front of Prophet ﷺ on the Day of Judgment. I have started doing one dua only with abundance that “O Allah سبحانہ و تعالی ! Pick me up from this world because I am the reason of pain for my husband.”
Many times this thought comes in my heart that I may kill my husband. After this thought I recite (لا حول ولا قوۃ) and astaghfar and say to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی that why are you testing me. It is better than these thoughts that I may leave this world. The pain of no one will remain if I will not remain because all the family members have left talking to me. And then I have no children even who will cry for me after my death.
Why is this all in my heart? The reason of this is one man from which my friendship was done on face book. I have no other desire rather than gaining that person. From which I have done much effort. I keep on sitting for him by waking up in the middle of night. When I got him so, I got him also for some time. That engagement got broken after being done. Although I know that I am also married. Now I should think about me and my husband’s life further but it is that person to whom I never forget. When the engagement with him got broken so, I left doing all acts, dua and zikr etc and I started feeling like this that as if I have become resented from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی because he was my only secret keeper and he had authority of giving me my intense desire. I am the creature; I cannot remain resented from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی for long time. I started offering prayer again. Even the recitation of Quran e Pak also. I started reciting surah e Kahf also on every Friday and I started making my heart understand that Allah سبحانہ و تعالی will grant me with the best life partner that I will not feel the lack of someone. He got married and child also. Then, I also got married so; my uneasiness and irritation grew more. Can I ever be so much bitter and rebellion? It was not even in my thinking and expectation even.
I have not even seen one time towards my husband with love after getting married. Sometimes I use to feel it that for my one in sincere friend on internet, I am doing hatred with my real husband. I do not see towards him because that the thoughts which are going inside my mind, they may not come out from my mind. When my family members do the discussion about my husband so, I get irritated. I feel very embarrassed while living with him. That is why my family members have stopped talking to me at all. When I get up and go so everyone starts talking against me. In our house, there is the wedding of my brother after some months. In which my husband has to come. From which I am finding the excuses that my husband may not come in this wedding because if he will come in the wedding so whether how much good attitude I may keep in front of all relatives with him but I have said this to my husband that, do not come in the wedding. Everyone says that my mind has gone out of its senses. Because it is said by all that I do disrespect of my husband. I do this all just for this that all the bitterness which is getting produced inside me, may remain inside. That is all, may not come out in the form of words. How may I explain to you that how much these all take side of that person and say abusive words to me from which my heart becomes narrow? And this is also one reality that no such day and o such night passes when I did not remember the memory related to the past. In every moment, in every minute, only that person is missed by me.
Hakeem sir! I only want to say this in the end that today life has brought me and made me stand on such point so the only and only reason of it is was the friendship of that person in internet (which was proven as in sincere and that disloyal person is happy with his wife after doing marriage but I am not able to accept my husband apart from being married) which got increased to this limit that it has produced many problems in my life. When everything has gone from my hands so now I think that is I would have remained far from internet so maybe I would not have to see this days today……..
After Allah سبحانہ و تعالی I have told my all feelings to you with this reason so that you may guide me in coming out of this life which is full of tensions. Do dua for me especially in your sermon also. Thank you!
The source of destruction of my house also is internet
Hakeem sir, Assalam u alaikum! My name is Shaista and three years have passed to me by getting married. The name of my husband is Shahid. My husband has contacts with many girls on internet. Right now also he has said one girl on face book that my wife and children are dead to me. Now you are my everything and he is about to marry that girl. From when we have got married, my husband is not doing any work and when I say to him of doing work so fight starts at our home. Husband and mother in law both use to fight and my husband says that go out of the house, I do not want to keep you. Now I have two children. Our fights have grown much and due to the fights my husband has made me go out of the house. I lived for some time at the place of my parents. During this, no body from the house of my husband came to take me back and neither any one called and asked that whether we are alive also or not. After some time, I called my husband myself that come and take me, our son misses you a lot and he is sick and my family members sent me along with my husband. Sometime before, my father died so after few days of it my mother in law did fight and my husband said that hit her haq mehr on her face and make her go out of the house. I did not go out of my house. Then my husband and my mother in law hit me very much and called my brothers that come and take her away. My brothers bought me back. Now it has been two months to me. Neither anyone has come to take me nor has anyone tried to know anything. My children, my son use to do father father all the time and they cry whole day while missing him. Now I do not even have the shade of father upon my head. My in laws are searching for the excuses to give me divorce and they are doing case on me that while going from the house I have taken jewelry and cash along with me.
Hakeem sir! We sisters and brothers are married and our mother use to remain very sick, it will be kind of you that you give me some wazaif to bring my husband on right path. To which I may recite and Allah سبحانہ و تعالی would produce such reasons that he may come himself to pick me up because my family is not letting me go now. I will give you duas, you make my destructed house prosperous. Where shall I go along with my children? Do something as such that my in laws and my husband may become all right and my house may become prosperous.
There are many such things right now which I cannot right in letter. Even this that, my husband has said to my family that your daughter have contacts with many boys. This is false. He is just making me disrespectful so that I may take divorce from him myself after becoming irritated. My husband has himself got friendships done with other girls on internet and face book and the source of destruction of my house was also this internet. My husband is doing this all so that I may get out of his life and he may spend time with other girls on internet but I want to go back to my house. Kindly give me any such act that he may nit do any work of giving divorce and come and take me back. I will give duas to you for my whole life. Make the house of one orphan girl prosperous. After Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , the solution of my problems is with you. I will keep on waiting for your answer.
(One sad daughter’ Shaista)
On using face book, the life got destructed:
After Assalam u alaikum! It is said that me and my mother got present in your service. You said us to listen the sermon regularly and to recite surah e Alam Nashrah. After reciting which, the world of my heart got changed and the most important thing that you said, that you have to walk by accepting. When I walked after following you so, the way of living life got changed. I started offering prayer. I started doing recitation of Quran e Pak. I started feeling good in doing service of parents. The life is going very good. But inside, I cry a lot. I am very sinful. I am not getting it that how may I tell it to you? I thought a lot, that I may tell this all or shall I take this problem along with myself only in my grave. And then a voice came from inside and I started writing letter.
When I took admission in college, so I got friendship done with very good friends. But one friend became very special. Who became my very good friend? Then after some days I did contact with her on her face book Id on internet so at that time, his brother was checking her Id. I had to talk to my friend who was not present at that time. Her brother said that she is not there. I said, ok. Then I was finishing the talk but her brother was not finishing it. While talking, I got a good friendship done with him and then I went for meeting him on his saying. This how we kept on meeting and at my home nobody knew this. Then one day came that we both started loving each other very much. He used to love some other girl before me but now he has forgotten her. But whenever I used to fight with him, on anything, so he used to taunt me with that girl. He used to say abusive words to me. I kept on bearing everything and used to remain silent. This how some time passed and he came near to me very much. The relation who is of one husband and wife, much more than that, my relation was made with him. He used to accept everything which I used to say. But he did not left saying abusive words to me, taunting me. I was very fed up but then also I could not do anything. I was helpless. His sister was my very good friend. I supported her in every way and she also used to support me in every way. You do believe, Hakeem sir! At the time when I was making the relation of husband and wife with him, from that time I do not understand anything. I had become crazy in his love and I am today also. I was not even feeling a little bit that I was doing anything wrong. But a voice used to come from inside that this is not right. But I did not want to listen it at all. I gave my respect to him. Now I do not have my respect. He has my respect now. Now I did not want to think about anyone at all. But when he used to say abusive words so while living with him, I also became like him and I did not say abusive words to him, but I started misbehaving with him and then his sister finished the friendship with me. Because she used to feel that I have become changed. Now I have not remained like that. This is why she finished the friendship with me and did friendship with some other girl and left me. Then her brother also started feeling like this and he also left me. First I got the istekhara done that how my relation will be with him? On which it got to know that we both are angry persons and only a dua was told to recite. By reciting that dua, he himself started moving away more and more. According to him, I am a very bad girl. Although you do believe that I never thought of marrying someone apart from him. One time I joined his group on face book, on which he started giving me taunts that I talk with boys. This was his false thinking. I used to talk to some boys sometimes only but I never thought about marriage. He just left me due to this reason. He used to say that your tongue has become much opened also. His parents also used to admire me a lot and they were ready to make him marry with me. My parents were also very happy but now he himself has refused with the marriage. I feel like this that he loves me today also but maybe he does not forgets that thing about face book. That is why he is not doing marriage. I said very much to him that you have my respect with you, do not do like this. But he does not understand my anything and he do not even wants to listen to me. I made him understand very much and say to him right now also that please agree. But he does not agree. I am very sad on my mistake. I asked much forgiveness from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی but I do not know that whether he will forgive me or not. I am a very sinful person. There would be no one such unlucky like me that who does not have her respect with her. I do a lot of dua from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی and do the duas of coming him back also. I want to ask you this that whether I may leave him forever or keep on making him understands? I have made my Allah سبحانہ و تعالی resented while making the world happy. I try to make that boy agree in every moment and do the dua from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی that he may come back because I have given my respect to him. Now I cannot even think about someone else. I have started becoming very sick and very weak while taking this problem inside me.
Hakeem sir! You please give me any such act from which he could come back by himself and may Allah سبحانہ و تعالی put inside his heart that he is not doing good with me. This feeling may produce inside his heart that tomorrow someone can also play with the respect of his daughter also. Even this that the respect of his sister was also about to get bad but I always made his sister understand that she may not do any such act which I have done. She understood what I said and the boy to whom she used to go for meeting with, he did not made her respect dirty. When she used to go for meeting him, I used to recite Ya Hafeez and Ya Salam on her and the verse of surah e Maida and used to pray from Allah سبحانہ و تعالی for protecting her dignity. Her brother got doubt over her many times but every time, I supported my friend and made her safe. Today, thaks to Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , that she has contact with no boy. Hakeem sir! I am not getting anything that what shall I do? The mistake of using face book destructed my whole life. Every coing day is becoming more difficult for me and I have become broken very much inside and I am not able to see any hope of living further apart from this. Now there will be any miracle only which will make that boy agree on getting married with me. (H-Alif)
The wonders of three sips of ablution:
Allah سبحانہ و تعالی has collected all the goodness, all the beatitudes and all the wonders in the ways of His beloved Muhammad e Arabi ﷺ and inside His sunnahs and why it may not happen? When the reason of creation of universe was his existence, was him Aali Sifaat.
Yes! The reward of making one sunnah of Beloved of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی , Prophet ﷺ alive is equal to the hundred martyrs. So why you and me may remain back from it? The recommended act of three sips of ablution has brought what good news and what experiences for us in this era of pugnacities of today, the observations based on it are collects and the sequence has been given to this book. Whether the problem is spiritual or physical, whether the frustrations are of house or of society, many untreatable diseases and many such diseases which require much treatment and sensitive issues got better with the act of three sips of ablution in such a way that the one who listened to it got shocked! Doctors and the people of wisdom became crazy…..! And the people of Allah سبحانہ و تعالی became the people of strong faith….! The act of three sips of water of ablution where back the source of benefits of millions of people by getting transferred from chest to chest of the people who got benefit from Ubqari, guidance of sermon of Thursday and Monthly Ubqari. Over there the bundle of their letters based upon the observations and experiences started coming to the office of monthly Ubqari. Through Majalis e Majzoobi, internet and interviews many people explained the observations and experiences of this act. The chosen incidents from them are being collected and are getting published. The thing which is required is only this that the sad humanity may remove their sorrows by reading the benefits of this act. Come….! We will show you some pages of this book that what is being presented for you in this book. *Suunat of Prophet ﷺ…..benefits, under this heading you are being told the benefits and manaqib of this act so that the patients could know about the reward and greatness of act also along with knowing the healing of his sickness while acting upon it.
The letters of readers which are one from many to whom Hakeem sir have doing arrangement of getting them published as it is from crust to core and the letters in which reader writes about his depressed life, worried house conditions and sickness and diseases filled stories and the he tells about his act through which he got healing and got peace at home.
*The observations and experiences of readers which are sent through letters, Majlis e Majzoobi, internet and face book. Which are interesting also and painful also…! Every single page is the place of shock….! The incidents are such that you will also say this after reading them that…..does it happen like this also??? *The scientific research done upon the water remaing from the ablution and the researches of old scholars and people of wisdom also on it, you will get it also in this book…..! Come…! Let us make you listen some observations present in this book. Mrs. Abbasi Farooq writes from Lahore that there are many unwanted hairs on my face. Idrink three sips after ablution and apply the fourth sip on the place where there are hairs on the face. Alhamdulillah, hairs have remained less. Hamshera Kashif writes from Lahore that wherever I may feel pain or any ache, I do the act of three sips after ablution Allah سبحانہ و تعالی use to give healing. Salma Noorain writes that there were many problems and difficulties but I said this acct for my mother. She got the TB of bones. Alhamdulillah much betterment is gained.
The wife of Mehtab Khan Lahore did this act for the joints pain. It got better. Daughter of Ashraf Khan Lahore writes that I got betterment in cough and mucus. The spinal cord of one woman was tilted. She used to walk by getting low. She got much treatment done but comfort did not come. With this act, my disease of many years before got better.
Farhat writes from Lahore that I got pain after eating food. I did this act for getting rid of it.
The throat of my friend used to remain aching; she got better with this act. *I do this act whenever I have many problem. The pain, ache, sorrow and desire get fulfilled. *One woman from Faisalabad started this act in the allergy of skin. Surprisingly, she got comfort without using any medicine. *Maryam Ata ullah writes that I did this act with the intention of producing softness and kindness in my nature. I got much benefit.
Apart from this, for headache, stomach ache, joints pain, tumor in stomach, back pain, falling of hairs stopped, tension finished, memory loss retained, acidity and tabkheer finished, pain of liver, hepatitis finished, this all and for more unique treatments, read the book “The wonders of three sips after ablution”.

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