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The delicacy of Falooda in Ramadan, and its strange unique benefits

Ubqari Magazine - May 2019

A beneficial and delicious dish! Which we have forgotten

Because the Ramadan of May 2019 is arriving right in the middle of summers, when the heat is approaching with its full might and extremity, then the whole days fast tires a person even more at Iftar time. The human body breaks down due to thirst, weakness and tiredness. Even when the table is decorated with various foods, then also a person cannot eat anything properly. Which is effect is clearly felt in the Taraweeh prayers. Come! In these times of light and happiness let me remind you a delicacy, which you may have, forgot. Which when as read will fill your heart with comfort and happiness. You will feel coolness in your liver and sweetness on your tongue. Yes, it is nothing else but “Falooda”. You have always used Falooda as a delicacy and for cooling yourself.

I will inform you of the medical benefits of Falooda

We are informing you about the medical benefits of it and its use in Ramadan. In old medical books there are various benefits found of Falooda, Hakeems prescribe their patients the use of Falooda with abundance. Come! First be informed of the medical benefits of falooda, and then we will inform you how to use falooda in Ramadan. Readers! In the following diseases, Falooda is many people is used and experienced. Consisting of high blood pressure, tension, depression, anxiety, extreme weakness of the sight, lack of memory, dryness of the body, heat, constipation, diarrhea, stomach acidity, male infertility, heart panic, restlessness, fast beating of the heart, diseased due to heat, and heat of liver etc.  Falooda provides the human body’s muscles and nerves with excellent strength. Let me also inform you why there are so many benefits in it? The vermicelli in the Falooda are actually prepared using corn flour. This corn flour is the actual extract of wheat.  Our flour mills when they grind the wheat, they filter out the Maida flour, they filter out the semolina and the worthless dried out substance, which is left out, is provided to us as “Atta” flour. Which when a person eats, he gets no energy, no strength, no health, no youth, and no marital placidity. One more thing, one reason fights between husband and wife happen is because of this left out substance, which we call as Flour. A sign in enough for the intelligent. Now when a person gets the corn flour from the falooda, eating that give a person everything as in energy, strength, health, youth, memory, sharp sight, strong teeth, excellent stomach, a healthy liver, powerful nerves and the muscles remain active.

Definitely place falooda on your table for Iftar, because...

In the auspicious month of Ramadan, you must keep a bowl of falooda on the iftar table, and yes definitely remember this, that the falooda should contain more vermicelli and less ice and rabri(sweet thickened milk) etc. the more vermicelli it will contain the more beneficial it will become. After food, eat according to need, if possible then come back from Taraweeh prayers and have a small bowl again. You will find that kind of delight and power that you yourself will say, that this falooda is nothing less than a powerful extract. Also give it to your children to eat, their memory will be excellent, they will never need to wear spectacles, and if they are already using spectacles the use of falooda will start reducing its numbers and a time will come when the spectacles will be removed. The body will always feel relief and light. For the Ramadan of the summers it’s a very good companion for coolness. I have listened to all these benefits from Sheikh Ul Wazaif’s dars, which I have tried myself and really found them astonishing.

Drink this tea after iftar!

Readers! This is my tested tip, drinking after iftar gets rid of stomach acidity, and the body feels very light. Recipe to prepare the tea: Green tea, green cardamom, fennel seeds, mint – add all this into water and prepare the tea. Remember that  do not add sugar in it at all. Do iftar, after Maghrib prayer, drink this tea sip by sip. (Muhammad Qasim, Khala Butt, Haripur)

My compositions and their clarification

Up till now all of my compositions which have come I have tried to deliver their references, reality and the cause of composing it to the readers, I will provide the references for all the books, and provide the information that what sources were compiled up to make one book. If there is a mistake in any of my book, please inform me I will be thankful. Earlier because different organizations used to publish my books, now most of my books are published by Ubqari organization, different organizations left out many of the references, keep in mind! If a book is with reference it is known as a research, and if a composition is without references then it is known as plagiarized. That’s why I’m now again I am picking out the mistakes from my books and publishing them so that me and the books are being corrected.

Book Number 54: Society of Prophet’s ﷺ time and modern science: After a long time of hard work I compiled this book, the reason to compose this book was to raise the importance and value of Islamic life in the modern era and European culture. After the publishing of the book, many young adults (male & female) contacted me through phone, wrote letters, and told me there had been a massive change in their life because of this book and they were saved from leaving the right path. I especially composed this book for people with thoughts that Europe and that lifestyle is everything, in this book they were clarified that the real success and riddance is only and only in the Islamic lifestyle. Islam is the real and eternal religion, the European lifestyle is unreal and irrational, European life illustration for modern life has been taken from the following books of Tony, Alexander and Deel Karangi “ life and man, you goodme fresh, See your life, My printed life (Lincon), Young life.

If you read this book, all the thoughts should be that the European lifestyle is actually the reflection of the Islamic principles and rules, whereas the real lifestyle is the Islamic one, and we have to follow it with complete faith and dedication.          

Note: If some reference is missed out by mistake, please inform me, I and always open to corrections. (Editor)

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