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A Simple Rule of Success

Ubqari Magazine - May 2019


One man opened a shop in lock’s market. He observed that several people walk by his shop but rarely get in. One day he observed an incident, which revealed him one of the secret of success in business. He visited cloth market to buy some cloth. He found many shops. He was passing walking by these shops but could not decide to get in which shop. Meanwhile, a shopkeeper invited him to come inside and watch the clothes and then he got in the shop.

He learnt through this experience that majority of the visitors of a market are either new or not linked to a specific shop. These visitors when walk by the shops then become reluctant as to which shop to get in. In that time of suspense, if somebody comes out of the shop and invite them to get in may help to remove their confusion helping them making a decision. Such salesperson most of the time manages to let the visitor get in his shop.

Mostly customers do not have a clear idea about their shopping. Know this secret, use some skill and make many people your fan. The person applied that rule to his own shop, as he would sit on external part of his shop reading the faces of visitors. He practiced very much as he could judge very well while face reading the visitors to distinguish which one is looking for locks and which one has some other aims. He would call the customer once he made sure that he was looking for locks. Using this strategy made him a successful businessman in his market.

Secret of success always lies in simple principles but man considers the success something, which is obtained using extra ordinary measures. You can reach to horizons of success using soft words, hard work, limited resources and sustained efforts. None of these facts is very difficult which a common person cannot obtain.

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