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Cure for heart diseases and depression

Ubqari Magazine - April 2019

Repentance on sins: Feeling sorrow is like repentance of your sins, accepting one’s mistake is like asking for forgiveness and unwillingness to accept one’s mistake is like persisting on the mistakes.

Dear Readers! Break your state of Miserliness, if you have used any medical formula or philter in your life for your physical problems and you got benefit out of it or you have witnessed any incredible incident or heard about it than you can write in UBQARI magazine. Do not think that your experience is insignificant it can help someone in difficulty and it will be a perpetual charity from your side. Please write even if you are not good at it we will do the editing for you.

Cure for heart diseases and depression:

Holy Quran declares itself as the cure for all the chest related diseases. Elders of the salaf have mentioned that 97, 98, 99 Ayats of Surah Hijar as specially beneficial for heart related diseases. Patients should recite these three Ayats with Darood shareef at the start and at end three times in the morning, evening, and blow on themselves, if the patient condition is bad his or her relative can recite these Ayats and blow on the patient chest. The heart specialist agree that burden on mind, sorrow and bad thoughts can be a cause of heart attack. Nabi ﷺ has granted us such blessed words that we can get rid of these diseases and pains by reading them. Nabi ﷺ said: whosoever is surrounded by sorrow worries and tensions, should read these words repeatedly. لا حول ولا قوۃ الا باللہ, this statement is the cure of 99 diseases and the least of them is that the person who recites it will be saved from sorrow and worries. (Hakim)

This statement will cure from all the diseases, especially in depression and heart diseases. To recite it repeatedly will bring peace and blessings in your life. Its narrated by Hazrat Anas رضی اللہ عنہا that whenever Rasool ALLAH ﷺ  faced any sorrow or worry, he used to say یا حی یا قیوم برحمتک استغیث (Tirmazi). It is very beneficial statement for acceptance of duas and obtaining peace. Reciting it repeatedly will cure all diseases. Avoiding fat, over eating and mental pressure and repeating the blessed words given by you not only saves me from the heart diseases but if GOD forbids anyone get any disease than getting cure by these beneficial gifts is assured.

Black Seeds, Costus root: in these black seeds there is cure from every disease for you except death”, it is found in the research that the blood veins are cleared by eating black seeds. Black seeds remove the toxics from the blood. One foreigner heart specialist said that only one medicine can directly provide energy to heart and that is costus root. Nabi ﷺ used this medicine for bacteria and many other untreatable diseases where the patient was healed. Black seeds 100 grams; costus root 25 grams, grind these medicines, sieve it and mix it. Use half tea spoon after the breakfast. (Umai Ahmad)

Students, teachers and for those working under stress should not worry!

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslama-O-Alaikum! Once you told a amal in Karachi and also gave me permission in the letter, it is: read this in the nawafils between the faraz prayers in this order:- Surah ALAM NASHRAH in the first rakah, Surah Feel in the second Rakah. I got lot of benefit from this amal myself, remarkable memory, for blessings in time and improve memory this is a very beneficial. Now I tell this to everybody. Ubqari readers should also spread this and do this with the intention of the whole ummah and also remember this wrongdoer in their prayers.

Achieve awing and grandness by twig (Maswak): maswak is the sunnah of Rasool ALLAH ﷺ, how it can be non-beneficial? Where I had many other benefits I also achieve awing and grandness by it. I am a teacher and keeping students under awing is a must for every teacher. Once I read in Ubqari about the benefits of keeping the Maswak in the pocket and cleaning teeth with maswak all the time by allama lahoti, among other benefits it was also mention that whoever will do maswak will achieve awing and grandness. More sheikhul wazaif also mentions in his lectures frequently that brakah will not stop if you keeping the Maswak in your pocket all the time. Grandness really comes when we keep the Maswak in our pocket. If we touch the maswak from the opposite side to our eyes it will protect our eyes. It’s a frequent observation. Do it yourself and tell others as well. It’s true that we can grow, prosper and be saved with amals. (Muhammad Arsalan, Karachi).

How to remove stains on the cloths?

Khadar of kamalia is very famous, I got a white khaddar suit stitched for my husband, he wore it on a marriage ceremony, while eating the food, one child went pass him with a bowl full of curry, due to rush somebody pushed this child and the bowl was dropped on my husband’s suit. Imagine the stains of turmeric and oil on this expensive suit, when my husband saw this condition of this cloths he came back home. I gave him a second suit. I spread that suit under the sun without washing so that the turmeric stains may go away. After three, four days the sun heat evaporated the turmeric stains. I took the suit and washed with surf, like this the suit was white like new again. The nature has provided us with everything but out thinking is very limited. Normally cloths get different color stains on them, to remove those colors, the cloth that is affected. Take citric acid and surf equal in weight, mix both of them and dip the cloth in it so that it becomes wet. Now both these things citric acid and surf 

Rub the cloth; it will remove the color stains. If you get the stains of pomegranate or grewia asiatica than let the cloth dry under the hot sun without washing it. Condition is that the sunshine should be strong.

To remove the effect of black magic, read Ubqari magazine and distribute it

Now I narrate you the story of a woman, daughter of this woman was affected with black magic, she went to different people for her daughter treatment but she was not cured. There was very strong magic at their home so that their daughter should leave the house. When they build the new house her sister in law was so jealous that she warned her that she will do black magic on her daughter so that she will not be able to settle down in that house, the women was very worried. One day she came to visit me; I gave her the Anmool Khazana booklet (You can get this from any Monthly Ubqari office or any Ubqari agency holder) and told her that all the persons in the house should read it. She took the anmool khazana and went away; she came back after one year. I am at home; she came and sat beside me. She started to tell me strange happenings “a black cat used to come at my home, she sometime turned into a snake, sometime she used to get equal to the size of a lion, she used to take three different shapes”, my kids and my daughter used to get scared. Suddenly the wall used to blow, sometime we used to get fire in the house, we had new house but also had water leakages. Cloths used to get wet and water got inside the suitcases and get very smelly. “Food used to get insects, what kind of difficulty my daughter did not face, she had marriage related issues, her husband was also under the black magic”, at the end she said to me, that anmool khazana you gave to me resolved all our worries. Everybody at our home read the Anmool khazana like mad; children and the elders did not talk to each other but just read the anmool khazana. In one year, they read in hundreds of thousands of time and kept on reading it. Magic was broken, restrictions were gone, house system became better all our worries and issues were solved. Their three daughters were married and all the pending problems were solved. One woman had three children and she was under huge debt, I also gave her and told her to read Anmool Khazana booklet and buy monthly Ubqari magazine and distribute it. She followed both my instructions. She was from kohat, she spoke to me over the phone after many years, her issue was as she told me, she saw in her dream that she was awake, one man and women came, they had strange faces, they were calling her and she got scared. The man slapped on her back and told her to dance with them. “When I looked in front of me there was a big hall, there were carpet spread out and there were ropes in it, many young girls were dancing on these ropes, they all were wearing the same dresses and same figures. I saw all that and came back home, I could not speak, the man and women teased me so much, after that my younger son cried and I woke up”. I told her the method of Hisar and after that, those creatures did not come back to her. One woman who used to live in a rented house had a strong desire for her own house, but because she was old, her wish could not be fulfilled. I gave her Anmool Khazana, after reading it she got her own house; she has also given another house on rent recently. Anmool Khazana gives so much to everybody so why are to wondering here and there. (Zakya Iqtadar, Bahawalpoor)

I earned a lot from these remedies but not now

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslama-O-Alaikum! Mashallah the different subjects that are published inside Ubqari are full with the spirit of welfare and benefit of ALLAH’s creations and all the humans are benefiting from it equally. May ALLAH accept this effort from you, I am also used to write something on and off to follow your order and you are so kind to publish our writings as well, it is your kindness. All sorts of patients visit my clinic, some days back one patient came who was very worried related to his financial and physical issues. He used to go to doctors who advise him to operate and even after operation, there was no guarantee for cure. The herbal practitioners were unable to treat him; he was very disappointed to the highest level. After telling me about his disease he said that he has been to many herbal practitioners but did not get cure of his disease after taking lot of medicines. He asked me if I have any treatment for his disease. I answered was yes which made him very happy, he told me that he will pay for the medicine and will give me gifts. His disease was called fistula, ALHMDOLILAH I gave him safufai Rahmat that was a specialty of our clinic. This treatment has been done to thousands of people and they got benefit and continue receiving benefits from it. The remedy is a special gift to the Ubqari readers; it will be beneficial all the time. Prepare this remedy, use it and remember me in your duas. HUA SHAFI: salyara, chaksu, fennel, carom seeds equal in weight, grind all these medicines separately and the medicine is ready, use half spoon with water for ten to fifteen days. It will cure the disease completely. Use it for one month, after some time the same young person came to me and kissed my forehead in happiness, gave me lot of duas and gifts.

Second remedy: it brought me lot of financial benefits; it is also here for you. To conceive if there is no apparent problem with the partners than there is no reason why this remedy will not work. Take 41 cloves, read یا متکبر41 times in each clove. Husband and wife should eat one clove every day. During menses “Taj” this can be found very easily from grocer, grind it and till the time of menses eat one tolla every day with water. After menses prepare this remedy and use it, satawar two and a half tolla, baal giri two and a half tolla, kasratai sing garah one tolla, sucrose sugar ¼ kg, eat one spoon on empty stomach in the morning and with the blessing of ALLAH get children.

Third remedy: for those whose baby dies during pregnancy, this is a very beneficial remedy. Tukham kasoot 4 tollas, nelofar 2 tollas, raiwand chini 4 tollas, folad pathri 4 tollas, sucrose sugar 1.5 kg. Spiritual treatment for athra disease is as below

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم 

یااللہ یااللہ یااللہ
یااللہ یااللہ یااللہ
یااللہ یااللہ یااللہ

The female patient should read YA ALLAH 500 times in the morning and evening INSHALLAH the disease will be cured. (Hafiz Muhammad Arshad Zubair, Sargodha)



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