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Recited Kalima 70,000 times! The punishment of the grave concluded and mother in law entered into Paradise

Ubqari Magazine - April 2019

Advice: Advising someone in private is honorable and a cause of correction, whereas advising someone in front of everyone is sorrow. (Imam Shafi Muhammad رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)

(Muhammad Shah Nawaz Ansar , Kot Addu)

She sat me down and started saying “I will be passing away today, you have small kids with you, you will be worried, call someone in Multan immediately” as soon as I heard this, I put together my hands and said “Dear Mother! For God sake please say something good in today’s auspicious day!

Respected Hakeem Sahab, Assalamualikum! In the morning of 12th Rabee’ ul Awaal 7th July 1998 my daughter woke me up and informed me that her maternal grandmother is calling me, those days my postings were in Islamabad and my residence was in Rawalpindi, just two days ago my mother in law came to stay with us for some days from Multan. I stood up and went to the other room where she was waiting for me. She sat me down and started saying “I will be passing away today, you have small kids with you, you will be worried, call someone in Multan immediately” as soon as I heard this, I put together my hands and said “Dear Mother! For God sake please say something good for today’sauspicious day” She replied “I swear to God, I will die today”. My mother in law passed away at 12:25 pm exactly, the neighbors immediately called the ambulance. When I entered Multan at dawn with my mother in law, at that time the streets and markets were at their peak of liveliness. After the burial and after finishing off the Quran recitation on the second day I returned to my duty, whereas my kids stayed back in Multan only. On the first night when I slept alone at my house, I met with my mother in law in my dream, her condition was not very good and her clothes and body were ragged. She looked at me and started saying “ Look at my condition, I can’t even stand up, and I have to go there”. The place she pointed to was a very beautiful garden, and there a date palm trunk acting as a bridge between my mother in law and the garden. I awoke from my sleep. I was very frightened. I remembered whoever recites “ La ilaha il lallah لا الہ الا اللہ ” 70,000 times Allah forgives him. I immediately picked up the counter and started reciting, I kept on reciting the whole day even in my office, till the night I had recited 25,000 times, when I slept my mother in law appeared in my dream again, her condition was better than before but still she was unable to stand up. On the third day, I completed reciting it 70,000 times, and sent it to my mother in law. When I slept at night, I saw my mother in law and got shocked, she had become absolutely healthy and young and she was very happy too, then in front of me, she crossed the bridge and entered into the garden.

The peaceful end of a cleaner of the Mosque

Respected Hakeem Sahab, Assalamualikum! I read the Ubqari Magazine, it is a great deed to publish such compositions nowadays. May Allah reward you for this. I request you to pray for me so I am able to perform Umrah and pray that all my worries and problems turn into happiness and easiness, I am sending you a true incident if possible please publish it. This incident took place 10 years ago. One of close friend’s father in law had passed away. After I was informed, I also went to the house it was an environment of grief there. The sons and daughters and the widow of the deceased were present, I condoled with them. I sat for a while and after some time I stood up near the funeral with other people, I was standing in such a way that my sight was on the face of the deceased. People standing there were mentioning how the late person was on bed for the past 12 years, and yet he had no injury or wound on his back unlike what normally happens, he was a very pious person, he had a shine on his face. As we all were seeing, on the deceased’s right cheek the word “Allah” began appearing, it was Allah’s power first the letter “Alif” formed and subsequently the whole word was written. Believe me, everyone who was standing there entered into a strange condition, the Allah was written beautifully, the mind was left awe struck. The deceased’s wife and children also were surprised but the wife of the deceased had a satisfied look on her face, because she was aware of all the good deeds performed by her husband in his life, and what gift her husband got in front of the people, did he want anything more better than that? This was just the beginning of his journey ahead. Awe! The greatness of Allah. Then the wife of the deceased told us that he used to clean the mosque before Fajr prayer everyday  ( before he was on his death rest), and he continued this service for a long time, and did not allow anyone to know about this, an whatever his collections of his lifetime were he used them to build a Mosque, and spent his entire life living in rented houses. May Allah include us all in his favorite people. Ameen! (Nuzhat Khan – Lahore)

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