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A Syrup That Makes Body Beautiful and Stronger

Ubqari Magazine - April 2019

(Hakeem Farooq, Village Dhoey Wala)

“This syrup is gift in summer. It makes body beautiful and reddish. It keeps body clean during summer. Take one or two spoon of this syrup with one glass of water in the morning and evening. This syrup is useful for hepatitis if used empty stomach in the morning, as it’s anti-hepatitis”.

Pomegranate is a great gift from nature. This is so valuable as its leaves, tree shall, fruit, flowers, skin and roots are useful. Pomegranate offers proteins, sugar, calcium, iron and phosphorus etc. These elements encourage blood generation, help body growth and keep blood in balance. Pomegranate contains vitamin c. It is very wise to use pomegranate to obtain vitamin c. Pomegranate contains iron, hydrochloric acid, vitamin A and B etc.

Let us have a look at its advantages as we are failed to appreciate such a valuable gift from Allah. Sweet pomegranate is used to heal throat and chest infection and lungs problems. It is useful to heal chronic cough. Its juice keeps stomach in order and keeps intestines soft. It extends useful nutrition and energy. It is useful for burning stomach. It’s pro urinating and pleased gall. It makes organs stronger as it generates clean blood. It is useful against chronic heart diseases. Feed it to desperate people to make them feel pleased.

Note: Use it balanced as excess usage cause constipation.

Some Useful Prescription Using Pomegranate:

Use pomegranate’s juice to make your body beautiful.

Ingredients: pomegranates juice one kg, rose water one kg, sugar one kg.

Method of Preparation:

Grind sugar, mix with rose water, put in a pot and cook for fifteen minutes, Mix with strained pomegranate’s juice, cook for fifteen minutes until it becomes a thick syrup, let it cool and fill in bottles. This syrup is gift in summer. It makes body beautiful and reddish. It keeps body clean during summer.

Take one or two spoon of this syrup with one glass of water in the morning and evening. This syrup is useful for hepatitis if used empty stomach in the morning, as its anti-hepatitis.

Stomach Problems

1)      Pomegranates seeds five tola, dried ginger, cumin, white salt, black salt one tola each. Grind and make a powder. This pro hunger and digestive powder is ready. Take six masha each after lunch and dinner along with water.

2)      Grind pomegranates seeds, dried ginger and mint each 250 gms and make powder. Use one spoon along with water in the morning and evening each. This useful for blood pressure, sugar and hepatitis etc.

3)      Grind pomegranates seeds fifty grams, dried ginger seven grams, white cumin seven grams, turbad white twenty grams, black cumin twenty grams, smaq twenty grams, post haleela yellow twenty grams, post haleela twenty grams, lahori salt fifty grams. Make thick powder to heal constipation and thin powder to heal diarrhea. Take two to three grams in the morning and evening after meal along with water. This powder is pro hunger, helps digesting and extends power to stomach and intestines. 


Abdomen Problems: Pour salt and black pepper on pomegranates seeds and eat to heal abdominal pain. 

Intestine’s Worms: Dry pomegranates shall in shadow, make its powder and take half spoon each in the morning and evening along with the water to kill intestine’s worms.

Diarrhea Problem: Boil pomegranate’s root shall 4 gms, boil in 250 gms water until half water is left. Strain water and make three dosages. Feed first dosage with empty stomach in the morning and rest two dosages with the gape of one hour each to stop diarrhea.

Stone in Bladder or Kidney: Mix one table spoon of pomegranates seeds in one cup gram and drink to extract bladder and kidney stone.

Soar Stomach: Hakeem Jalenos recommends to cook pomegranate’s seed and eat with honey is useful in soar stomach and taladard gosh. Every pomegranate contains one seed from heaven. Hazrat Ibn Abbas رحمتہ اللہ علیہ picked one pomegranate seed and ate. When someone asked with him the reason for doing so, he confirmed that had learnt that every pomegranate on the earth contains on seed from heaven. So perhaps the one I have just eaten is the same. (Tibrani). This incident has also been honored by the Holy Prophet ﷺ. (Kanzul Amaal, Jannat Key Haseen Manazir, Tib e Nabawi ﷺ ) therefore we must all pomegranates seeds in order to avoid wasting the one from heaven.


  1. Grind pomegranates seeds, mix with honey and apply this paste on non-healable wounds to heal them.
  2. Rub pomegranate leaves along with water on burnt part to heal and prevent blister.


Cough and Chest Problems: Make blend of sweet pomegranate juice 10 tola and sugar or crystalized sugar 250 gms. Lick this blend one tola in the morning and evening each as it’s useful in cough and chest problems.

Bleeding Phlegm: Grind pomegranate shall and apply on chest to heal bleeding phlegm.

Hepatitis: Store the juice of pomegranate in iron pot for the night, mix a bit crystalized sugar or honey to heal hepatitis and generate clean blood.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Malaria Fever: Boil pomegranate root skin in the water, strain and drink that water to heal pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic fever. It also relieves weakness causes after malaria fever.

A Special Coffee for Homemakers: Take a few sips during iftar and keep yourself fit throughout the Ramadan.  Do not forget to read and distribute Ubqari Ramadan Special Edition 2019

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