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Hazrat Imam Jaafar Saadiq (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) was a great scientist

Ubqari Magazine - April 2019

Excerpt From the Weekly Sermon

A Sermon of Peace and Spirituality

Sheikhul-Wazaaif, Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai


Riders of Ahl-e-Bait: Hazrat Imam Jaafar Saadiq (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) was a great scientist of this world. He was a rider of ahl-e-bait. He had a high place among the ahl-e-bait. He is a renowned scientist of the world. His wisdom, his prescriptions and his wonderful things, even today science gets them from him. The reason for this is that he worked hard on the creator. In addition, the creator had opened His blessings of the universe before him.

Service and Devotion: A disciple of his came to a friend of Allah, who used to live with the Sheikh with service and devotion. To live in the service of Sheikh  with devotion is a very difficult job. Often devotion diminishes in a disciple. Whereas everything is achieved with devotion. That disciple used to live with the Sheikh. After some time he said to the Sheikh, “Hazrat all of these weeds speak about their benefits. When these weeds speak I become upset.” So Hazrat (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ ) said, “Brother this is a blessing given by Allah Almighty, write them down.” The disciple started writing them. He saterted writing down their benefits. He named that book as  Hakeem Ghaib Daan [حکیم غیب دان]. This book was published a long time ago. I still have a few pages from it.

The Center of Thought: When a person devotes himself to the Creator, then the system of the whole creation becomes subservient to him. When a person will sit for the whole day and think about the world, reasons, means, things and creation, then only creation shall come to his mind. The creator will not come to his mind. If the creator gets in the heart, if he finds His companionship, then please believe that the whole universe shall become his. The inventions of the universe shall be his!

A few people that we know are such that who have connections with renowned friends of Allah and jinns. Those friends and jinns tell that the dervishes of the early times did not spend most of their times on the creation but on the Creator. Please remember that if we did not give this mind to Allah Almighty, then this mind will think about such plans that due to which the difference between halal and haraam shall finish.

True Knowledge: People of Allah! If we submitted our mind to Allah Almighty then more knowledge shall arrive in it. Then he will judge everything with knowledge. If our heart did not have the commandments of Allah in it, then we shall only have knowledge in it. The devil did not have a small amount of knowledge in him. But his knowledge could not become a cause for his redemption. The scholars and intellectuals of earlier times, they used to think that we have the knowledge of the commandments of Allah and our mind is full of that knowledge. But they did not have any faith in their knowledge. So that is why they immediately used to contact a friend of Allah.

The Contact of Scholars With the Lord: Hazrat Maulana Abdul Rehman Kaamil Puri (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) was a great scholar. He had a huge school. His knowledge and his inference, vision, knowledge were authentic. As soon as his name is spoken, many big wigged personalities bow their heads. In those times he contacted a man of Allah. He said, “ I have knowledge! There is one part of the body that is brain that contains all the knowledge and commandments. But in my heart there is not that kind of a light that should have been. Because the utensil of the heart is empty and the utensil of the mind is full.

Utensil of the Heart: The utensil of our heart shall not fill till the time we submit ourselves to the a man of Allah. The ones who move with the world of the heart. Till the time we shall not submit our heart to such people, the utensil of our heart shall remain empty. If the utensil of our mind is filled with knowledge and the utensil of our heart is not filled with the love of Allah, then there is a chance to be led astray. And if in the heart there is love of Allah and in the mind there are not the commandments of Allah, even then it will be led astray. Then weird religious traditions shall engulf him. And such things shall come in front of him which he shall consider that he will find light because of them. However the reality is that he shall not find light. He shall get temporal happiness and there shall be misguidance in that happiness.

Two Precious Organs: There are two organs in the body that are such that if they are wounded even slightly, the loss is immense. Those organs are the heart and the brain. If you get a wound on the arm or any part of the body, or if the body is fired with bullets, the life of a person can be saved. If a small bullet even touches the heart or the brain, it is extremely difficult to save the life. The reason is that these two organs are such that they are extremely precious. The price of these two organs is too much In the whole world what Allah Almighty has given to the mankind, it is because of these two organs, one is the heart and the other is the brain. The brain is a very important part of our body that Allah Almighty has made it with billions of cells. The science of today says that even if a person lives a hundred years of life, becomes a very big scientist and uses his brain so much even then he uses only a thousandth part of the brain (Continued)

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The Pain Ameliorated By Repeatedly Listening to the Dars

Respected Hazrat Hakeem sahib, Assalam-o-alaikum! Since when I have come to the tasbeeh khana, peace has arrived in my life. I had never offered my prayers. What to say about Friday prayers, I would only offer Eid prayers and that too if I ever willed. Otherwise I would wake up at 10 or 11 o clock even on the day of Eid. But since when I have started listening to sermons in the Tasbeeh Khana. I really like to offer prayers. It sounds peaceful to spend time in the mosque. There used to be anxiety, illness and poverty that finished due to coming to the sermons and by reciting two priceless treasures. And yes, another observation is that my father had a cardiac ailment. There used to be pain in the chest as well. By listening to your sermons again and again and the pain of the heart has finished as well. (Zubair Ahmad, Muzaffar Garh)

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