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Religious does not means not accepted Islam

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

 (Preacher of Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui, Phalat)

Hazrat Maulana is the great preacher of Islam as has entered around five hundred thousand people into Islam. He is writer of a precious book “Naseem e Hidayat Key Jhonkey”

Maulana Khaleeq called me and informed that a gentle man belongs to Kerala and works in finance ministry in Mumbai and lives there since last twenty years. Maulana Sb came across him during fieldwork and turned him to Islam. He has come to graveyard mosque and wanted to see me. This writer talked to him. He was very much pleased on accepting Islam as he termed that day a very memorable that Allah fetched him from darkness and revealed truth to him. This writer congratulated him, requested him to study Islamic beliefs, and invited him to spare some time to join inviting groups. He promised. On a question, he told the writer about his family. His son was working in home ministry at higher post and daughter was principle in a college, while his wife was manager in a firm. The writer then renewed his turning to Islam on desire of Maulana Khaleeq and then as per routine, I tried to convince him to invite his other family members to protect from the burning in hell, instead of just sticking to Islam and making life for himself only. I told him that as you turned to Islam with the belief that without this belief there is no way forward and burning in hell for forever. So it’s acceptable by Allah. And when you know that without this belief torment and hell is written for ever, so what about that wife who left behind her whole family including mother, father, brother and sister etc only to stand with you in up and down of life, shall you let your beloved wife go to that hell ? similarly, how would you feel when your beloved son and daughter burn in the hell and you enjoy in heaven ? Would only accepting Islam enough ? Apart from Islam, it’s against the ethics of humanity. So you should work out on your family members and other relatives as well. I suggested him to bring our friend and preacher Maulana Khaleeq to his home on weekend and let him meet your family members. He suddenly stunned. He responded after a few calls from us apologizing and told that he could not talk to those people as they were staunch religious and they would also discourage me to turn to Islam. I requested him a lot but he was not agree with me. Then I asked him as to when they go on morning walk. He told me that they all go together on beach for morning walk. They I managed to convince him to let Maulana Khaleeq to meet them during their morning walk, if they accepted his invitation then fine, otherwise, Maulana Sb would at least pray for them. He agreed on it.

Maulana Khaleeq called me next day informing that all three members of his family have turned to Islam, Alhadulillah. Then I renewed their turning by reciting Kalma again. Then I reminded to that guy whose name is Abdullah now, his fear about his family. He replied he was wrong. He added that he turned to Islam after a long session of one hour of several questions, whereas his family turned to Islam in just twenty five minutes. I explained to him that man becomes staunch religious to please his God. If you manage to convince him that preaching of any kind other than Islam would never please God, instead it would displease Him, then man turn to Islam with same spirit and firm belief which he was following earlier in his previous religion. Satan misguided the preachers by showing the staunch religiousness of infidels so that preachers become discouraged. Therefore, not only Muslim preachers avoid such staunch religious people but the new Muslim from such staunch religious group also reluctant to invite his family members instead he fears to talk to them on this topic. The strong relation with other religion is not a hurdle to turn to Islam instead it’s a quality to accept the truth. May we understand this fact !!

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