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Born Friend of Jinnat, Allama Lahuti Pur Asaraari

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

I felt that a very big snake white in colour, came out of a door, in the beginning I was slightly scared but then I felt voice of Surah Ikhlaas as it is coming from within me, this is what you were asking for

Interesting Life of Jinnat:

Readers! The more dangerous and full of danger the life of Jinnat is, it is as much interesting too, Jinnat give such information and ways of life which cannot come within the wisdom of a human comprehension, realization, neither can he think about it, the life which Jinnat give and towards which way of life they make one attentive. I recalled a saying of a Jin once that even though I am stating the circumstances of Fauqani Jin, once in a gathering a Jin said a strange thing.


Duties of angels: Said: Human beings are scared of Jinnat and if they do not be scared then Jins are not more powerful than them as there are many angels whose duty is to protect the human being, ordinary person cannot see it and we cannot come near the human being.


Three Sins: The duty of angels is withdrawn when a human being commits a sin or lies or his income comes from illegitimate means. Hearing this from the Jin, my mind was amazed and a thought came into my heart that of course it is the three things which lead to the withdrawal of duties of angels, either a human being commits a sin or his income is doubtful or illegitimate or when he lies. These sins and illegitimate and doubtful income, ends the spirit within him, spirituality and Barakat and blessings. His body and heart becomes dirty and pious and Noorani creation does not come to the dirty place or in other words, his body and heart fills with stench and angels like fragrance and they do not come to the places where there is bad smell and further, his body and heart becomes so old that it requires a thing like repentance (Istighfaar), so that it becomes fresh and this makes it new.


Strange story, I witnessed happening: Once I was sitting and was doing a wazifa (recitation of holy verses) of Surah Ikhlaas, when it was about to end as actually I had recited Surah Ikhlaas 11000 times in one sitting with ﷽ each time with it, in my imagination: I said, Oh Allah! Today, let me meet such a Jin who tells me such strange story or happening or is witnessed instance, which amazes me and surprises me and my passion becomes more alive and strong, I was reciting Surah Ikhlaas and was only thinking about this again and again, I was presenting my this emotion before Allah سبحان تعالی, and it was 40th day that I was reciting Surah Ikhlaas, I was reciting it continuously for the last 40 days, this was an act of hours, but to tell the truth, it did not make me tired and I was not fed up, as the taste of oneness of Allah سبحان تعالی is such a strange taste which dissolves in every part of my body and in every minute rather, once I so felt and clearly I felt it that my body has become extremely light, as if my body does not have any weight at all.


I went even beyond the clouds: Gradually, my body was lifted and it went so much up that I could feel the buildings of the city below me and the buildings and towers of the city started becoming small and I felt that I was passing through the clouds and even I could feel that clouds are also beneath me, I felt the coolness of the clouds and then I went beyond the clouds and started going up and up and then I felt that now I was in some other world which was such a strange world which neither can I write about nor can I speak about and neither can I think about it. Then I moved further up, there was a light feeling within me and a spirit, a light, circle of Nooraniat and peace, within some time I felt that I could smell a strange fragrance and such fragrance came which I had not smelled ever till today and my inside was saying that this is such a quality fragrance and how good will be the fragrance of heaven, I was also reciting Surah Ikhlaas and my recitation of it was not finished and alongwith it I was feeling all these strange things too, I kept on reciting Surah Ikhlaas and the Noor (light of Surah Ikhlaas) kept on lifting me up and I went on going up and up.


Strange peace, Strange harmony and Strange pleasantness: There was a strange peace, harmony and pleasantness within me, a strange pleasantness which I could feel and then I realized that there are a lot of beings around me who are giving me affection and love and hope. I was amazed that what has happened and who are they? Where they came from, there is no human being over here and I was perhaps hundreds of thousands of miles away from the human world but who are they? I was continuously reciting Surah Ikhlaas and again my body was feeling light and I could feel the spirituality and the Noor (light) and peace in my temperament and spirituality in my spirit and then I had another realization and it was that my eyes are closing down and I was getting sleepy, I was in this state and was reciting Surah Ikhlaas too and then I felt as something patted me and in this patting I got so fulfilled and happy that even today I have a complete feeling of this patting and it so felt as if nature has patted me and I felt a commandment of nature which I will call knowledge of the hidden world which was descending upon my heart and my feelings were telling me that before the glorious, the Sustainer, there is lot blessings, Barakat and rewards of Surah Ikhlaas.


Affection with Surah Ikhlaas: I started having this feeling only after 7 days and till the last day I could feel this every day and now I have started loving Surah Ikhlaas and during all the day I wait for this moment and consider this moment to be the most precious in which I recite Surah Ikhlaas. I enjoyed reciting Surah Ikhlaas and use to sit under this rain of blessings and rewards, recited Surah Ikhlaas, wore white dress, applied scent, would spread white sheet of cloth upon the prayer mat 

and would sit with folded legs and would recite Surah Ikhlaas, I had to practice a lot to sit with folded legs to recite Surah Ikhlaas, meaning that sitting with folded legs as we do in ‘Attahiyad’ actually needs effort, but I had put a lot of effort in doing of this exercise and now reciting Surah Ikhlaas with folded legs was not a problem for me and I still recite it like this.

Today is the 40th day: I use to get this spiritual feeling every day, I was praying before Allah SWT that I meet such a Jin who would tell me a strange story which would be true and amazing and such story which would be absolutely true and which I had not heard about before. These were the thoughts and it was the 40th day of my recitation of Surah Ikhlaas. I did not only recited Surah Ikhlaas for 40 days rather I enjoyed it, and had absorbed its Noor (light) and blessings and its Barakat in every pore of my body. Suddenly, I felt that a very big snake white in colour, came out of a door, in the beginning I was slightly scared but then I felt voice of Surah Ikhlaas as it is coming from within me, this is what you were asking for. The snake came and did Salam to me, it was beautiful, was very white in colour and upon it, there were such white spots as if white pearls and jewels were upon him, I was looking towards these pearls, that the snake said sir, you asked for me.

Resident Jin of an inhabited well: Upon hearing the word sir from his mouth, I drowned in a state that how can I be sir? I asked him that who sent you and he said, I was sent by Hazrat Salman علیہ السلام . Actaully, Hazrat Salman علیہ السلام and Hazrat Daud علیہ السلام both father and son were sitting together and Surah Ikhlaas told them about my story and the passion within me and the emotion I had, upon listening this, they became restless and they formally sent me in your service that I should go and tell you the strange happening which was a strange happening in my own life and this happening is unforgettable. I asked him what this happening is. He said, I lived with my whole family in an inhabited well, there is an inhabited well in a far away inhabited area of Balochistan, this is a very deep well, which was operational in some period of time when there use to be some population over there, but now, the population has left this area and has gone to cities, there are only one or two house over there and even they have got the water supply, so they don’t use this well, our residence is this well, this is a happening of the time when people use to fill water from this well and sometimes, if something like animal or a pot etc. would fall, the people use to go in the well and use to take out these things, there was a thick rope with a basket and a person would sit in a basket and this was lowered into the well, this person would have lamp in his hand for light as, 

well was so deep that it use to be dark down there.

If snake is killed, it will result in big loss: It was known in the world of humans that there are a lot of snakes in this well and their elders had told them that these are not snakes rather, are something else, these snakes should not be killed by you as if you kill these snakes then you will suffer a lot of loss and then the elders use to tell them a story of the past that over here there use to be a chieftain and now its been 112 years to this happening, he had only one son and once he went with his servants to fill the water and saw that there is a snake which comes out from a hole in the well and then goes in another hole and then again comes out from where it came out before and then goes back in it, his servants were pulling up the pot of water as it was so big that three men use to pull it up, he was standing over there and watching all this and when the pot came up, he took a big stone in his hand and took aim that when this snake will come out, I will kill it, when the snake came out and it was quite fat but not big, was of average size, he took aim and hit with this stone as he was a hunter and had good aim was resident of the jungle, use to spent his life by hunting, his aim was perfect and suddenly, the snake split into two pieces and fell in the well, he put a lot of pots in the well to see the pieces of snake and after putting few pots in the well, one piece of the snake came out and afterwards another piece came out.

Oh, what has happened, we are ruined: He was happy that his aim was good but after a little while, he realized that our elders use to say not to kill snake over here otherwise, you will suffer loss. Now, he became worried, in the same village a Darwaish (pious person) use to live about whom it was famous that Jinnat visit him a lot, Jinnat have lot of respect for him, he is a Jalali Darwaish, and he has lot of jalal and sometimes it so happens that he gives punishments to Jinnat too. I had heard all these things till now but did not have any observations or experience of it. The chieftain of the village went to this darwaish and told him about all the happening, upon hearing this, the darwaish suddenly stood up and slapped his hand on his thigh and said oh, what has happened, got ruined, nothing will be safe, what will happen now? Upon hearing this, the chieftain of the village fell to his feet and said: Pious darwaish, please save me, I have only one son and again and again I think about the youth of my son, his mustaches are just coming and he is about to start his life but I have a feeling that I might lose my son and he might be taken away from me, I am worried for him, in a state of worry, he was shaking his head and then put his head before his knees and sat down.

Life for a life: He sat there for a long time and this chieftain was shocked that whether he should sit over there or not, his servants were also worried, he lifted his head and said that just now I was present in the court of King of Jinnat and your case is being discussed over there and it has decided that there should be a life for a life, even he was son of someone and was not giving pain or any trouble to anyone, actually, he was playing around, it was actually a Jin and now it has been decided that life of a son should be taken for the life of the killed son and even he was the only son and he also had one son.It was decided that a poisonous snake will go for him, will bite him and the boy shall die.All that shall happen within 3 days.That darvaish was very upset and said I am sad your son is only alive for 3 days, and in 3 days the snake will attack him.The man fell at the feet of the darvaish and pleaded, please I will give you all my riches, land and belongings, my animals and empire, will become a pauper just to save my son. Let the snake bite me instead of my son.All I could hear was pleadings, pain and anguish in his voice. The Darvaish sat with his lowered, restless and worried, thinking what to do.Deep in thought he kept on staring up at the sky and sometimes at the ground, with tears rolling down his eyes. Shortly he went into a deep trance. After some time he raised his head. There was a contented look on his face and he said ‘Your work will be done’. [cont.]

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