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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Uncivil behavior in our society and Ubqari Message

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

Dear readers! May you accept the sense of responsibility and invitation to ponder? Ubqari magazine is not a magazine for autobiography, history, stories, experiences or imaginary sayings. But instead it’s a verifiable and broad magazine and platform for self-correction and education. It’s the responsibility of every person associated with this platform to provide benefit to others with his or her good behavior. Promote the preaching of Islam at their place and remove the social evils from the root. Today I will mention some uncivil behaviors and we have to correct our and others behavior, also promote better education. 

  1. 1.      If you find the lost ID card, documents of a motor cycle, registration copy of car or any other valuable documents than immediately put them in a nearby letterbox or post office.
  2. 2.      Do not press horn or any loud bell near any hospital or medical clinic or school.
  3. 3.      Always put the garbage at an allocated place in your street.
  4. 4.      Ever ask the young ones to get cigarettes, pan or cud.
  5. 5.      Respect the females; consider them as mothers, daughters or sisters.
  6. 6.      Always take your kids into the masjid and teach them ablution and salah, ask them to clean the Masjid.
  7. 7.      Take care of other human beings rights, always speak the truth, and remove the stones from the way.
  8. 8.      Drive the motor cycle with care.
  9. 9.      Focus on your daily education and work; do not use the mobile phone unnecessarily.
  10. 10.  Pay your attention to Quranic teachings, sunnah of Nabi ﷺ, treat others with good behavior because it’s a sign of good family background.
  11. 11.  Be thankful to ALLAH in all conditions; do not complain in any circumstance.
  12. 12.  Completely avoid the bakery and spicy products. I pray to ALLAH to bless Hakeem Sahib and Ubqari team with long life and keep all the Muslims safe and sound. Save them from black and white coat, safe them from destitute of other humans and being bed ridden, save them from bad time, bad deeds, bad company and evil eyes. Bless them with respectable presence to HIS blessed house. (M.A. Qureshi, Multan Shareef)

    Tested wazaif for any household problem

    Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslama-O-Alaikum! It was my sister’s wedding occasion and we did not have anything, we owned some shops but they could not be completed due to lack of sources. We were things if we only had any property we could sell it for this occasion. We five sisters and out mother started to read Muhammad Rasool ALLAH ﷺ one hundred and twenty five times, it was the month of Ramadan we read it one million times. AHAMDOLILAH with a hidden support our shops were built and we did not even know how they were completed. 2: when some relatives or friends of my uncle cast magic on him, he was very lucky to reach Ubqari office, but whenever he came back home the magic started to have its effect on him. Some time he attached our grandmother and sometime my father. One time he took out his rifle to shoot my father, saying that he calls my wife to come to him. Sometime he said that she calls him with another man in the room, she threatens him. He took out his rifle to shoot her. There was nothing like this but it was just an attempt to make him mad with magic. There was sadness and horror in the house all the time due to my uncle’s fear of returning home. At start he was not cured even he used to stay at Ubqari for months. We started to recite “یا قھار” for some months. Many years passed likewise only than the magic was removed. We all recited “یا قھار” and “یا ارحم الراحمین” many times; we recited surah BAKARAH and blew in our home. ALLAH made us successful and blessed us peace with our prayers. My brother recites “اللہ الصمد” all the time for solution of financial issues. INSHALLAH there are many benefits of this. If he wants to buy anything he just recites “اللہ الصمد” and he gets it. He does not even open his books during his exams but pass the exam by just reciting اللہ الصمد and with colorful marks. He asks me how many times he should recite “اللہ الصمد”, I tell him to make it a custom of your daily life. Recite it all the time, the more you do it the more effect it will have on you. It has abundant benefits that one gets stunt by it. If anybody fights in our street, we recite the third kalamah and blow, the fight stops immediately. When divorce case was put up against my uncle by his wife, there was lot of pressure from the opposite party. My grandmother recited “حسبنا اللہ و نعم الوکیل نعم المولی و نعم النصیر” with focus, belief and attention. With ALLAH’s blessings the case was decided in favor of my uncle and the opposite party could not even secure the amount of money that they wanted their daughter to get in this process.

    3: conclusion of eight years: according to the conclusion of my eight years the most effective wazifa that proved to be for me is “یا ارحم الراحمین” and “للہ الصمد”. I am unable to explain or write the benefits of these wazaifs, these are very beneficial and successful unique wazaifs. But now you advised me to recite other wazifa, that’s why I have reduce the number of times I do the above mentioned wazaifs.  

  13. My tested family medical remedies:

    Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslama-O-Alaikum! May ALLAH bless you and your generations with a life full of health and happiness? I am sending these remedies first time in my life; these are tested and effective remedies.  

    1. 1.      If any infant is affected with pneumonia and his or her ribs started t move. For example he is affected with double pneumonia than take beeswax, put one or two sips of tea in a pot and warm it and put beeswax equal to the weight of a wheat grain. When the tea is mixed during the warming process than take it off the stove, keep it warm and give this to the infant two times a day. After couple of days INSHALLAH the disease will be cured this is tested by me.
    2. 2.      If your kid is above three months for example five months or a year. Very often the kids get cold in winder even after taking lot of care. For this take one spoon honey and remove the albumin from the yolk. Mix the two and make the child to lick it two or three times a day and finish it. Try to practice it at night time s that the child can also absorb heat from the bed as well as from his/her mother. I had five kids, three of them were affected with double pneumonia when they were small and I used all these three remedies, ALHAMDOLILAH all my kids are well.
    3. 3.      If your kid has pneumonia and is not cured, infants cannot take medicine as well. Take one leaf of betel, apply egg yolk on the upper side of this leaf, and put it on the rib of the child like a bandage. Take one more leaf and do the same to other rib as well. Tie them with the child’s shirt and the also the mother’s shirt after warming up a little. Go to sleep inside the quilt. In the morning when the sun is up around 9 or 10 o clock open the bandage. INSHALLAH in one day the disease will be cured. Otherwise repeat this remedy for one more day. This is also tested remedy.

    Tested remedy for abscess in summer:

    our grandmother may all bless her with jannah, used to treat our summer abscesses with a remedy. I remember the bigger the abscess the more time it used to take to heal and the more pain we used to have. Grandmother used to cut the onion in half and remove the solid part from it, she used to keep it in a spoon with mustard oil and warm it up until the oil start to boil. Then she used to put this part of the onion on the abscess with a bearable temperature and tie it with a bandage. It used to be tied all night and in the morning we used to see that our bandage is loosened up and the entire puss is out on the onion part or used to be get very soft due to the heat. We used to take all the puss and blood out of it by pressing around it. Like this we used to get rid of this big abscess in only one night. You must also try it INSHALLAH you will get benefit from it and remember me in your duas.

    Relief from dry cough: In winter young or old ones get lot of cough. Sometimes it happens that the whole night one does not find relief from the cough. For dry cough our mother used to put one 2 inch piece of liquor ice root in our mouth and we used to such it. In one hour we used to get relief from this cough and we used to go to sleep. This is my own tested remedy. You should also use the liquor ice and get benefit from it.

    Liquor ice root and Haleela benefits: other than this our mother used to give us small haleela to eat. Haleela is sour in taste. By slow sucking of Haleela can cure the cough. If you do not get benefit after one time please use it twice. Get benefit from liquor ice root and haleela and do due for me as I am sad. (Fahmida Gul, Gujranwala)

    Recite the first four ayahs of Surah Takwir! Relation is confirmed:

    Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslama-O-Alaikum! Yours and alama lahoti’s wazaifs have worked as a light in darkness. You have shown us the way to lead our life; comfort in worship has its own taste for us now. Respected Hakeem Sahib! Some time ago I sent a letter with my problem and an envelope for reply to Ubqari office. My problem was of marriage proposal. After trying for thousands of time there used to be some hurdles in the engagement. I got your reply after some time and started to do the wazaif your send me. ALHAMDOLIAH with ALLAH’s blessings and by your wazifa my engagement has been finalized to a very good family. I trusted completely on your wazifa and read it with complete focus the whole day. ALLAH has solved my problem with the blessings of Quranic Ayats and your duas. I am still astonished by the way ALLAH helped me. I do not have words to thank you. You told me to recite the first four ayats of surah Takwir. I used to recite these ayats by being in ablution. (Your sister)

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