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The terrible end of a man abusing his mother

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

(Professor Dr. Muhammad Wasim Akber Sheikh)

J was a tall and handsome man. He was a property dealer and owned many shops and land in the city. He earned a lot of money in property business. He was an independent and carefree person. His only weakness was that he didn’t behave well with his mother.  His mother’s name was Fatima and he used to annoy her by calling “Fattan”.  But she still loved him a lot and would say “You will change yourself after getting married”. Finally she arranged his marriage but this further increased his ill behavior and pride. His mother lived on the ground floor while he was living in the upper portion with his wife. Whenever they roasted meat, he used to eat sitting in front of his mother to annoy her. If he brought fruit for his wife and children, he would first show them to his mother to make her feel upset. His mother had now become old and she had lost patience. One day she tried to make him realize very softly and lovingly but he replied in a very hard tone, “Actually I am not your son. My complexion is fair and you are black. Jamil Ahmed cannot be the son of a black woman. I am so handsome and smart, how can I be your son?” In short, he broke his mother’s heart with his harsh and sarcastic words. Sobbing, his mother couldn’t help cursing him and said, “You will never have a son and if you have one then disgrace my grave. And may your fair skin become dry be peeled off.” Shortly after this incident, she died out of distress. J didn’t even attend her funeral and he made faces when anyone came for condolence. He kept on denying her of being his mother.

 After his mother’s death, some visible incidents took place. All his lands and shops were sold at a loss and secondly he suffered a strange skin disease. He used to sit alone for the whole day. He had a wooden stick along with him that he used for rubbing his back and arms. He had wounded his body due to constant rubbing. He said that he felt relieved by rubbing his skin. He himself peeled off his whole skin. He had become a psycho patient. He used to mistreat and abuse everyone. Eventually his relatives admitted him in the hospital. There he was given electric shocks that made him shout scornfully. The hospital discharged him saying that his itching was a contagious disease that made many other patients vacate the ward. People used to run away from him when he looked at them with his big blank eyes. In short, the fair complexion and beautiful skin he used to be proud of was not only peeled off but he himself died suffering severe mental illness.

Ruined due to ill-treatment with his siblings!!!

N was a highly ranked government officer. He possessed bungalow, car, bank balance and plenty of unlawful (haram) earnings. He was known to be very affable among his friends but he didn’t behave well with his siblings. Actually he was very proud of his job, wealth and links. He had two brothers and one sister. They all belonged to poor and middle class. When his sister was getting married, he refused to attend her marriage saying that he didn’t like her in-laws. In fact he was avoiding giving dowry to his sister due to his ignorance.  Her poor sister’s marriage was arranged by the relatives. Their home was decorated with lightings, canopies and tents. Her marriage procession had arrived. She kept crying and asking everyone to tell her brother for joining her marriage just for the formality. But her stone-hearted brother didn’t pay any heed to his sister’s request. Shortly, their relatives departed her to her husband’s home. She is living a happy married life but even today her brother has never made any contact with her. Their neighbors and relatives tried to make him realize that he was being so hard-hearted but he had become very stubborn and willful.

                                                  What happened to N is that his elder son died in a bomb blast, his wife was bed ridden due to multiple diseases, his younger daughter was divorced and he himself became half dead due to paralysis. His right arm and tongue were affected and he couldn’t talk. He used to keep crying, lying on his bed. All his savings were spent on his treatments but he didn’t apologize with his sister. He was so hard hearted that even in that condition; he used to turn his face from his sister whenever she came to see him and ordered her to go away from his home. Lying constantly on bed, he had become a skeleton. People used to feel sorry for him. Even his own children were annoyed of him. Finally he died in that condition. Now the question arises that why do people become so hard-hearted, proud and egoistic? Actually Satan is the enemy of every human. He sets a trap of power and wealth to deceive us and makes us conservative, proud, envious and hostile. And this is how we assume this worldly stubbornness and world to be the real dwelling. On the contrary, there is a path leading to Allah’s will that means taking guidance from the teachings of Quran. A person who is trapped by Satan is away from the understanding of Quran that’s why he doesn’t have any respect for parents, siblings, relatives, friends and subordinates in his heart. Our negligence and lack of understanding makes us tyrant and proud. Allah loves the behavior of humbleness, kindness and hospitality. All the blessings of this world and hereafter are for those who embrace love and tolerance. (J. S.)

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