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A mother’s tear and the shivering baby of a swallow

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

To attain respect and honor: The one who keeps reciting the name “Ya Azeemu” (یا عظیم) will be respected by others. In sha Allah Azza wa jal (انشاء اللہ عز وجل).

“O Wind! You blow all over the earth. When you cross over the country of Bilgeer, stop there to meet my dear bird and tell him to beware of black cat. While coming here, I forgot to let my baby know this.”

Autumn rain was falling and yellow leaves in the trees of garden were shining due to rain drops. Grapes in the grape vine had started withering. The air creeper had bent down along with its leaves upon a broken pot hidden in the plants. Baby swallow was shivering with cold in the bed of pot. His two sisters had flown towards south. His mother had disappeared from his sight towards some warm country. Who could provide him with warmth in this freezing night of winter? They all had gone leaving him alone in the pot because his feather was broken and he couldn’t fly. Last winter, the home where his mother made her nest on the roof, caught fire. Before the old mother could fly away with her kids to save them, a spark fell upon the baby swallow and his feather was burnt. He got unconscious due to severe pain. He found himself in a new nest upon getting conscious where his mother was sitting with her head bent and watching over him. One morning, the old swallow brought her injured baby outside in the garden and said to him, “My dear child! Today we will fly towards south; you cannot fly so you have to stay back here. I have put some soft feathers in the pot for you. Lie upon those feathers and when you feel hungry go outside and peck something. The garden is full of fruits. Look such a beautiful air creeper is surrounding the pot! We will come back in spring season.”

                                                                                                            And after this, they all flew away. The beautiful spring arrived and it started raining. A rain drop trickled down on the leaf grown on the lower part of the air creeper and was just about to fell. “Oh! How tired I am”, said the rain drop heaving a deep sigh. “Where have you come from?” Baby swallow asked with wonder. “Don’t ask that! I have come from very far away”. Ok! “I have come from the Pacific Ocean, I was born there, I am not a rain drop I am a drop of tear!!!”

“Tear! What tear!!!

“Mother’s tear”, A few days ago a tired swallow with eyes full of tears sat upon a huge ship. I was there in the right eye of the grieved bird. The sea could not be absorbed in one drop. The swallow said to the wind in a helpless emotional tone, “O Wind! You blow all over the earth. When you cross over the country of Bilgeer, stop there to meet my dear bird and tell him to beware of black cat. While coming here, I forgot to let my baby know this.” The wind asked, “Where is you innocent swallow?” “I left him in a broken pot in a corner of the garden where an air creeper was bent upon it.” The moment when the old mother swallow was uttering these words, I fell down from her eye. The wind held me and kept flying me along with it on the earth. I had been flying constantly for eight days and now I am resting upon this leaf. I am very tired and I wish to come down from this leaf and sleep!!!”

                                                                          Baby swallow’s heart started throbbing. He got up immediately and opened his beak. He took his departed mother’s tear in his beak and lay down on the feathers spread in the pot bed, just as he used to sleep contentedly hiding in his mother’s feathers.  Dear kids! See how deeply a mother loves her child and looks after him. Your mother also loves you just like that swallow mother. She keeps worrying about you and praying for you when you are in the school. Although she remains busy in her households but her you are always in her thoughts that what you would be doing in the school, now its break time and my child would be eating his lunch, now it’s about to be your off time, now it’s off and you would be reaching back home. She prepares food for you. When you reach home tired and exhausted, she kisses your forehead and gives you hot and fresh meal so that you become fresh. Dear kids!  Realizing  the depth of your mother’s love, you should also obey her and don’t ever say no to her for anything no matter if you are willing or not. You will see how happy she is with you and in return you will get lots of her prayers protecting you in every turn of life. In sha Allah.

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