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The complicated problems of young girls and their solutions

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

If a girl is not asked for her hand for marriage, she should pray 2 nafl, then recite 100 times “یا لظیف”

In the present times, in girls during menstruation pain, leucorrhea, infertility and extreme pain are common due to which a lack of zinc is caused in women it is proved from experiments on animals that if they are provided with suitable amount of zinc all of these problems will be eradicated from the root.

 Women are a necessary part of the society. Only a healthy and fit mother can struggle in the society for the welfare of her generations and play an important role in the society, if women do not take care of their health they will not be able to produce healthy citizens for their nation. Unfortunately, in our society the upbringing of girls is not gives as much attention as boys. If we look at our medical laboratories, we see that whenever they produce a tonic they produce it for men and not for women. In case of medicines, women only apply the knowledge they have obtained for their ancestors. As time passed that knowledge has also not been transferred to the current generation, that foods and eatables that were said to be eaten only by boys and not girls now everyone is using them limitlessly. Allama Iqbal has presented the value of women like the following “ Due to the existence of women is a color in the picture of the universe”. But unfortunately we do not let this color fill. If a daughter is born in our households a suspense and panic is created, whatever knowledge Islam and science has provided us we have become far away from that. A woman embraces motherhood, she gives birth due to which it is important for a woman to stay healthy, if we do not pay attention to the health of girls then the future generations will not avoid suffering. Hepatitis by birth, miscarriage, problems in childbearing and other diseases all of them are caused by not using the nutrients which are requires by girls. In America the lady doctors advice the women to use flax seeds and calcium regularly after the age of 30. Both of these things have become inexistent near us, even milk has become out of reach of the people. Compared to Europe girls get old quickly in our areas. In the present times, in girls during menstruation pain, leucorrhea, infertility and extreme pain are common due to which a lack of zinc is caused in women it is proved from experiments on animals that if they are provided with suitable amount of zinc all of these problems will be eradicated from the root. Zinc increases the level of testosterone. Due to the lack of calcium and zinc women, fall prey to miscarriage, when a baby is about to be born in the European countries it is informed in the hospital, which then provides 30 tablets (based on iron and calcium) to the women. Whereas, in our areas both women and girls are falling prey to the lack of these things.         It is believed that the king of nerves is calcium and whereas the king of muscles is magnesium when hardness develops in muscles it should be known that there is a lack of calcium in the body. Abasia of the legs, menstruating with pain, menstruating in large amounts both of these problems are due to the lack of calcium, in olden times women used to make a mix of the seeds of Tribulus Tresteris and take it which increases the fertility rate in women, this has also been proven by a research conducted in Bulgaria. A lack of essential fatty acids is also found in women, which causes the weakness of nerves. Omega fatty acids are found in flax seeds. The cholesterol level of the person using flax seeds does not increase. Women should use fish oil capsules to maintain their health; this provides them with omega 3 fatty acids. In present times due to the use of soft drinks, tea and coffee leucorrhea is increasing in women. But the use of Chicken egg compound (کشتہ بیضہ مرغ )  is extremely helpful to get rid of this disease. In the present times, women and girls do not use milk and yoghurt due to which the diseases start forming in them from the beginning itself. The non-usage of calcium is causing problems in women, which is due to the poor quality food. Which is why to stay fit it is necessary to use the nutrients, which were used 50 years ago, for women suffering from internal inflammation they are advised to use solanum greens, and turmeric. Diseases like hair fall, hair whitening, skin related diseases, pimples on the face are increasing in women which is a cause of not oiling the hair and instead using shampoo, when the hair are not oiled dandruff is created, in olden times women used to wash their hair with sikaa kai, yoghurt and buttermilk. If women wish that their hair do not turn white early they should on and off keep using French Lavender (Ust- khudoos) as it also keeps the status of the brush for the brain. To stay away from vomiting during pregnancy it is very beneficial to use dried ginger powder, its use also maintains our metabolism. According to a new research, due to the lack of minerals in women the fallopian tube constricts, which is causing an increase in the infertility of women. The use of milk and yoghurt is an outstanding example in completing the minerals which are lacking. Breast milk holds a lot of importance for the child, a large amount of zinc is found in it, if women are provided with the correct nutrients they will not fall prey to miscarriage, and other complicated diseases. In the present times, the craze for dieting has affected the woman a lot. Tea, coffee and other beverages do not allow calcium to be absorbed in the human body which results in facing a lot of diseases. Due to the lack of calcium in the body the percentage of fracture of bones in women is increasing. Rest assured, a sufficient amount of calcium in the body stops foiling and breakage in the body. Women should create a liking in their daughters towards fresh fruits, milk and yoghurt, the use of vegetables plays an important role in maintaining the health of women and girls. Women should perform all the house chores by themselves and keep their food intake balanced so that they can observe the principles of health and fitness this will lead to a healthy society.

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