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Envy of own people destroyed the life, but Ubqari saved us

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

How my life changed

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahib Asslam O Alikum! I am writing a letter to any origination for the first time in my life.  If I had not found monthly Ubqari I would have committed suicide.   Alhamdulillah there is no shortcoming in my life, but I had never had peace in my life, which is the name of heartily peace. I always possessed strange habits from my childhood. Stubborn, irritated disobedient, so much so that there was not a single habit of good children.  That is the reason I was never liked by anyone but it does not end here.  I was raised by my parents enemies from year one.  There is no revenge worse than from any enemy that you destroy his child’s modesty so that I was never stopped from any bad habit, nor was I ever taught with love rather I was always encouraged, and it was enjoyed. My father was very strict, we were beaten so severely on small mistakes that when I was kept with these people I got used to them. I don’t recall that I was ever  taken care by my mother  even though I lived in the same house  but she  never treated me as one of own.  I only met her when she came to pick me up from school.  Then after that, I was kept with ones who were enemy of my mother.  And my mother gave me to her. Now the people who with I live, how they took revenge from my mother, you should read it yourself.  All the time they talked sexy talk or create sexual circumstances creating talk. Then do bad and opened discussion on it. The result was that my solitude was destroyed. I became a victim of bad doings.  I am still suffering from ill effects of those. 

In my childhood, those scenes of erotic nature under the guidance of those relative women which should not be seen even in loneliness.  In spite of severe sexual intimation, it was the blessing of God that I was saved from becoming a victim of sinful life.  Me and my parent’s respect due to God’s blessing, I never even talked to even a stranger male.  Not even unnecessary talk.   . I spent my life by staying in religious covering, but while trying to save the virginity and keeping them intact, my soul was from my inner self. Due to which I am still in pain.  The woman with whom I stayed and she used to do so much bad talk behind my mother’s back and it was unbearable. My mother never used to talk with me. There things made me bad, irritated, fighter and habits and bad talker and disobedient, But where should I go. I went through a lot. I tried a lot but could not change myself a bit. My parents used to call me mad and psychological patient people used to hate me, as I deserved to be hated. I am broken. Now I am getting up after stumbling and have done it a lot.  I started to read monthly Ubqari and feel a lot better after listening to your seminars, but I am bad so bad that may be the earth will not give me an inch place to be buried.

When I listen to seminar but when the pray is done then all the barriers of patience are broken.  I cry so much that I cannot handle myself I have done a lot of cruelty on myself.  My elders have done a lot of cruelty. My solicitude was bad. Only if my people did not make me follow this track, I am a victim of venereal diseases, But (الحمد للہ ثم الحمد للہ) now that I got Ubqari, I got seminar   it has change my life. I have peace in my heart; in my soul, there is peace. Now due to beast Wazaif from seminar I am saved from ill effects of satin. I am correcting myself.  It is the special blessing of God that I was given Ubqari, I was linked with Ubqari now otherwise in front of people, I might have been very well covered but I would have done very much cruel on myself in solitude.  I wish people should not have so much grudge from their enemies that they would destroy the modesty of their generations. I wish the women of my house kept there quarrels and not destroy me. (Hidden)

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