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I am 70 and Brought Back Youth through Amla

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

(Hakeem Qari Muhammad Sadiq, Muzaffargarh)

“Make powder of dry myrobalan (Amla) and crystalized sugar (misri) in equal weight. Take one spoon with milk or fresh water in the morning and evening. It will relieve headache, mental stress, body pain, laziness, face acne and stains, body weakness, hemorrhoids, chronic cough and constipation”.

It has a common proverb that benefits of myrobalan and elder’s advice are revealed later i.e. their secret advantages are proven later in the future. Myrobalan offers extreme strength and power. People who use myrobalan live a longer and healthy life. Its fruit looks round shape having hard pulp. Researches reveal it offers vitamin c more than any other fruit. This vitamin absolve in human body instantly and becomes helpful to enhance health and immune system.

Medical usage:

It is useful in lungs diseases. Patients having heart problems, palpitation get benefit from its jam. Chew it to fix the problem of thrust and vomiting. Apply its powder to clean your teeth, bleeding gums and pain in teeth. Pour its thin powder on fresh bleeding wound and fasten with swab to stop bleeding and fast healing.

Make a compound with fresh myrobalan and honey one spoon each to find a valuable and excellent medicine as it heals several kind of diseases. Use it in the morning for a week to bring power and strength in your body. Use it in case of extreme weakness. Its dry powder can also be used with honey to make a compound in case fresh fruit is not available. It is very useful for breathing problems particularly in tuberculosis, asthma and cough. Take one teaspoon for one or two times in a day of a powder comprising balanced myrobalan, Eugenia jambolana seed and bitter gourd to control diabetic. Crush 10gms myrobalan in water and strain out. Mix crystal sugar or raw sugar and drink to stop nose bleeding. This cure is also useful for hemorrhoids. Mix one spoon dry powder of myrobalan with two spoons of raw sugar and take two times in a day for one month is useful for arthritis and swelling.

Old Age:

Myrobalan contains features to regenerate strength and energy in the body. One of its elements vanishes old age symptoms and maintains strength. It motivates immune system and therefore protects it from diseases. It extends power to heart, makes hair stronger and activates different glands in the body. We have an example of a hermit who had turned to youth by using myrobalan.


Thick hairs and myrobalan have older relation. It has key role to make hairs stronger and shined in desi prescription. Cut fresh myrobalan in pieces and let it dry in the air. Cook it in coconut oil so that oil looks like a burned substance. This black looking oil is ideal to prevent the hairs become white. Wet myrobalan slices either fresh or dried in water for whole night. Wash your hairs through that water as it’s an excellent food for hairs. Remember to wash hairs only this water instead of using any kind of shampoo. Mix myrobalan powder in water to make a thicker compound. Apply it to hair roots for a while and then wash hairs. This compound should be thicker to that extent that it could reach the hairs roots conveniently.

Make powder of myrobalan and terminalia chebula in equal weight and eat it to heal constipation. Wet dry myrobalan in water for three hours and then spray on eyes to improve vision and relieve eyes itching and burning. Cook myrobalan so that it dissolve and apply on itching patient to relieve chronic itching.

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