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Ancient Science and Modern Science

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

Excerpt from the Weekly Sermon

A Sermon of Peace and Spirituality

Sheikhul-Wazaaif, Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai

Ancient Science and Modern Science

Bounties of the Body:

Allah Almighty has bestowed us with the whole body. Have we ever focused on our body that why has Allah Almighty given us this body? In each part of our body, Allah Almighty has described his glory. If we look at our brain, heart and the eyes, every part is a blessing of Allah bestowed upon us, and Allah Almighty has created each part of our body with His love. Please believe that [احسن الخالقین] Allah Almighty has created each part of our body with His special love. Then Allah Almighty gave us the body free. There could be such a rule for us that every year there would be some deduction from our body, and Allah Almighty would have had the right to do so, but he gave all the machine of the body free.

Body is a Keep of Allah Almighty: A sage said: This body that Allah Almighty has given to us, this is a keep of Allah Almighty with us, and it is our responsibility to protect it. If we did not protect the body then on the Day of Judgment, we shall be answerable for it in front of Allah Almighty. Through diet, through medical care, by using it, the protection of the body is incumbent upon us. Then the sage of Allah said: The best way to protect it has been made by Allah the deeds. When it comes to cure, we suddenly look upon medicines. We do not suddenly look upon prayer. This body is a keep of Allah Almighty, and a keep is not a personal belonging. Someone has bestowed upon this, and whosoever has bestowed it, He is going to conduct accountability for it. He is going to ask how much you valued my keep. There is one responsibility for the eye. Allah Almighty has given the eyes the responsibility to shut and blink. So that a person cannot say that O Allah, the eye did not have this specialty! Allah Almighty has kept the capability of expanding and contracting in the hand, so that a human cannot complain about it. Allah Almighty has given us a brain. This brain has been given to us by Allah Almighty to think. The brain of a human has been made for orders of Allah and love of Almighty. The more the brain shall expand, the more it will come towards the commandments of Allah. If this brain is not coming towards commandments of Allah and the heart is not coming towards the love of Allah, then it will think about the mechanism of life before death, and he will certainly forget life after death. He will have no value for commandments of Allah and love of Allah. He will think about life before death.

Effort on the Actual Creator: Previous people used to think about the mechanism of life before death. Previous people used to work on afterlife and they used to work on Allah Almighty. Whereas our whole effort is on creation. For us a computer is a creation. Science is a creation. So much so that the medicine of the sage is a creation. Doctor’s medicine is a creation. Food is a creation. Water is a creation. All the things in the world are a creation. All of our efforts are on creations and not on the creator. People of the previous times did all the efforts on the creator. The benefit of this was that by doing a little bit of hard work, Allah Almighty used to give them a lot.

Wonderful Invention: When the British looted the royal fort, there was a bath in the fort. In this bath in the winters, there used to be hot water and in the summer, there used to be cold water. Where did the water come from, it could not be understood. Many renowned experts were appointed on its research, but even after research, experts could not reach that purpose. Therefore, at last, that bath was broken and it was found that there is a lamp that is autonomously burning. Where was the oil for it coming from? Where is the light coming from? It could not be known. Then even it was burning with a certain orientation.

We have a hand written book that is from the times of our father (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ). Our father (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) was keen about reading. That is why hand written books were too many. There is a deed in his book, and that deed is still the same. I am saying this for the purpose of knowledge. Destiny is in the hands of Allah Almighty. The deed is: “Take mustard oil and put it in a specially made bowl. When you see the patient that there is no chance of him being saved, take his urine. Put one drop of urine in this bowl. Now see that in which direction does this flow? The sides are written in this bowl; North, South, East, West, Northeast, South-East etc. All the directions are written in this bowl. Look at this one drop with keen interest that in which direction it is flowing. Where that drop flows, it is written about that direction. If it goes there, the patient shall be saved. If it goes in another certain direction, so and so shall happen with the patient. I am saying this based on knowledge. Destiny is in the hands of Allah Almighty. All the old research that is written in books is perfect even today, and even the scientist of today cannot refute that. What is the reason for that? The reason for this is that: The time of that era’s people used to be spent on the creator and a little bit of time was spent on the creation. The thing for which a person works more, Allah Almighty opens the specialty of that thing on the person.

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