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State of the Heart

Ubqari Magazine - March 2019

From the Pen of the Editor

State of the Heart

What I saw heard and Thought

Be Kind with Earthly Creatures


It is quoted by Hazrat Abu Huraira (رضی اللہ عنہ) that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: “Allah Almighty is kind and and likes kindness. And due to kindness, He can bestow upon you something that he does not bestow due to harshness.” Hazrat Ayesha (رضی اللہ عنہ) says that prophet of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Allah Almighty is kind and likes kindness in every affair.” (Sunan Ibn-e-Maaja Sharif: Baab al-Faraq).

A few days back I was saying one thing to people who serve in various departments. The beginning and end of service is only from “Alif”, and what is “Alif”? The first “Alif” is for Ihsaas (empathy). The second “Alif” is for eimaandaari (honesty). If with both the “Alif” there is an emotion for true service then you never fail. Because without “Alif” service is incomplete and unbelievable. This emotion of service is empathy about time and money. It is about empathy of moments, empathy about the department or service we are offering, a true empathy about that department or service. When true empathy shall fill our lives then we shall never hear a word about corruption, nor we shall say it, neither we shall write about it. Our mind shall always keep on thinking about empathy and responsibility. The past nations and the past successful people had this empathy, who achieved success in their whole lives, and they earned a name in the whole world. In addition, when this empathy vanished from generations, then it was the same people to whom in order to make them aware of empathy, strangers told them about it. Whether it was due to media or with their own language. The first step of a successful life is empathy, and the first step of an unsuccessful life is indifference. The second word is faith. Faith is the only thing that says that Allah is watching me. Irrespective of anyone is watching me or not. Then the eye of the camera is watching me. More than this, he will have certainty in faith that faith is that one powerful thing that brings a person back to his true passion that a powerful eye is watching me, and the powerful Allah who can assess me is watching over me. If every step of our life is spent with faith and empathy, then one powerful entity that is known as, Allah Almighty shall give us unimaginable light and benefits. Therefore, we came to know that in order to achieve Allah Almighty and in order to reach the highest level of friendship of Allah, the thing that we need the most is faith and empathy. When these things combine, so the sum total of qualities that arise in a human being, that person is collectively called a believer. He is known as a sincere person and a truthful person. He is known as truthful, and if these two things leave a person, so the word and the things that arise in him are lies and fraud. Every person should peek in his own collar, am I needy about this. That the service that I am doing whether it is a government job or a private job. Is there a department of service through which I have to earn money? On the other hand, if I do not have to earn money. I am a family servant. I am employed in a factory. I am doing a part of service to Muslims. How much empathy and faith I have in it. A security guard is sitting. He knows that it is morning, but he has not lit off all the lights, and he has not shut off the switch to electricity. Therefore, this is a living example of lack of empathy and honesty in him. Water pump is running. The water is coming out of earth and filling the tank. Then the tank filled and the water is flowing out. Everyone is looking at it and content. The government water tap is left open. The water is flowing, but I am content. Empathy has not arisen in me. Indifference is all inside me. I used to pray in a mosque. By the time of Maghrib the lights of the mosque would be turned on so much that even an insect could be seen at night. Where a single light was required, there more than thirty lights were lit. I personally requested the caretaker of the mosque. He said that the house of Allah should be lit well, what is your problem? After some time I had to go to the house of that person, so he came out in an outrageous and angry manner. I asked if everything was all right. He said: They do not have any empathy that how much lights should be lit and so much bill comes. The water pump and the motor keeps on running. I said, the house should be well lit. He forgot about the last word he said to me about lights. He said, you are a wonderful king. Inflation is at its peak. Sources of income are dwindling. Taxes and bills on electricity are increasing. I became quiet. I felt sad because the mosque runs on charity money, and when wealth is for free, the heart is merciless at spending it. This is the lack of empathy and faith the proof of which we give in various forms in our society. We are in any department of life, and we are moving in life with any style or manner. Give empathy and faith priority in your life and focus on it. Our life shall stay alive and enlightened due to empathy and faith. The dishonesty from the country shall go away. If we want to make our heart, self, emotions and our society peaceful and clean, then first we should bring our feelings to the practice of faith and empathy. Then such an “Alif” whom we call Allah shall be found who shall remain with us until the time of death and after death as well. Come! Let us call empathy and faith and give life and liveliness to faith and empathy. Empathy zindabad. Faith paaindabad. A believer first finds faith in his heart, and then this is the faith that raises the level of empathy. If there is faith then you should work on faith so that faith keeps on increasing every day.

The first step of a successful life is empathy, and the first step of an unsuccessful life is indifference.

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