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What amazing benefits of half teaspoon of medicine

Ubqari Magazine - April 2017

This prescription is inherited in a family. It has many benefits. Mostly Quacks use to keep this type of prescription within their family only. They don’t tell to anybody else. So many precious prescriptions are buried with Quacks after their death. Hikmat is related to Holy Quran and Hadiths. There are some medicines in Hikmat which effect rapidly and some effect after some time. Patients will have to complete the course within three to 9 months. But it is the truth that disease ends permanently with “desi Medicine” by the Grace of Allah. And patient recovers. So it was a brief story, now we come to our topic.

This is the prescription: 1) Blackmyrobalan which is called Hareer in urdu, 2) sugar

Take both of things in same quantity and grind them and make them powder. Do not add the seed of Black myrobalan, children from age 5 to 14 must take one fourth of the spoon with milk in morning and evening. From age 14 to 40 must take half teaspoon with milk 2 times a day and from age 40 to above that must take one teaspoon with lukewarm milk in morning and evening. Note: strictly not given to the children under 5 years.

Benefits of this powder:

It ends the mucus (Raahsha), flue, cough, and mucus. Relieves the metal weakness and give strength to memory. Teeth become strong. Cure of bleeding gums. If you use it as tooth paste without sugar it cleans the teeth. It help the patients of Gantia, and naqras, it means that it relives from all mental pains and pain in any part of body. It sharpens the eyesight. Constant use will let you leave the eye glasses. It ends the headache. If you want loose motions then eat powder of Black Myrobalan without sugar with lukewarm water or fresh water. If you want to stop loose motion then eat half teaspoon or one spoon. It increases the manly powder. It ends the blisters inside the mouth, and finishes the pimples and black spots on face. Fair the complexion. It is good for likoria, jiryan, ahtalm, and piles. Patients of piles should make joshandha of Black Myrobalan without sugar and then do “astanja” at night before sleeping. Do it for two weeks constantly. And do eat this power either one or the half teaspoon according to the age. In summer there appear pimples full of mucus etc on face which is called “pitt” in saraiki language. It cleans the blood. It is good for headache. It stops Hiccup.  It is good for the weakness of bladder masana, controls the excess of urine. For wound, burn these powders then mix it in the butter and use at the wound and night and after fajr, insha’Allah wound will be fine, it controls the nuisance, vomiting, burring of hands and feet and indigestion. Respected readers I have described some of its benefits and you will experience more benefits, in fact it is a less price medicine but those who are taking expensive medicines and disease is increasing in spite of it they must start taking it with the Name of Allah. It has no side effects, method of use is given in the start of this topic, take benefit of it and pray for my knowledge, action and beautiful ending. Insha’Allah I will be sharing more inherited prescription like this. (Mohammad Sadiq Muzaffargar)

Proven Diet chart to end fatness

Respected Hakeem Sahib Asslam O alikum:  I have a very good diet chart which is interesting and delicious and vigorous. By following it you can reduce 18 pound weight and it will not give weakness. Because you will eat good diet so there will be no laziness and no weakness, if you are really fat and really worried now I am going to tell that schedule, first of all is the intension which is very important. Intension effects the action. Devotion is also a condition then we do not astray. Every person is sincere about his own self so this diet will effect soon. You will have to prepare a soup and you will have to eat it whole week with food, this is a great tonic to reduce weight. As much you will use this soup as many wonders you will get. Take one big cabbage, 5 big green onions one or two fresh tomatoes, 2fresh green chilies,

One bunch of salad leaves and one medium onion cut then in small pieces and boil for 5 to 10 then with salt and black pepper. Cook in 2 glasses of water.

Day 1: eat all fruits as much as you want to eat.eat whole soup.

Day 2: all vegetables except, kidney beans, corns and peas, steamed with light salt and chilies and drink a lot of soup. Bake a big potato at night and eat with butter,

3rd day: eat all vegetables cooked in steam and all fruits as much as you want to and drink soup a lot.

4th day: eat bananas and drink milk as much milk as much you want without cream.

5th day: eat chicken or beef boiled with salt or fish with fresh tomatoes, with fresh water and have a lot of soup.

6th day: 3 pieces of chicken or beef with green leave vegetables, and 3 pieces of fish cooked in steam can also be eaten you can drink soup as much as you want full your stomach with soup.

7th day: brown rice, vegetables steamed, all fruits, fresh juice, and drink a lot of soup with all these things.

If you are sincere with yourself and you did not cheat, then you have reduced 17 to 18 pound weight with one week. This is impossible without restriction.

Restricted food: bread, roti, fizzy drinks, sweet things, every type of bakery and fried items, this diet chart is taken from the London doctors they have given this for fat people. My sister in law’s son has taken this. Many people have tried this and reduced their fat. ubqari readers must try this prescription and then see the wonder. (NajmaAmir, Gujjrawala)


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