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The attitude of women and jewelry to enhance their beauty

Ubqari Magazine - April 2017

If the liking of jewelry is dependent upon light and simple jewelry so they point towards content women. Such women are habitual of doing every work with care. The quality of planning is also found in them. Physical shine and show-off is meaningless near them.

Getting ready for woman is thought as important and necessary part of life. She not only beautifies her beauty with makeup but to enhance the beauty, uses jewelry also. Beauty and decoration near woman is the most important and first thing tan all the rest work of world. For this reason they have allotted most of the time of their everyday lives. This enhancement moves from hairs to the hands and feet. The cutting of hairs matching with the makeup of their face becomes a reason of beauty of their nails and if in their entire procedure, beautiful jewelry is added so their personality gets a splendid appearance.  After seeing this much deep interest and need of women, in modern era, different makeup things and jewelry are available commonly in market. The culture of every country or area is obvious from the way of life of its people and things used in daily life. In every province of Pakistan, culture, ways of beauty and perceptions are different which are obvious from the appearance of women. Somewhere very big sets of jewelry are brought in use and so somewhere the usage of small previous stones jewelry is common. That’s why it is said that the personality of a person is reflected from his character and clothes. But a new research related to women has come forward in which the internal personality beauty of women is enhanced. This research is dependent upon the choice of jewelry. In this research observation of such women is done who have the interest in different kinds of jewelry. Full with different feelings and emotions, the sensitive creature who spreads the colors in picture of world, the imagination of life without (jewelry) earrings, jhumkay, bangles, footwear and bracelets. According to them, actually these small things are reflections of their internal feelings and emotions. Through which they transfer their perception and thinking to others. If seen so really this thing will become obvious that the real personality of women is hidden behind these few jewelry. You like to buy and wear which kinds of jewelry, they tell everything about you to others.



Heavy jewelry:

The women of luxurious nature like to wear heavy jewelry. According to them life shall be spend on its fullest. To satisfy such kind of women is not easy. They keep high taste and want everything according to high level. Show-off is also found in these women. Light and simple jewelry: If the liking of jewelry is dependent upon light and simple jewelry so they point towards content women. Such women are habitual of doing every work with care. The quality of planning is also found in them. Physical shine and show-off is meaningless near them. In other words, such women are realistic.


Sophisticated jewelry:

The women who like sophisticated jewelry are the owners of confident personality. They try to spend their lives in their own ways. It is hard for them to bear entrance of someone else.  Such women are trust worthy and they turn out to be very good friends. Artistic ideas are their talent. Dependent upon different colors: such jewelry in which different colors are added, the women liking them are owner of two-faced personality. They keep two separate perceptions for everything. Such women remain confused and think as their obligation to take advice from others.


Full color and sophisticated:

Such women who like to wear colorful jewelry after changing so it is the sign of living life in every color and in every way. Such type of women can struggle with every sort of conditions. Sophistication is found in their every work. For different women, liking of jewelry is limited to one thing only sometimes. Like, some women like to wear earrings, whether they are heavy or light. Similarly few women only like to wear bangles. Following few things according to their liking, the discussion of your qualities is done. Earrings: If you are interested in earrings so you are fun loving and playful woman. Such women cannot remain resented from anyone till long time and are clean from heart. Bangles: Wearing bangles all the time indicates that such women trust others very quickly due to which they have to face loss. On the basis of simple attitude, your friends think you as stupid. Jhumkay: Such women have confident personality and adopt luxurious style.

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