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Tolerance and Islam

Ubqari Magazine - April 2017

Ibn-e-Zainub Bhikari

Prophet’s behavior with non Muslims:

Episode number: 117

To eat in utensils of non-Muslims: Syedna Abu Sa’alba Khushni رضی اللہ عنہ  asked Prophet ﷺ: We live with book-people (Jews and Christians) and they cook pig in their dishes and drink wine. Whether they can be use?) Prophet ﷺ said: If you get other (clean) utensils so eat in them but if you don’t find them so wash them with water and you can eat and drink in them.             (Abu-Daood: 3839). Syed Imran Bin Husain رضی اللہ عنہ  told one lond hadis whose summary is this that during journey the need to make companions drink water came but water was not present. Prophet ﷺ sent him and Syedna Ali رضی اللہ عنہ  in search. He saw one woman while walking who was coming by keeping 2 drums of water on camels. We asked her about the place of getting water so she told that yesterday I started coming from that place on this time and today have reached till here. That woman was taken to Prophet ﷺ. Prophet ﷺ then the open mouth of pitcher were covered with cloth and closed and the opening at the bottom was opened in a utensil. Then Sahaba were summoned by announcing through loud voice so that they would take the water. Everyone drank the water. Animals were given water and very one of them was full. That woman was watching. So when the mouth of pitcher was closed, there was still a lot more water than before. Then Prophet ﷺ ordered Sahaba to collect things for that woman to eat. So all the companion gathered good dates, flour and Sattu and wrapped them together in a cloth. Muslims never used to hurt her family but attacked on the areas of non Muslims. One day that woman said to her family that I think these people deliberately do not hurt you guys. So do you feel any interest towards Islam? So the family person accepted her talk and all of them embraced Islam. (Al bukhari 344)

Good attitude of Prophet of Islam ﷺ with non-Muslims. Now read all the incidents in form of book gift and don’t forget to read “Worship places of non-Muslims, their right’s and our responsibilities” in Urdu and English!


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