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Effective treatment of physical Diseases

Ubqari Magazine - March 2017

Medical Advice

For attention seeking issues, send reply back envelop withwritten address and the address should be prominent. If there isno reply back envelop than the query will not be answer. While writing, do not add extra glue or tape anddo not use staples, privacy will be ensured, write your name on one side of the page. Do mention name, city’s name and complete addressin end of the writing.

Disease of Intestine:

Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalaikum! I am reader of Ubqari for 3 years, Allah Almighty bless you with abundance of blessings. Respected Hakeem Sahab, I am 34 years of age and I am suffering from the disease of large intestine for 10 years (On time of passing stool, a part of large intestine comes out). Besides this I am also suffering from Hepatitis B. I request you to suggest me any method of getting rid of these diseases and tell me medicines. (N, Multan)

Advice: Brother you take Sapistan (Lasoora), burn it and grind it. At the time of passing stool when the part of intestine comes out than put some sesame seed oil on anus than sprinkle this mixture. Besides this use Paichash Shifa of Ubqari Dawakhana for some time with consistency InshAllah you will get rid of this disease. Never stay constipated. For constipation use Ubqari dawakhana’s Qabz Kusha Golian and Hepatitis Nijaat syrup for some time with consistency and see the wonders.

I Cannot Run: Allah almighty keep you happy and bestow you with long life. I am 18 years of age and I read Ubqari with keen interest. I am here with my 2 issues. First issue is that I cannot run, I can walk much and daily I do walk of 2 to 3 kilometers daily but when I try to run than my legs become numb. I feel there is no life in my legs. Tell me any solution for this weakness. The second issue is that I get drops after urination. I did not get treatment for this disease so far and I have to change my dress again and again and often my prayer becomes late. Suggest me any treatment for these diseases, I shall be grateful all of my life. (Ali Ahmed)

Advice: you will use Majoon murad from Ubqari office for some times continuously. Your both problems will be resolved by this. In your diet add butter, milk, desi ghee and mutton meat. Daily walk and run for some meters.


Dark Complexion and Dull face: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalaikum! I want to say that I have studied the book “Mujhe Wazaif se Ghaibi Madad kaisay mili”, Alhamdulilah, many people have narrated their experiences and I made the faith that I will also get benefit by your treatment InshaAllah , as people were getting benefit , Allah Almighty give you best reward for this in the world and the hereafter. (Ameen) My issue is that I have lack of blood and my complexion has become pale and I also get pain in my legs at night. I do less work but still I get tired. I also have stomach issue as I eat anything, I feel heart burn and I get acne on face due to this reason. When I wash face than the acne become red with pain and itching. Complexion has fair and reddish before but now it has become dark and face has become very dull. No soap or cream benefits me and secondly I have white marks like leukoderma disease on my face. Besides this my hand and feet stay hot all the time. Kindly suggest me any prescription. I believe that I will get benefit by the treatment you told me. (J.J)

Advice: Take pure and quality Jawarish Jalonis 3 grams in morning, afternoon and evening after meals. Take Akseer al Badan, Johar Shifa e Madina and Thandi Murad from monthly Ubqari’s office and use. Use almonds, kishmish and pure honey in breakfast. Avoid paratha, however, you can eat plain roti with ghee on it. Mutton and roti is best diet for improving your health, make it in desi ghee and cook well. Seasonal fruits are beneficial. InshaAllah you will be fine. For treatment of leukoderms, consult any good dermatologist. Be regular at prayers and do mornings walk whether you do at courtyard or roof of your house.

 Piles Disease: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalaikum! I saw monthly Ubqari, all series are very quality and beneficial. The way you are serving the creatures of Allah through this series, it is remarkable and exemplary. I pray that Allah Almighty give you reward for this. And with this Allah give you long life and more strength so that you can continue to this service for long. I want to say that I am suffering from piles for almost two years, I have got treatment from herbal, homeopathic and physicians and also used some desi remedies but all in vein. Kindly tell any prescription. (Hidden)

Advice: Laooq Motadil 6 grams mix in half cup of water and drink while sleeping. Do not use milk, rice, vegetables and fruits in diet. Especially, strictly avoid cold milk. After meals, take quality Jawarish Jalonoos 3 grams at afternoon and night.

My Mothers Issue: Respected! My mother has a strange issue. He has pain when she does not take medicine but when she takes the medicine than her disease becomes more severe. We are much worried; Allah gives you rewards and keeps you strength to continue your services. Ameen The basic issue of my mother is of stomach, doctors have told that she has swelling on spleen; she is often constipated with numbness of hands and feet. When she sits, her feet become swell, breathes fasts and sometimes fell down with no strength in legs. She becomes faint and often she has fever. She gets burning and swelling in body on eating egg and meat. (J, Qasoor)

Advice: give you mother the following prescription to use. It is very beneficial and all of your diseases will go away InshAllah. Jawarish Shahi, Khameeri Gao Zuban simple, Sharbat Unnab, Mafrah Sheikh al raees, get all from any quality herbal store and use according to the mentioned method. Avoid spicy and fried foods completely.

Knee Pain: Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalamoalaikum! A friend of mine has severe pain his left knee, he went for much treatment but there was no improvement in pain. Doctors say that sticky matter in the knee has been dried and knee pain disease is very common. Those regular at offering prayers in mosques have become bound at homes. Mention any effective treatment in the magazine in this regard so that others can also get benefit. (T, North Waziristan)

Advice: make tablets of chickpeas size pure bees wax taken from honey. Take one tablet half hour before the meals thrice a day. Take a spoon of fish oil while sleeping. InshaAllah, you will get benefit.


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