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Your dream and its interpretation

Ubqari Magazine - December 2016

The Heart shaped door of heart shape

Unknown people: A girl who is of my acquaintance saw that my late husband has the utensils for making tea, he says that I am offering pre fast food for people who are doing fast.

Then the scene changes and from a different place an elderly person comes out. The door is heart shaped and on the door is written Delhi door.  He has a drink of juice in a tray. He says to my husband that I am offering after fast meal food to people who are observing fast. Over there unknown people are sitting on the east side in a row.  (Seen Tandiwala)

Interpretation: According to your dream there is a signal that your husband is in a good position after his death. You should do some charity worshipping for him according to your position.(واللہ اعلم)


Important travel

I saw that I go to a different city to study. Over there in a house and in the house there are 43 transgender. Their hair is long, thick and tall. They have tied their hair together. I ask them what you use on your hair. They tell me the name of some weeds. Out of them one transgender has hair a bit white from front. I tell them that for now I am going at this time. Then one of them asks me to stay. He tells me that in his house nobody leaves our house without having tea. He has a utensil for making tea in his hand. Then I look outside the gate of their house and over there my younger cousin is standing. I ask her to accompany me to my house. She says dear elderly cousin my sister and mom have also gone inside along with her sister in law for doing prayer. They had come earlier as well but they had a daughter‘s birth in house. (sawera, Banu)

Interpretation:According to your dream there is a hint that you will soon do an important travel which will become a reason for acquiring blessings and godly consents. Although some people will try to create tensions for you but God will protect you (واللہ اعلم)


The stones of date:  Me and my sister are crossing a road, it seems as if we are picking up date stones from there and suddenly we come across a railway track. We find red diamonds. I keep on going ahead and I find blue diamond’s there. I tell my sister but she does not pay attention. Then I think to myself may be these are diamonds which belong to possession of snakes. So I look here and there to find any snakes but I don’t see them. So in this way many times the track show up and I keep on picking up diamonds.(Sofia, Lahore)

Interpretations: According to your dream there is a hint that you will be going to multiple places for acquiring knowledge. You will find knowledge, talent and respect everywhere. You should recite 21 times (یَاعَلِیْمُ) after every prayer . God knows better.


Husband’s care free situation

I saw that there is a pigeon in a cage and someone says it is your brother’s bird. The parrot gets out of cage I catch it and put him inside but it gets out again. This happens two or three times. Someone says you will not be able to catch it but I grab it and put it inside. Then I look out of the window and there are a lot of parrots and over there one of the brothers holding a big wood, who is a relative. Then I saw one parrot which is inside the cage, I am feeding it tomato and red spice. (Shaista, sahiwal)

Interpretation: According to the dream, there is a hint that your future husband to be, he would not even care about homely affairs. However you should recite Surah Furqan,  verse no 474 and pray after every prayer. (واللہ اعلم)


Congrats on your marriage

I did a spiritual guidance istikhara on the marriage about which I like and what I saw was that the person whom I love, he called my sisters and friends and talks about the settling marriage and in this way the marriage gets done. So now I am getting married. I am wearing a green dress and I am getting ready but now I am tense. My sisters console me that he will not deceive you. After sometime my brother comes with the marriage agreement and the sign have already been done. Then I sign on it also. Then there is a cheer that congratulation on your marriage. When we bring him home and my maternal and paternal aunty say that the boy is already married and my mom says so what if he is, after all it is the mutual choice of both. (R Rawalpindi)

Interpretation: According to your dream there is a hint that by the will of God there is a hint that where you want you will certainly get married there however it will take some time. (واللہ اعلم)


Good situation

I saw that my late husband came and he is wearing a white dress. His teeth were sparkling. He grabs my hand and takes us in the room in which we used to live. But I don’t feel the grip of his hand. He says I missed it. So I thought I should come and meet you. I tell him, that wait here I will eat and then come. In the front room a woman is sitting with a lot of utensils and food. My husband’s sister daughter brings baked potato and food. My husband’s mother and sister’s daughter is sitting with my husband. I ask my husband to come and eat with us. But he signals at the potatoes that I never used to eat so much food. Now I eat a lot. I say that you should eat a bit. I ask him when you used to eat a bit then you used to get congestion after eating a bit so this would be the case now. But he says no I am fine now. In this instance my sister in law opened the door and my husband vanished. (Seen, place unknown)

Interpretation: According to your dream that there is a hint that your late husband is in a very good situation after his death however you should keep on sending blessings of your prayers according to your possibility. By the will of God there will be expansion of wealth. (واللہ اعلم)

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