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Kachnaar! Terrific Taste, Superb Benefits

Ubqari Magazine - October 2016

The Camel-Root Tree or Orchid Tree is commonly known as ‘Kachnaar’ and ‘Kachnaal’ and grown widely in the subcontinent. But it is not grown with as much prescision as oranges and other citrus fruits. Though, the advantages of kachnaar are far superior to oranges. Kachnaal flowers bear pods on them and these pods are sometimes as long as nine inches. The raw flower buds are cooked with meat which tastes scrumptious. Kachnaar seeds are crushed to make oil which is used for cooking and other medicinal purposes. Its pods are used in pickles for years and that too tastes really good.  It is genuinely true that the products of this tree hold blood detoxifying qualities. It eradicates ‘Kath Maala’ and continuously purifies the poisonous substances that build in our bloodstream. The bark of this tree acts as a disinfectant for the common disorders of blood and incalescence.  It nullifies the intensity of cholic acid in blood and relieves the diseases of the stomach. Doctors have divided the characteristics and advantages of the kachnaar flowers according to their three different colours and appearances. Therefore, doctors say that white coloured kachnaal eliminates the poisonous effects of the environment. A herbal tea made out of kachnaal dispels the harmful effects of malaria and soothes mouth ulcers. Yellow kachnaal is effective in destroying intestinal worms.  A powder of dried yellow kachnaal pods helps in stopping intestinal diarrhea and cures wounds. The buds are cold in efficacy and tend to constipate. Herbal tea made out of red kachnaal root treats impotency of digestive system. It is usually mixed with carom seeds for usage. A sweet preserve is also made out of its flower petals for consumption. Some herbalists prepare a medicine with admixture of Psoralea herb oil and the fruits and pods of kachnaal which is so effective that it also aids in the treatment of leprosy. It is said that an extract of crushed senna sprinkled over the kachnaal pod powder has the power to heal small pox by urging the boils to appear on the skin thus making it less detrimental. A prepared mixture of the fruit and flowers of ‘molsaree’ tree and kachnaar tree help in eliminating spermatorrhoea and infertility. It completely treats sperm related diseases too. In our opinion, if this mixture is brought under close observation and given its due attention then it has the capability to treat most of the painful problems caused by the intensity of sexual urge.

If kachnaar is mixed with good quality mutton then it turns out as a very tasteful dish which is very energizing as well. Salt and all spice powder tends to enhance the flavour of this vegetable to a great extend.


Strong stomach and clear blood in just one week:

In order to strengthen the stomach and purify blood, take 62.5 grams of kachnaar husk and boil it in 250 ml of water. Strain this and mix 37.5 grams of honey. Lick this mixture every now and then for one week.

Treatment of worms:

It is advisable to give a herbal tea made out of kachnaar for the treatment of stomach and intestinal worms. This vegetable is best for patients of blood pressure. It holds chief importance in the treatment of cough and diarrhea. Eating kachnaar for the cure of piles in children is also very beneficial. It is a wonderful medicine in treating feminine diseases and counters the frequency of menstruation. Kachnaar is beneficial for those who have recurrent urinary tract infections.

Treatment of liver edema:

A herbal tea of kachnaar root husk is fed to treat the swelling on liver organ. The heat of liver organ is also treated by consuming a mixture of kachnaar bark juice and camphor or cumin seeds.

Instant remedy for loose motions:

Consuming 8.73 to 12.5 grams powder of dreid kachnaar pods instantly stops dysenteric loose motions. Kachnaar pods are also used as a favourite ingredient in pickles which is very tasteful. People should use and take advantage of this vegetable when it is available seasonally. The sticky liquid that releases out of this tree is also brought in to use while the husk of came-root tree bark if of great usage as well. Allah Subhanawo Taa’la has kept a cure for many illnesses and ailments in the form of this tree.

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