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The system of Allah جل جلالہ for protection of house of young man of Pak army

Ubqari Magazine - September 2016

It’s an incident about 1969 that we were living in Munday village. Our house was on side of village. One street would separate our two houses from the village. I was doing service in Chaklala are base (Now Noor Khan air base) these days. My father was keeper new Jalal pur sharif and brother used to be in Karachi in search of job. It was the season of winters. Nights were long. These days there used to be much stealing in village. We were poor but one hiding was made that’s why the thieves came to our house also but Allah SWT saved with the beatitude of duas. If it was this how that when I went to home, in holidays so my wife told me that night was spent much, right now I didn’t sleep. (In house there used to be my wife, my 2 daughters and my 2 sisters) says that I listened that someone got over from the wall of our house and has entered our home. May be he didn’t listen it. Till then he started pushing our door of roof. Then I said with loud voice, getup, some man (thief) has come. Now the thief also listened and Allah جل جلالہ put this thing in his heart that really some man is in this house and he went back and is that thief would push the door even once, it would have open. Well, that person got over the wall, and went back from the same way, through which he came. My wife said that while this incident happened, I was continuously praying from Allah SWT that protects our honor and dignity and our house. My husband is on protection of borders of country, you protect our house and Allah جل جلالہ sent a dog for our safety and that dog was walking on our roof. The thief understood I guess that if there would be any man, so he would have come outside. Now the thief tried to enter the house again but as the dog was present. Wherever the thief tried to enter the house, that dog starts barking and the thief went back unsuccessful. This how Allah جل جلالہ saved our house. My wife says that by walking and barking of dog we got to know that it was so big dog that won’t be in our whole house. (G. A, Chakwal)


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