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Your dreams and their lighted meanings

Ubqari Magazine - May 2016

Ridicule: I often see a dream that I am passing through streets absolutely naked. Due to embarrassment and ridicule, all the people who are watching me are laughing. I am in try to either reach home quickly or find a shawl etc. to cover myself. During this tension I often wake up from my sleep. (Ghain, Kohat)

Interpretation: According to your dream there is a fear of monetary loss, also you should focus on your religious position. Try to perform five times prayers and by the grace of God the circumstances will get better.

Two suits: I saw that I am going with my father to college then I remember that I have forgotten things at home. However when I reach college then I found out that other people have not brought things also. Then I see there are rooms in the college and in there girls are doing work of college. Then I find bathroom and in one of the bath rooms my aunty goes in that wash room. And in the other one my friend enters. After some time my friend brought two suits for me which were very beautiful. One is of red color and other is one of green. My mother says that she herself gave that suit to her as there were small holes in it which are not visible. Then the scene changes and I am doing block printing. Then on my white color, I get red (light) and green which are very beautiful. And it looks very beautiful. My paternal aunty and sister all praise it, my sister asks me to get it printed for her. I tell her that I will get printing blocks from college and get it printed. (Shaista, Karachi)

Interpretation: According to your dream the Istikhara that you have done for any task, it is better for you. By the grace of God happiness and prosperity will be attained.

Aim: the day since I have grown up I have seen same kind of dream that my maternal aunt’s son “F” is being married with me. And we also have a son whose name we call as Ahmed. Once I saw a dream that “F” and our son Ahmed are living in a mosque. And my sister says that if you want to ask something then you should now. I tell her that the God has already given me so much, now God can give me whatever HE wants. I often see myself flying in skies and sometime I see that a lot of men are after me but I get scared then F saves me. (Sana Qasoor)

Interpretation: Your dream by the graced of God is very nice. You will be successful in your pious goal. Also happiness and prosperity are being hinted. You should recite   

1111 times after Isha prayer everyday (واللہ اعلم)

Selection: I saw that I am passing in front of a mosque and there a car passes. I sit in and go to a very big market. There I and my friend “R” are together. The shop keeper gives us two rings. My friend’s ring is very beautiful and I like it very much. But I don’t like my ring and I return it saying it that I don’t like it. So give me another one. Finally shopkeeper gives me a white gold ring which is very big but I don’t like either but I am unable to say something to shop keeper. Then I hinted to one of the rings but there is a spot on it. That shop keeper cleans that spot and gives it to me. I wear that ring of gold which is very beautiful and it has a white diamond fixed on it. (Qaaf, Lahore)

Interpretation: According to your dream a there could be some obstacles in your marital life but after that there are signals of happiness by the grace of God.

Prayer of father: I saw that a snake in my house and it comes out of a room and attacks me. This snake flies towards me and its size also changes. In the house there are other people of family also.  In the first attack I get on one side.  But it returns and stings me in my mouth straight in the throat. After that a lot of blood comes out and I am about to die. Then my father who has passed away starts praying for me loudly and all the people gather around. Also snake is very fast. (Sheen Meem. Gujrat)

Interpretation: According to your dream you have a chance of getting harmed by some bad intentioned enemy but soon you will get health. You should keep on praying for your demised father. By the grace of God His prayers will be very beneficial for you.

Storm: I saw a dream that I am on the roof with my mother and suddenly the storm comes and fast wind blow. On the roof our clothes are hanging on the ropes. My suit gets wet and I take rest of the suits off the ropes quickly. When I look at the sky then red clouds are flowing. One of the clouds opens on my head quickly and rain starts to fall. It seems like it’s raining on our house only. It is raining so fast that my mother suggests to get off the roof quickly then I wake up from the dream. (B , Z)

Interpretation: According to your dream there is a hint that you could face some kind of accident or tension. You should do charity as soon as you can and do repent as much as you can.

Guava leaves help cure the teeth:

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahib Asslamo AlaikumI used to have pain in my teeth often. Somebody told me this gimmick. I use this remedy in morning and evening and by the grace of God there has not been a pain since then.

ھو الشافی: Take some leaves of guava and mix them in a little bit water  and then put a piece of red alum . When it cools down then gargle with it in morning and evening then your teeth will never be damaged  and neither there will be pain                         (Tafseer Kohat)

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