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A hundred percent remedy for black magic – My experiences

Ubqari Magazine - May 2016

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahib, Asalam Alaikum! I have been reading Ubqari magazine for some months. I have found it very good and have learnt a lot from this sincere endeavour of you. May you live long! Readers contribute their valuable experiences to Ubqari. I also wanted to contribute some of my tested spiritual practices and experiences.

Many families are victim of black magic these days. Following are some of the spiritual practies that are potent for breaking the menace of black magic.

Recite Ayat Al Kursi five times, Surah Falaq four times, Surah Al Nas five times in morning and evening; blow on yourself and on water. Drink this water.

I was blessed with this practice in dream, the practice follows. Recite Surah Kausar seven times and blow on nails of your hands and feet. God willing, you will be cured.


eleven times with reciting Darood Sharif in the beginning and at end. Blow it on yourself and on water and drink. You may do this practice many times a day.

Following are some of the spiritual practices for Holy names of Almighty Allah.


hundred times in morning and evening to remain in protection from black magic.


and blow on yourself and drink blown water.

Victim of black magic must keep in mind to make a spirtual circumvallation while leaving home. He must supplicate Allah Almighty to protect him and his family from right, left, front, behind, top and beneath and then recite 


hundred times and blow on himself. You may do this practice while on the way too.

Paying off debt becomes easier

Start any spiritual practice out of these five regularly. God willing debt will be soon paid off.

Recite surah Yaseen seven times after offering Isha prayer. God willing you will soon pay off debt.

Keep reciting Surah Tehreem once a day till you have your debt paid off completely.

Reciting Surah Nasr forty one times with eleven times Darood Sharif before and after the surah after offering Isha prayer for forty one days will get your debt paid off. This is a brief Surah. You will have your debt paid off and prosperity will knock your door.

Person badly entangled in debt must recite Surah Kahf with seven times Darood Sharif in beginning and at end after offering Jumma prayer. God willing he will have his debt paid off.

Reciting Surah Takhatur three times with reciting Darood Sharif in beginning and at end after offering Fajar Prayer and reciting   

۔ hundred times after Zuhar prayer will help getting rid of debt and will brightern your life and hereafter.

(Extract: Encyclopedia of Islamic Spiritual Practices)

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