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Getting health from kitchen secrets

Ubqari Magazine - April 2016

Prescription for extending hairs

One pao Amla, Half Pao Sika Kai half a apoubnd of fenugreek pieces should be crushed and put into bottle.

In morning strain it and wash hair. Do it once a week then hair fall will drop and hair will start getting enlonged.


Asthma and flu

 Take half a spoon of fenugreek pulses and boil it in one and half of cup. When one cup is left  then take it off stove. Now mix one spoon honey and drink it. It benefits flu and influenza also asthma.


Cough Pneumonia

In the initial stages of influenza and irritation of flu and nose causes itching in veins of lungs and its best solution is tea of fenugreek. It helps to get perspiration out and finishes poisonous matters. Also intense fever is minimized, drink 4 times a day.


 Treatment of perspiration:

 If you sweat a lot from hands and feet then you should put water of eggplant on hands that will stop perspiration aand is very effective


Treatment from water of egg plant

If stomach remains dysfunctional, don’t get hungry, too much gas. All the time there is feeling of tiredness or you get tired after a small effort and hand plus feet burn. When you get up in morning and calves feel like stone and tired and also if start of diabetes then drinking this water gives health


Health from onion

In cholera  water of onion 50 gram , peppermint 4 gram , kafoor12 gram mix them and made a liquid and after half an hour make them drink 2, 2 spoons.

Onion after being crushed 10 gram mix with yogurt one pao should be used as it finishes bloody lose motions.Onion after washing and then eat after putting salt ion it finishes hiccoughs.



Juice of reddish and fresh root is best treatment of piles. 60 and 90 milliliter quantity should be drunk in morning and evening For more amazing and awesome gimmicks today you should visit office of monthly magazine Ubqari book “for getting health from kitchen ” then while sitting at home get health from remedies


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