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Yes, I am the killer of billion of Jinns

Ubqari Magazine - April 2016

(Rasheed Khanum, Lahore)

The girl told that there were billion of jinns who died because of your aamal (waziaf). We did many attacks on you but our attacks burned. Who give you such power? I told my teacher (Murshid) gave the aamal.

Respected Hakeem sahib, Assalamo Alikum! From your supplication I got a big house from Railway but I heard many stories related to this house. When my husband gets this house people came to us for congratulation and also convey sadness where you have trapped, don’t come to this place. Here jinn lives, there are many problems here. When we got the allotment letter and keys both husband and wife went there and ask neighbor about it but no one tells properly, they are afraid. From next day our things have been shifted here, our servant slept at night on that place, when he came in the morning his face was pale, I asked what happened to you? He replied the whole night something moving from here and there and he feel his bed was shaking. Next day the servant scared and did not go there. What I have listened in the dars I started those aamal, before going to office I recited 7 times aazan and 7 times surah Mominoon last 4 ayats in the middle room and blow on every side of the house. I did this on agarbati (fragrance candle) and put it on every room, store, corner, lounge, gate and all corners of ground and this amal after coming back from office, house was near the office so it was not a problem. I did this for 8 days and 9th day we shift to this house, we did not feel anything. Next day the maids came for cleaning and I saw they were seeing here and there and they all went along to a room for cleaning, this has been for 3-4 days and even they bump each other or I came to say something they screamed, neither I asked or nor they told me about it. They were doing work for compulsion because they were live in the quarter house of this big home. After 3-4 days they came asked have I called any Baba for amal? I told that this is Allah’s blessing and the supplication of my teacher I am by myself is a “baba”. She thought I am joking, and she went. Next day she again asked and her face was looking afraid, she told me that in the ground some people is standing they want to meet you. When I went there, there were no one standing, I asked where she said in front of us, but I cannot see them. I have listened in the dars I asked girl to ask why they are here and what’s the problem?

The girl told that there were billion of jinns who died because of your aamal (waziaf). We did many attacks on you but our attacks burned. Who give you such power? I told my teacher (Murshid) gave the aamal and I did these aamal and everyone is drinking that water, that thing told that who came to take revenge from you was burnt, and told that they lived here for last 800 years and no one come to fight with us. I asked what you have done to those who came to live here. They told us when this house was built we take control of their sons and we beat, choke, burn with hot coal, family members think that he has fist. Throwing utensils, fighting, stealing things and giving headache to everyone but you came and killed billions of jinns. I asked how you safe? They said we are anxious to meet who are new ones, how you get this power? They asked the person who taught you these aamal where he lives? Who is that? Then I told they are Ubqari people they started beating, girl told me that they are beating themselves and making noise, I said stop this, why you are mourning? They told that this Ubqari ruined us, they are destroying our generation, giving amal to eeveryone, and people are doing these practicing and our generation is destroyed. They said this and vanished, now in our home there is peace.

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