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How my life changed

Ubqari Magazine - April 2016

How my life changed:

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslamo Alikum!Reason why I am writing this letter is that I beg your pardon for mistakes I have committed in past and I want solution for my destination which inside my heart since years. Whenever I met you through appointment I was unable to tell you what is in my heart that’s why I am writing this letter. Once one of my friends told me about you, told about your website, I downloaded your dars from website and I found some solution of my problem thorough your dars. Dars gave me a thought, a truth and a destination. Your dars gave direction to my thoughts. I don’t want to die sinful. I am not able to be respect of someone’s home, I am unmarried, no real family, no respect, family fights, and everyone disrespects me. I am suffering from hidden diseases. My life is ending; there is no one to marry me. Will I ever get married? Won’t I ever be able to become mother due obesity and diseases? Will there be anyone who will earn for me? Will I always be dependent on others? Will people always hate me like now? What will I do at time of death? What will I do about grave? What will I do on Day of Judgment? What will do I about sins I have committed? Won’t I ever be successful? I am repenting a lot. I don’t know what to do? Since I have started listening dars such kind of questions are revolving in my mind whereas before I was sunk in sins, all the time I was surrounded by evil thoughts. Human can commit mistake once but not again and again. But I committed sin again and again. Your dars gave me new life; I don’t want to die sinful. I am ashamed on previous mistakes I have committed; I get full of shame when I see mistakes of my past. I cry and ask for forgiveness from my ALLAH. Now I have started offering Namaz. My life is saved by listening your dars. (Hidden)

How my life changed?

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslamo Alikum!I am coming to Tasbeeh Khana Lahore since last March or April. I started listening your dars from February infect it was played in our home and I just came across it, what a blessed place is Tasbeeh Khana, It brought revolution in my life. Before this my life was nude and world was vulgar. I was sunk in the garbage sea of internet. Now ALLAH Kareem has changed direction of my life, your beautiful voice became the reason due to blessings of ALLAH in Tasbeh Khana and wish of ALLAH now I don’t watch videos on internet I don’t even watch TV in home now I have mobile but there is only Hazrakt Hakeem Sahib in it. Previously in similar mobile I had songs which you don’t want to know about. I can challenge that I started evil deeds in age which no one can even imagine. I committed so many sins which someone might have not committed in 50 years of his age. Talking to girls, making girlfriends, there was no such girl whose number I had and she ran safe from me, I had so many ways to trap girls, I didn’t get relaxed in market until I starred some girl from top to bottom. In short I was king of nude world before listening to your dars. I was so much fallen in this world that I have committed those illegal things which today’s youth cannot even imagine. No I am cut off bad company, cut off from those friends who were involved in such things, now I play your dars, dars and only dars. Due to blessings of dars and wish of ALLAH only Zikar of ALLAH, Namaz, only Tasbeeh! Every time visit of market finished, I hate vulgarness so much that I shiver even by listening its name. How can I tell you that now I love Tasbeeh Khana, Sahaba  R.A and Ahle Bait R.A so much that my gaze falls down when I see some Na Mehram by mistake. I thought these are those women whom ALLAH made Sahabia رضی اللہ عنہا and Wali رضوان اللہ اجمعین. Now my gaze do not moves upward. In my heart there is not only love there is extreme love for ALLAH. Now I can feel sea of spirituality coming to my heart that ALLAH is getting pleased from me. My things are getting done my spirituality. I get lost in thoughts of ALLAH  can’t tell what I am becoming. May ALLAH give your extreme reward my pray for you from heart is that may you be with  Shaba Kram, Ahle Bait, martyrs of Karbala on the day of judgment. In the end I am thankful to ALLAH who brought my attention towards Tasbeeh Khana and changed my life. I wish everyone’s attention from whole world gets towards Tasbeh Khana. May ALLAH bless his special blessing on person who offer Jumah and other Prayers in tasbeeh khana, those who work there, Mr. assistant, Ubqari trust, and Ubqari Dawakahan. I cannot tell in words I pray for you and your generations from heart. You will be astonished to after knowing my age that in such young age I saw so much and committed so many sins. Now sometime I cry on my previous life. How beautifully your dars and Tasbeeh khana has saved and made me. May you live long Hazrat Hakeem Sahib D.B. my age is only 20 years.


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