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When the sorceress bagged for pardon

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

Honorable Hakeem Sahib, Assalam Alikum! I would like to congratulate you to issue the successful issuance of a valuable magazine like Ubqari. I am the reader of Ubqari for last three years. Hundreds of thousands people are getting benefit of it and are praying for you. May Almighty Allah reward you with His blessing and good health and protect you from evil forces. I am also thankful to Allama Lahoti Purasrari Sb that he advised us the valuable recitation of Ya Qahar يا قهار.

I am offering this recitation of Ya Qahar يا قهار   since last two years and I got many benefits through it, mainly the symptoms of the sorcery. One day, I saw in my dream a sorceress bagging for forgiveness from me, revealing that her bones were getting breaking and that she was losing her sight. She admitted that she made a mistake while applying sorcery on me. Her daughter who was standing next to her told that she would bag for pardon with me in reality. After three or four days, I saw in the dream that I, my mother and sister in law were standing near to the stove. Suddenly a snake gets out of my body. All of us tried to run away with fear. That it got closer to me and speaks to me as he was not a snake and rather Jinn. He also told me that someone had appointed him to occupy me. Then he ran and stopped for two times and turned to me and that got vanished. Then after, a woman came and told me that she was a witch and she had occupied me. I got frightened as she was too scary. Then I woke up.

After a few days, I saw in the dream that the daughters of the sorceress came and told me that they were under severe pain requesting me to stop reciting and forgive them. They confessed that they applied a severe sorcery to me and they want forgiveness from me. They also told their grandmother was also under severe because of my recitation. After a few days, I saw more Jinn in the dream threatening me to stop reciting otherwise they would kill me. They told that they were getting burn because of this recitation. But I did not bow down and denied to stop the recitation, and then they vanished while threatening me.

It was fifteenth or sixteenth of the Ramadan, I just got to the bad after offering the Salat Isha and was still awakening that suddenly three Jinn appeared. One sat over my abdomen and another on my shoulder. One urged me to stop offering Ya Qahar يا قهار   otherwise they would kill me. I got frightened and started crying. They started getting off and getting on my abdomen, which caused severe pain to me and I felt as if my entire body was burning and became heavier. They kept repeat their demand to stop offer this recitation and I kept denying. Then I started to offer Ya Qahar يا قهار   loudly. They kept me torturing and then vanished.Then I saw in the dream that the sorceress and her sister were walking behind our home and held my hand while I was passing through them. They again asked whether I was still offering the recitation and I confirmed it. They requested me to stop to do so as per them they and their daughters were in severe trouble because of this recitation. I again denied them and then woke up.After a few days, I saw more Jinn in the dream asking me why I don’t stop reciting Ya Qahar   يا قهار  as they were in trouble and they would kill me. I resisted them again and told them I would never stop reciting it even if they would kill me. Then I started recitation of Ya Qahar يا قهار   and those Jinn disappear while crying. It is important to mention here that I got a special approval from honorable Hakeem Sahib to offer this recitation of Ya Qahar يا قهار.

After a few days, I saw an elderly man in my dream asking me why I do circled the security barrier to my home only as I should get spiritual circle of my entire neighborhood. Then I woke up. After this dream, I started to make spiritual circle of my entire neighborhood. These Jinn still causing trouble to me but too less.

I offer Ya Qahar يا قهار    four or five thousand in a day and get unlimited advantages. Before starting this recitation I used to feel many pains in my body. I used to feel my body as if it was burning and severe pain. I used to face severe headache after every two or three days. This headache was too severe as I could not leave my bad. I used to face pains in my eyes and stomach and itching in stomach and hands. Ever since I started this recitation I got rid of these pains.   (Honorable Hakeem Sahib Please don’t print my name) 

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