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The outstanding treasure of miraculous oil

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

Zakia Iqtadar, bahawalnagar

Especially woman have the following diseases such as cough, flu, indigestion, nervous diseases, sour burps, headache. In the house these diseases might not feel like much but on occasions of different sadness and happiness participating there, is a very painful process.

The miraculous research is being continued. Before this one more writing was done on miraculous oil which has been published in Ubqari. . Today I will tell you more benefits of miraculous oil. As you shall use miraculous oil you will feel that you have arrived in a magical world where there is peace everywhere. Even the greatest doctor in the world will not give you prescription for these. This peace and happiness you will never get, the way which has been explained after the research. You could do the massage of miraculous oil, drink it after putting into milk which is the most important way.

Especially woman have the following diseases such as cough, flu, indigestion, nervous diseases, sour burps, headache. In the house these diseases might not feel like much but on occasions of sadness and happiness participating there is a very painful process.

Most of the women are looking here and there so that on which side they should cough. Even the women with flu and sneezing are miserable. When someone has to knead then it is very painful situation. All the list of works is the responsibilities of women. In pain and happiness they cannot get rid of these. Today I am telling you the way of getting rid of these collectively. After saying your Isha prayer you should have a dripper fill with miraculous oil. Now come to bed, put your head towards Kaaba . Make your feet straight. Put weight on your heels but don’t place a pillow under you head and try to look towards Kaaba with straight head. Recite Drood Shifa and with dropper put three drops of miraculous oil in your nose hole on right side and straight away put three drops in left nose hole. Now make your hands straight and palm of your hand should be on the bed and pull the breath with full power and exhale as less as you can. Do it for three minutes straight. Keep on lying down for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Obviously you will have a lot of burning in nose, throat will be bitter but after a week of practice, you will not feel a thing and you will get used to it.

After its usage at night you will have such a sound sleep you will wake up at time of Azaan.  Your veins of throats, juglor veins and pallet which are as thin as a thin covering would have gotten wet. All kinds of blockages in veins such as dust and mucus it will get sucked into your stomach other than that  when you will put drops in your nose and breath with all power  and after getting into stomach it will get out of your body. You will feel a lot of power in your leg muscles and you will feel that you are walking on the ground with full power. You will do all the work of getting up and sitting very quickly. All kinds of avoiding food will finish.

All the diseases attack when the thin veins of throat and chest which are like thin coverings get blocked due to our negligence then we start coughing, then fever and God knows what kinds of diseases take birth. Veins get dry and get you itch. If you use weeds then blood and veins will remain wet. In winter for making ourselves warm we use such things which benefit us temporarily for a few hours as heater, coals,   hot tea. Season is of winter or summer, the veins towards our nostrils get jammed if these veins are opened for ever then dirt and dust will never clot. The body systems would have become so warm that even if it’s snowing and cold winds are blowing or it’s a heat wave. You can move around in a common dress, especially women should act upon it. After doing the following process you will stay happy yourself and also serve your husband and parents intensely and get loads of their prayers.

In morning and evening after using dripper on your left and right nostril three drops of miraculous oil then keep on lying around for fifteen minutes. Along with that sometimes use olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil drops in same order in morning and evening. This gimmick will assure your happiness and peace. Recite Drood Shareef in excess, focus especially upon prayers, the doors of blessings will open upon you. Nose will remain clear and dry; you will feel happiness after going in every party. All those people who benefit then those readers should write for Ubqari.

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