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Wicked woman, innocent child and wise prince

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

Respected Hakim Sahib, As Salam Alaikum! I’m a reader of Ubqari since 2008. Today I am writing an interesting story for the young readers of Ubqari. It surely contains a good lesson for them. There lived a farmer in a village. He had a large family and his financial condition was not good. He used to keep on praying to Allah to be blessed with ease.  By the time his children grew up, they took up the responsibility of work. They asked their father not to do any work, except watering the fields from one bed to another while the water mill moves. One day the farmer slept when the water mill was moving. When he woke up, he rushed to the fields for watering the next bed. He found a grey-bearded man watering his fields. Astonishingly, the farmer asked, “Who are you? It was my duty but I fell asleep”. It replied, “I am your fortune, I awake when a person sleeps but don’t tell this to anybody”. The time passed on, once he met his fortune again. It said, “Now I am parting away from you. Just collect one heap and the rest will be taken away”. The farmer asked to give him some time so that he could take his children’s suggestion. He went home in the evening and told his sons that “fortune” was leaving them and that it offered to keep any one heap and the rest will go. Everyone shared their opinion, some suggested keeping the livestock, others proposed for choosing lands. Each person gave different opinion. Farmer’s daughter-in-law was listening quietly to all discussion. He asked her to say something. She said, “Tell “fortune” to take everything but leave “unity” among us.” Everyone started laughing upon listening to this, saying what you will do with unity when everything would be lost. But the farmer liked her thought. The next day he again met his “fortune”. It asked what he decided. The farmer said, “Take everything but leave unity among us.” Now the time passed on, even after so many years his family had everything. Once the farmer met his “fortune” again and asked, “You said that everything will be taken away but nothing has happened?” Fortune replied, “You chose something that does not let anything go anywhere”. So if there is unity in a home, a society, a school, a city or a country, everything is there!!! May Allah give us strength to live with unity, ameen. (G. A. C)

The wise prince

Dear kids! It’s been long ago that a kind hearted king ruled a country. His people were very happy with him. He was very kind and fair. The king also had a charming and wise son. Once there was a trial in the king’s court. Two women were claiming over a child and both were adamant that the child belonged to her. After enquiring the matter, king gave his decision in favor of one mother. She happily left the palace with the baby but the other woman was full of grief and she was crying bitterly. The young prince was sitting outside the palace with his friends. He turned to the women and asked what the matter was. The wise prince realized that something went wrong with the decision. He called both the women and their companions and asked them about what happened. The convoy said, “Respected prince! We have been traveling from far away and reached the riverside at night so we all slept there. Both of these women had their babies with them. The wolf came in the night and ate one baby. There was only one child in the morning, now both of them are claiming that the child belongs to her.” The prince asked the women whom did the child belong to? Each one claimed that it was her child and that the wolf ate the other woman’s baby. Prince asked them to take the oath, and both of them did so. Prince thought for a while and then said to both of the women, “Both of you claim that the child belongs to you. Now the solution is that both of you should be given half of the baby. The prince ordered to bring a wooden plank. Laid the baby on it and drew his sword. He said that he would divide the baby into two and give both the women. The prince observed that one woman remained calm but the other one said anxiously, “Respected prince! I am a liar, the child belongs to the other woman, give the boy to him, I withdraw my claim”. The wise prince understood that who was right. He handed over the baby to the real mother. She left the palace praying for the prince and the wicked woman was disappointed. Dear kids! The kind hearted king was Allah’s glorious prophet Harat Daud (علیہ السلام) and the wise prince was his son Hazrat Salman (علیہ السلام) who even surpassed his father in wisdom. (Mohammad Faran Arshed Bhtti, Khan Gerh)

O God, thou hast said the truth!

There used to be a great saint in India who was called Munshi sahib. Once while passing by a village, he came across a funeral. People asked Munshi sahib to lead the funeral prayer but he refused. The deceased’s family insisted Munshi sahib to lead the funeral prayer. People asked the deceased person’s wife that why she was asking Munshi sahib. She said that her husband said before his death that he wanted Munshi sahib to lead his funeral prayer. People requested him saying, “As you’re here by chance so our wish will be fulfilled”. Munshi sahib led the funeral prayer, laid the deceased in the grave with his own hands, buried him and went. When he reached his office, he found that his service card was missing. He realized that his service card fell in the grave while he was laying the deceased. It was a matter of his job, so he immediately returned, called the villagers and said, “He has been recently buried and it’s a matter of my job, remove a little mud so that I can pick my service card”. Everyone gathered and they all said that Munshi sahib was a pious person so there was no harm. He removed the mud and while he reached near the shroud, what saw was that the grave was full of rose flowers. Munshi sahib forgot all about his job and went straight to the deceased’s home. He asked his wife, “Amman! tell me what practices he used to perform.” The old lady told something very strange, “He was illiterate and had learnt a few surhas by heart but he could not read or write. It’s been forty five years that we got married. He used to do one thing daily that after offering Fajar prayer, he used to open the Quran and put his finger on each verse saying, “O God, thou hast said the truth,O God, thou hast said the truth, O God, thou hast said the truth”.

(Selection: Sanwal Chughtai, Bhural Chughtai, Ranjhu Chughtai, Amman Zebu, Ahmed Pur Sherqia)

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