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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

End of every difficulty in 21 days

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

Respected Hakeem sahib Asslam O alikum, I recite 11 times یَابَاعِثُ یَانُوْرُ I am having good dreams and in dream there comes indication.

To accomplish every lawful task:

if a person starts any work and the result does not come according to desires ad there comes only destruction in everything, then he should keep reciting this verse , Insha’Allah lawful task will come to and good end, and there will be no ruin. For every legal thing like, livelihood, Halal, marriage, education, there will r no obstacle.

Every kind of tension ends in 21 days

Recite this wazifa after fajjar 11 times

Insha’Allah every type of obstacles, bandhish and hurdles will come to an end and the doors of prosperous will be widened. for every kind of bandish and hindrances in business, marriage and livelihood recite this wazifa for 21, 41 or 90 days, you al also blow on water and sprinkle that water in house and at business place.

11 times Drood e Ibahimi at start and at end , start reciting the Sora Muzzamil and when you reach at this verse then recite it for seven times

Then recite seven times this wazifa


After this recite and complete the sora Muzzamil.


Treatment of Paralysis and facial paralysis

Boil three times the milk of cow and remove from stove after adding the piece of cinnamon, then blow of it after reciting the Sora Yaseen, ten crush 7 cloves and put in mouth and drink the milk after it. Do it for seven days at the time of sleeping. Insha’Allah patient will be recovered,, Laboob Kabeera, and Dhawa Almask sada use as medicine, and as directed for at least one whole month.


End of magic, jinns and Aasaib :

if there is magic, and jinns and Aasaib in any house , shop and office then write Sora Feel in a new pot of mud and bury it at the holy place in soil in the boundaries of that place . Then fix a time and place and recite the following and blow on water and then sprinkle it on the place and walls, this amal is for 21 days.

Drood Shreef 1011 times blow on water

Sora Feel 49 times blow on water

Sora Falak and Naas 69 times blow on water

Drood Shreef 1011 Times Blow on water

(You will have to recite sora Falak and Naas together)


Successful amal from an old pious Jinn

Few friends of mine recite this amal for the success of worldly matters and hereafter and for livelihood and for the remedies of diseases, and they keep on reciting for 15 minute, and then they blow it in water. They say that they have got this amal from an old pious Jinn, especially every Thursday they start at 1:00 am at night and stop after 15 minutes then they pray together, they say that by doing so there comes Brakah in their wealth and family remains away from illness and tensions stay away for the whole of the weak. 

Then you and your mother’s name

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